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ISC 18. 9. Statement by the participants of the Culture and Development Convention

Havana, June 13 ( National News Agency ) Text of the Statement by the participants in the III International Convention on Culture and Development.

The pro-war leaders of Washington, embarked into the irrational quest of imposing to the XXI Century and the third millennium their empire to all the world, are continuing to carry on their project of the ENDLESS WAR.

Their campaign of destruction in Iraq, that brought the repudiation of Mankind, is not over yet and they are now aiming at new targets, the INDEPENDENT REPUBLIC OF CUBA, that they could not dominate during more than 40 years, despite having done all kinds of possible provocations.

Cuba is now in the gun sight of their escalation of negotiating the principle of sovereignty of the nations and the self determination of the peoples.

The superpower that is the aggressor, taking into account the difficulties it had with its European partners in the case of Iraq, is now imposing them to be accomplices of their new conquers, and decided to use Cuba as a trade in to go over disagreements and begin together a new colonization of all the countries that reject the old slavery dressed up with pseudo-modern clothing.

The governments of the European Union, under the power of Bush and his clique, are now obedient and submissive to the super-power.

In order to gain grace with the superpower, and participate in the loot, they approve the anti-Cuban attack, that would be the prelude of new aggressions, calculated to end up into a second Iraq.


We are sure that the peoples of the Earth, that represent in its more pure form the feelings of Mankind, will go out to the streets of the five continents, as they did before during the invasion of Iraq to say in all possible tones " NO TO THE WAR , YES TO PEACE ".

There is no doubt that the decision of the European Union does not interpret the will of the peoples of that continent, linked in so many ways to the respect of the nations, as part of a universal culture and a common mankind.

The defiance against the world is of the most grave nature. The response must be immediate and massive, because what is really happening is that the future of mankind is being decided in the new millennium.

The people are anxious to be free and sovereign, and the people want to live as human beings, with dignity and respect. They will stand up and win.

Havana, 12 June 2003 Signed by Volodia Teitelboim, Thiago de Mello, Marcelino Dos Santos, Keith Ellis, Santiago García, Jaime Lozada, Raúl Pérez Torres and more than 300 intellectuals participanting in the III International Convention on Culture and Development in Havana.


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