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Open Letter on IRRT Reception at the World Bank
The following letter was endorsed by the elected representatives of the Social Responsibilities Round Table (SRRT) in July 1998. SRRT is a body within the American Library Association but does not and should not be taken to speak for the Association as a whole. In this letter SRRT speaks only on its own behalf.
July 1998

An Open Letter to Nancy John, Chair
International Relations Round Table


We as representatives of progressive/radical library and information groups are disappointed that the International Relations Round Table Reception for International Visitors is being held at the World Bank. We appreciate the spirit of the reception for international guests but we feel that, given the role of the World Bank in international affairs and its policy of structural adjustment, the choice of venue is inappropriate to the ALA theme of Global Reach, Local Touch.


Al Kagan, SRRT International Responsibilities Task Force
Chris Atton, author
Raimund Dehmlow, Arbeitskreis Kritischer Bibliothekarinen, Germany
Elke Hirth, Arbeitskreis Kritischer Bibliothekarinen, Germany
Johnny Jacobs, Library and Information Workers Organization, South Africa
Martyn Lowe, Information for Social Change, England
Frauke Mahrt-Thomsen, Arbeitskreis Kritischer Bibliothekarinen, Germany
Renate Obadalek, Arbeitskreis Kritischer Bibliothekarenen, Austria
Ulrike Retschitzegger, Arbeitskreis Kritischer Bibliothekarenen, Austria
Lennart Wettmark, Bibliotek i Samhalle, Sweden


cc. Barbara Ford
Robert A. Seal, IRC Chair
Library press

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