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Information for Social Change

Information for Social Change

"an activist organisation that examines issues of censorship, freedom and ethics amongst library and information workers..."

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Serving the Needs of Information Professionals

Chandos Publishing, based in Oxford, UK, has launched a new list of books for librarians and information professionals.

The books are written by leading authors from Europe and the USA. In addition to drawing on a number of academic librarians, corporate and government information professionals have contributed to the list as well.

The first eleven titles were published in 2003 and this will be followed in 2004 with another 15 titles. According to Chandos' founder, Dr. Glyn Jones, "We developed The Chandos Series because libraries are in such a state of rapid change and libraries must keep up-to-date with new developments. One of the main challenges facing librarians is the use and application of new technologies for gathering and disseminating information."

Key themes in the series include:

  • The fundamental role of how libraries operate,
  • The impact and application of new technologies,
  • How libraries work with users and how they market their services.

According to Dr Jones, "A vital element of all of this is the role of the librarian him/herself. This is reflected in the fact that librarians are now frequently referred to as Information Professionals to reflect their new roles and responsibilities." The first titles that are available are:

  • A Librarian's Guide to the Internet: A Guide to Searching and Evaluating Information
  • Setting Up a New Library and Information Service
  • The Role of the Academic Librarian
  • Finding Legal Information: A Guide to Print and Electronic Sources
  • The Role of the Legal Information Officer
  • Using the Internet for Political Research
  • Digital Dilemmas and Solutions for Today's Librarians
  • The Strategic Management of Technology in Libraries
  • Cataloguing Without Tears
  • Knowledge Management: Cultivating Knowledge Professionals
  • The Digital Age and Local Studies

The new Series aims to provide up-to-date, easy-to-read and, most importantly, practical information relating to modern libraries. Each of the books is written by a leading international authority and is written from a management, technical or legal perspective.

For more information on the Series please contact Hannah Grace-Williams at Chandos Publishing. Phone: +44 (0) 1865 884447, Fax: +44 (0) 1865 884448. E-mail: infoat Website:

Ruth Rikowski (who is also on the editorial board of ISC) is the 'Series Editor' for the Chandos Series for Information Professionals and if anyone is interested in writing a book they can contact her at rikowskiat or rikowski.ukat

AK Distribution 2004 Catalogue

AK Distribution is a workers co-operative wholly owned by its members. AK Press is the publishing arm of AK and all current titles are listed in this catalogue. The AK Press ISBN prefix numbers are 1873176 and 1902593. Apart from containing all of the AK titles currently in print, this very useful and well produced catalogue also lists local radical and independent bookstores which carry AK Press titles and other stock contained within this catalogue. Visit their website at

Labour Against the War

PO Box 2378
London, E5 9QU
020 8985 6597

Labour Against the War :

unequivocally condemns the terrorist outrages in the US on September 11th as a violation of human rights and an attack on working people of many races

believes that military action in response to the events of 11th September 2002 will neither eradicate the threat of terrorism nor create a stable international framework in which the rule of law will be observed. UK support for war is not in our name.

calls on the British government to oppose a military response to the events of September 11th, to seek other methods, including diplomatic and political, to bring the alleged perpetrators of terrorism to justice, and bring real humanitarian aid to the people of the world

is totally opposed to any military attack on Iraq

opposes any clampdown on civil liberties and asylum seekers on the pretext that this is required by the current situation and will stand up for civil rights in an open, democratic society. We shall oppose racist scapegoating of the Muslim community.

will work with the Labour Party and Trade Union movement to promote these aims throughout the labour movement, stating our case to the wider public and supporting the Stop the War Coalition in a determined quest for justice, not vengeance.

Use your Loaf

Centre for Social Solidarity 227 Deptford High Street London, SE8 07984 588807

Use Your Loaf Centre for Social Solidarity was set up in summer 2002 in an old bakery at the east end of Deptford High Street. They work from an anarchist basis but are trying to set up links with the local community and to make their resources available for any non-authoritarian non-profit making activities and events. Their resources include meeting and office space, a fully equipped kitchen for catering for up to 40 people, a radical bookshop, infoshop and library, Macs, PCs and printers and facilities for showing videos.

A space in Use Your Loaf is currently being developed into a library / archive / reading room, available for people to come and peruse anarchist, communist and radical newspapers, books, magazines, and pamphlets. Anyone out there who has spare books, old or current political newspapers and leaflets, etc to give or old books they want to clear out, give them a call - Ring the hotline on 07984 588807 or email mudlarkat


For enquiries contact   isc-journalat

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