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Information for Social Change

Information for Social Change

"an activist organisation that examines issues of censorship, freedom and ethics amongst library and information workers..."

ISC 13. Resources Corporate Watch

Corporate Watch is a radical research and publishing group, based in Oxford, UK. It was set up in late 1996 to support activism against large corporations, particularly multinationals.

The magazine 'Corporate Watch' was published every 3 months, and presented a critical, though light-hearted, challenge to corporate dominance informing activists and potential activists in the issues, and providing information for campaigns and campaigners. The magazine has now changed format, and is replaced by a regular newsletter 'Corporate Watch' and great resources upon its website For more information Contact:
Corporate Watch,
16b Cherwell St. Oxford OX4 1BG. U.K.
Tel. +44(0)1865 791 391.

The Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe (REC)

This is a website with LOTS of good information upon it !

The Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe (REC) is a non-advocacy, not-for-profit organisation with a mission to assist in solving environmental problems in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). The Center fulfils its mission through encouraging cooperation among non-governmental organisations, governments and businesses, supporting the free exchange of information and promoting public participation in environmental decision-making. The REC was established in 1990 by the United States, the European Commission and Hungary. Today, the REC is legally based on a Charter signed by the governments of 25 countries and the European Commission, and on an International Agreement with the Government of Hungary.

The REC has its head office in Szentendre, Hungary and Country Offices in each of its 15 beneficiary CEE countries, which are: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, FYR Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Yugoslavia.

Rec produce many very useful publications, which include:

The Bulletin: The Quarterly Magazine of the REC.

Government and Environment: A Directory of Governmental Organisations with Environmental Responsibilities in Central and Eastern Europe .

Guide to Implementing Local Environmental Action Programs in Central and Eastern Europe & Media Source Directory: A Journalist's Guide to Environmental Contacts in Central and Eastern Europe

For more information Contact:
REC's Head Office
2000 Szentendre
Ady Endre út 9-11
Tel: (36-26) 504-000
Fax: (36-26) 311-294
E-mail: infoat

Peace Brigades International (PBI)

PBI is  a grassroots organization that explores and promotes nonviolent peacekeeping and support for human rights.

When invited, it sends teams of volunteers into areas of political repression and conflict. The volunteers accompany human rights defenders, their organizations, and others threatened by political violence.

PBI wins Martin Ennals Award for human rights defenders

More than 100 people including representatives from national and international NGOs and the UN atttended a ceremony in Geneva on 29 March when PBI was presented with the 2001 Martin Ennals Award. The Award has been presented annually since 1993 to individuals and organisations who 'have displayed exceptional courage and innovation in combatting human rights violations.' The Foundation responsible for the Award is made up of nine of the world's leading human rights organisations including Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and the World Organisation against Torture.

The Award recognises PBI's work in promoting nonviolence and human rights for the past twenty years and in particular for the work of PBI's 35 volunteers in Colombia.

In addition to this Award PBI has also been nominated for the Nobel Peace prize by the American Friends Service Committee.

Peace Brigades International, International Office
5 Caledonian Rd, London N1 9DX, UK
Tel: 44-(0)20-7713-0392
Fax: 44-(0)20-7837-2290
Email: pbiioat

Webpage News

Bibliotek i Samhälle ( BIS )
"Libraries in Society".

BIS is a politically independent organisation working on a socialist basis to promote     progressive librarianship. BIS have just revised their Webpage information in English.


is perhaps one of best sources of Alternative news that one can read.

The new SchNEWS annual is out -

'SchNEWS & SQUALL's Yearbook 2001'

It is a 300 page annual which features full reprints of SchNEWS 251-300, many articles and pictures from SQUALL, plus more articles, news, pictures, and satirical material about the events of the period March 2000 - April 2001.

"The Zapatistas march into Mexico City, thousands disrupt the World Bank meeting  in Prague, Churchill gets and anarchist makeover: from Bognor to Bogota, Dudley to Delhi, and Kilburn to Melbourne, resistance has become as global as the institutions of capitalism.

It's all here. Featuring SchNEWS 251-300, the best of Squall, plus article from people at the frontline of struggles worldwide, and creating sustainable solutions to the corporate carve-up of the planet. All wrapped up with loadsa photos, cartoons, satirical graphics, subverts, and a comprehensive contacts database."

It is available shops for £7 or £8.50 (inc. p and p) from SchNEWS .

ISBN 09529748 4 3

P.O. Box 2600,  Brighton,   BN2 2DX

Tel / Autofax:  + 44   (0)1273 685913
Email:  schnewsat


Statewatch is a non-profit-making voluntary group founded in 1991. It is comprised of lawyers, academics, journalists, researchers and community activists. Its European network of contributors is drawn from 12 countries. Statewatch encourages the publication of investigative journalism and critical research in the fields of the state, civil liberties and openness.

The Statewatch bulletin was launched in 1991 and is now in its 11th year of publication. Coverage includes news, features and research sources on new measures introduced by national governments and the EU institutions in Brussels as well as reporting from the ground on the effect of policies and state practices in the community. The Statewatch website was launched in August 1995, from the outset it included a free, searchable database. It now holds 26,000 items including coverage from the bulletin.

In 1997 the Statewatch European Monitoring and Documentation Centre (SEMDOC) was launched. SEMDOC has an extensive collection documents from the Council of the European Union, the European Commission and the European Parliament on justice and home affairs and civil liberties. The SEMDOC website was launched in 1998 together with the Statewatch European Monitor.

In June 2000 Statewatch News online was launched and carries news and features with extensive full-text background documentation to supplement coverage in the bulletin. In January 2001 the Statewatch subscriber website was launched which is accessible through an online subscription to bulletin subscribers - it carries the current bulletin in "pdf" format and a database of all coverage in the bulletin from 1991 to the current issue.

Contributions to the Statewach database and bulletin are welcomed:

PO Box 1516,
London N16 0EW, UK

Tel: + 44 (0)208 802 1882
Fax: + 44 (0)208 880 1727


For enquiries contact   isc-journalat

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