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Selected Bibliography to accompany "Feminist Thinking and Librarianship in the 1990s: Issues and Challenges"

by Sarah M. Pritchard
Director of Libraries, Smith College
Northampton, MA 01063

This bibliography was originally background for a speech written for the annual conference of the Michigan Library Association (October 1993). The speech was later published in different form as "Backlash, Backwater, or Back to the Drawing Board? Feminist Thinking and Librarianship in the Nineties." Wilson Library Bulletin 68:10 (June 1994): 42-46. Sarah Pritchard and HW Wilson Company have granted permission for this bibliographyto be available via the FTF Web site.

This selected list is designed to show the impact of feminist thinking in librarianship over five years from 1988 to 1993. A few items are included that criticize the feminist perspective or that are contributions from outside librarianship. This is not intended to be a comprehensive bibliography for librarianship, feminist theory or women in the workforce.

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