SRRT Resolutions
International Responsibilities Task Force
of the American Library Association's
Social Responsibilities Round Table

Resolution Calling for a New Policy Towards Iraq
The following resolution was endorsed by the elected representatives of the Social Responsibilities Round Table (SRRT) in January 1999. SRRT is a body within the American Library Association but does not and should not be taken to speak for the Association as a whole. In this resolution SRRT speaks only on its own behalf.

Whereas former U. N. Assistant Secretary General Denis Halliday has noted that eight years of economic sanctions have devastated the civilian population of Iraq causing the deterioration of the educational system, an increase in crime and domestic violence, and intense xenophobia and extremism among the younger generation;

And whereas UNICEF reports that 5000 to 6000 children are dying every month as a result of malnutrition and lack of health resources;

And whereas the economic sanctions have had little effect on the elimination of weapons of mass destruction;

And whereas U.S. policy has had a negative effect on relations with countries in Europe and the Middle East;

And whereas the United States and the United Kingdom military attacks have gone way beyond United Nations resolutions and are carried out without approval of the U. N. Security Council;

Therefore be it resolved that the Social Responsibilities Round Table of the American Library Association advocates reversal of United States policy on economic sanctions on Iraq and the substitution of military sanctions against corporations and countries that provide weapons of mass destruction;

And resolved that the Social Responsibilities Round Table of the American Library Association advocates that U.S. policy should promote disarmament, and a zone free of weapons of mass destruction in all the countries of the Middle East;

And resolved that this resolution be sent to the President of the United States, the Secretary of State, the members of Congress, and the library press.

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