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Historical Notes

Programs - In its history, the Feminist Task Force has sponsored preconferences, programs, and workshops on topics such as:

Politics - The Feminist Task Force has evaluated ALA candidates, and endorsed those who were actively and appropriately engaged in feminist issues. In addition, FTF has introduced several resolutions passed by ALA Council, including those to:

Feminist Authors Event -The Feminist Task Force has held a Feminist Authors event past ALA annual conferences. Authors who participated in this event include:

Other Activities - FTF members have monitored ALA exhibits and library publications for sexist, racist, and homo/lesbophobic content. It publishes Women in Libraries, a newsletter of the FTF. The FTF also sponsors a Women's Night Out at annual ALA conferences. And it works to build coalitions with other ALA groups sharing our concerns.

Meetings and Leadership - The first meeting was called in 1970 and was chaired by Ellen Gay Detlefsen. In 1970-71, the group was called the Status of Women in Libraries & Women's Liberation Task Force, with Michelle Ruby as coordinator. Historical information is missing for the years between 1971-1974 and there was no listing for the group in the 1973-74 ALA Handbook of Organization. In 1974-75, the group was called the Status of Women Task Force, coordinated by Elizabeth Futas. In 1975-76, the group was named the Feminist Task Force, with coordinator Linda Crowe. Following are the names of current and past coordinators:

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