Announcing ISC 35 and Forthcoming Issue: On-the-Job/CPD Library Training & Survey

Information for Social Change No, 35, Summer 2015

Welcome to this general issue of Information for Social Change, providing a broad range of papers on topics as diverse as the UK media industry, equality, happiness and wellbeing, UK data protection procedures, issues relating to undercover policing and corporate spying, reflections on news sources in the UK, a review of the contemporary parliamentary UK Labour Party leadership contest and various other original items, such as a review of VPN software for accessing information in locations impacted by Internet infrastructure issues or restrictions and an illustrated poem.

  • ISC35 (PDF format, approx 1 megabyte)

Forthcoming Issue: On-the-Job/ CPD Library Training (see Survey below)

ISC would like to produce a special issue about on the job library training/CPD. We would really appreciate it if we could get a series of articles about this issue, but realise that many people will not have the time or inclination to do so. We also fully appreciate that many library workers will be very reluctant to write such an article as any critical pieces might leave them very vulnerable in their work place.

Thus we have decided to use the following questionnaire in order to get a picture of just what is happening in regards to on the job library education, or on the job training. We would also like to get a feel of just how much training library volunteers receive. Anyone who answers this questionnaire will be keep anonymous in any of the quotes we might use.

To complete the survey please see:

Call for Papers

If you would be interested in submitting any papers on the following topics for this issue, please contact Martyn Lowe at:

  • The changing nature of Library and Information Management training/CPD – e.g. comment on new skills or other professional demands evidenced in recent years.
  • Personal career development experiences, including challenges, barriers or insights in personal development.
  • Lifelong learning issues – i.e. was it necessary to re-train in the sector, are new skills supplanting practices such as cataloguing?
  • Problems or challenges related to the job market, maintaining employability in the climate of austerity or need for flexibility in the context of increasingly diverse Library and Information roles.
  • Critical perspectives on developments in Library and Information Management education and training.