SRRT Resolutions
International Responsibilities Task Force
of the American Library Association's
Social Responsibilities Round Table

Resolution on Haiti
The following resolution was adopted by the elected representatives of the Social Responsibilities Round Table (SRRT) in 1993. SRRT is a body within the American Library Association but does not and should not be taken to speak for the Association as a whole. In this resolution SRRT speaks only on its own behalf.

Social Responsibilities Round Table Newsletter, Number 109, September 1993, p. 3.


Whereas, Haiti and the United States have historically had an extremely close relationship;

Whereas, a military coup in 1991 overthrew the democratically elected government of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide which had promised a new era of hope and dignity for the long-oppressed and desperately poor Haitian people;

Whereas, the United States has denied refugees the right of asylum;

Whereas, the 2000-member Social Responsibilites Round Table of the American Library Association is dedicated to promoting human rights and social justice everywhere;

Therefore Be It Resolved that [the] Social Responsibilities Round Table of the American Library Association urges the American government to immediately grant Temporary Protected Status to all Haitian regugees, including [those in?] Guantanamo; and

Be It Further Resolved that copies of this Resolution be sent to President Clinton, Ambassador Lawrence Pezzullo, the HaitiCommunications Project, the Quixote Center/Haiti Reborn, and the library press.


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