Al Kagan’s Progressive Library Update 2013-17

The ‘Progressive Library Organizations Update, 2013–2017’ by Al Kagan ( outlines the current status of Library and Information groups, journals and related groups in the arena of progressive or radical libraries, this is an addendum to Kagan’s book ‘Progressive Library Organizations: A Worldwide History’. The update includes coverage of Sweden, Bibliotek i Samhälle (BiS) [Libraries in Society], outlining their work at the at the Gothenburg Book and Library Fair and international solidarity projects with Palestine and Western Sahara, Germany, AK Kritische Bibliothek (KB) [Working Group Critical Library], including coverage of their work with the Berlin Working Group on District Libraries, the German-Speaking Network of Women/Lesbian Libraries and Archives and documentation of the East German women’s movement. Kagan also outlined developments for the Austria, Arbeitskreis kritischer Bibliothekarinnen und Bibliothekare (KRIBIBI) [Working Group of Critical Librarians], including their advocacy on an official government policy for libraries, work on the needs of students in writing their pre-academic essays and work to reform library education. Information for Social Change (IS) is also described in terms of a journal and blog, commenting on challenges ISC has faced in maintaining active contributions, Kagan concludes that ISC continues to offer important work in the area of progressive librarianship. Other organisations featured include the United States, Social Responsibilities Round Table of the American Library Association (SRRT) and the Progressive Librarians Guild (PLG). In summary, the paper provides a valuable overview of progressive and radical Library groups and publications internationally, with Kagan having undertaken considerable effort to liaise with groups via non-English medium such as discussion boards, email and interviews, this is an important publication for the progressive library community and provides a useful addendum to Kagan’s substantive publication.