Jackie Eubanks Memorial Award

Sponsored by: The Alternatives in Publication Task Force of the Social Responsibilities Round Table of the American Library Association

Definition/purpose/criteria: The award honors the late Jackie Eubanks, former AIP Task Force member and vigorous champion of alternative views in library collections. The award recognizes outstanding achievement in promoting the acquisition and use of alternative materials in libraries. Such achievement may take the form of, but is not limited to: developing specialized collections; making or moderating presentations; publishing reviews, articles or books, including bibliographies and indexes; actively participating in professional organizations; organizing events or exhibits; developing and maintaining an alternative Web site useful to librarians; and other as determined relevant by the jury.

Number and frequency: The award will be presented annually to an individual or individual(s) on behalf of the award's sponsor and the Social Responsibilities Round Table's Alternatives in Publication Task Force. If no suitable candidate is found, or can be agreed upon by the jury, no award will be given.

Jury: A jury, from the AIP membership, will be composed of a chair and two members who will be nominated at the Summer Business Meeting of the AIP Task Force. The jury chair will preferably have served on the jury the previous year. Members may self-nominate or nominate others. The composition of the jury will be reached by consensus at the business meeting, or as soon thereafter as possible. Members may serve for a maximum of two consecutive years.

Nomination process: The nomination process will begin with the AIP Business meeting at the ALA Annual Conference. Following that meeting, all business regarding nominees or procedures will be carried on by email or other means as necessary.

Nomination deadline: Nominations must be received by the Jury Chair by December 1st. Nominating letters should state the nominee's specific contributions and may be accompanied by further documentation (e.g., publications, press notices). Any current ALA member may submit a nomination. Task Force officers and jury members are not eligible for consideration. Submit nominations to: Mark Rosenzweig: iskra@earthlink.net.

Screening: All nominating letters and ancillary materials will be immediately distributed to jury members upon receipt. The jury will deliberate by email, or other means as necessary, and will reach a decision by the end of March. The jury's decision will be final.

Award: The award is a cash and a plaque. The jury chair will communicate the decision to the AIP chair. The AIP chair will communicate the jury's decision to the SRRT Action Council Coordinator, ALA staff liaison, the recipient, and other as warranted. The AIP chair will arrange for the check(s) to be issued to the winner(s). The jury chair will be responsible for getting a plaque with the appropriate information.

The presentation: The award will be presented at AIP's Free Speech Buffet at the ALA Annual Conference.

Past winners:

  • 1995, Noel Peattie, editor of Sipapu.
  • 1996, Chris Dodge, editor of MSRRT Newsletter and 'Zine advocate.
  • 1997, Mev Miller, Women's Presses Library Project.
  • 1998, Chris Atton.
  • 1999, Ed Weber and Julie Herrada of the Labadie Collection at the University of Michigan.
  • 2000, Dan Tsang, Asian American Studies, Political Science and Economics bibliographer at UC Irvine.
  • 2001, Franklin Rosemont, Penelope Rosemont and Carlos Cortez of Kerr Publishing.
  • 2002, Zoia Horn.
  • 2003, Chuck D'Adamo, Alternative Press Center and co-editor of the Alternative Press Index
  • 2004 - No award given.