638 Ways to Kill Castro – DVD Documentary Review – by John Pateman

638 Ways to Kill Castro

DVD Documentary Review by John Pateman

Released 26 March on DVD, Freemantle Home Entertainment, 17.99, English, 90minutes running time, plus 71 minutes extras, Colour / B&W / PAL.

The many attempts on Fidel Castro, one of the most important world leaders of modern times, are well known. Some of them – such as efforts to make his beard fall out – would be funny if it were not for the fact that Castro offers real hope to the world’s oppressed people. Whether it is the poor of Latin America, Asia or Africa, they all look to one man, Castro, and one country, Cuba, for solidarity and suport. They do not look to Bush, who is the latest in a long line of US Presidents to try and remove Castro from power. US presidents come and go but Castro marches on, safe in the knowledge that he has the support of his people and millions of fellow travelers around the world.

This fascinating and entertaining documentary takes us through the early years of Castro’s rule, when there was a chance that Cuba and the US could peacefully co-exist. Through its aggressive actions this chance was blownand the US and Cuba came to epitomize the worst of Cold War paranoia. WithCastro quite literally in their sights, the US government sanctioned an increasingly bizarre series of operations against the head of a sovereign nation, breaking many internationally recognized agreements and protocols.The more outlandish attempts on Castro’s life included poison pens, lethal gas, deadly model aircraft, toxic cigars, baseball grenades and exploding molluscs.

This documentary also exposes the dark under belly of some of the Cuban exiles living in Miami. Their hatred of Castro knows no bounds and they are inextricably linked with the CIA operations which have also killed and wounded many innocent Cuban civilians. By their own admission, the alleged terrorists Orlando Bosch and Luis Posada Carriles, talk about their involvement in these plots. Even more sinister is the outburst by US Congresswoman Ilean Ros-Lehtinen when she calls for Castro’s demise. The Miami connection is all the more significant when we remember that George W Bush attained his controversial first term in office by ‘winning’ Florida which was governed by his brother Jeb.

This tangled web of connections is explored in the documentary through candid interviews with former US President Jimmy Carter and ex CIA agent Tom Parrott. But the man we have most to thank for exposing all these plots and for keeping Castro alive is Fabian Escalante, the former head of Cuban Intelligence. It is people like Escalante, and the Five Cuban Heroes currently jailed in the US for ‘terrorism’, that are helping to keep Castro, Cuba and the world safe. This documentary also exposes the political hypocrisy of the current US lead ‘War on Terror’. It is clear that the likes of Bush and Blair are the real terrorists and war criminals.

This documentary is essential viewing for all regular visitors to the Information for Social Change website at www.libr.org/ISC/. The makers ofthe DVD have kindly donated some free copies which are available from me on request at johnpateman9@hotmail.com

Video Clips:

Castro shot?


CIA cleared to hit Castro… through his beard:


The bomb plot:


George Bush the terrorist?


Ileana Ros-Lehtinen – Member of US Congress with THAT STATEMENT! Her call for Fidel to be assassinated was widely covered in US media but not here – why?


The Kennedy Connection: