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ISC 19. Perfect Sound

Victor Verne Rikowski

Perfect sound

Perfect Sound is my theory,
Of how to make a sound, sound perfect.
It is created with nothing but insanity,
And through it, musical revolution shall resurrect.
This theory, no one shall understand,
Until this sound is made.
But it shall be made and it shall be grand,
And by the masses I shall be paid.
--- I wonder what God is doing?

Use the water to bend your light,
Weave your colour through glass tubes.
Fill the air with this bright delight,
He can see around corners, curves and cubes.
All the pipes terminate at his eyes,
All the vision in the world is accessible.
And upon our every movement he squints and spies,
All those that are criminals are vulnerable.

He sits in his chair, with his long white blazer jacket,
Electronic goggles sitting on his nose.
And he'll switch the revolving pipes, watch and speculate,
He'll watch us dress, look at our parts and torso's.
The world is his bowl full of spaghetti,
With string ends of watching eyes.
He's is the only one to have seen a yeti,
In his black leather swivel chair, he'll grin and scream.
. and scrutinise.
Our lives are freedom, our lives are choice,
But where's the happiness, big house, Rolls Royce?
Don't ask, use a camping flask,
Keep the temperature of life continual.
Use green glass for blades of grass,
To stop the children playing football.

No one to blame so faith will be blamed,
'It was terrorists that bombed our Holy Grail.'
So go forth people and make the innocent enflamed
Survivors tossed aside or thrown in jail.

It was they whom broke the stone table,
Upon which the great lion Aslan lay.
It was they whom made Narnia a fairy tale,
So for all this blasphemy we will slay.
We spend our entire lives mowing the lawn.
We die, rot and turn into grass,
And laugh at how we become our own life burden.
We have a goal;
We just don't know where the posts are.
We supposedly have a soul,
But we only become a product consumer.
Drugs will make us insane,
We'll gain boredom and madness,
Play music and take morphine,
Drop bombs and be merciless.
We'll go hunting and use cannibalism,
We'll sit in corners of ragged tents.
We'll make pollution and believe in Satanism,
Burned out crops behind a broken fence.
Mental famine and insanity shall kill mankind,
Routine and rules shall trigger terror in our mind.
As Nietzsche was the first to welcome God's death,
I am the first to embrace mankind's last breath.
Like John Locke's 'Gap' theory,
There is something between our minds and our words,
Which restrains the image of our real feelings, our real story,
Which is why most poetry lives with herds.
And Lucifer said:
"Cook my kidney in a stew and eat it with bread, for bread is the body of Jesus, the son of your all mighty God.
And drink the stew with wine, drinks Jesus' blood.
Eat both Jehovah and Lucifer and aspire to become both good and evil,
Aspire to become human,
To have feelings, to be feeble.
Aspire to become who you are.
Aspire to be free from the control that the illusionary idea of human perfection has over you."
If truth is dark then virtue is a burden,
On us it needlessly feeds.
My mind is like my childhood garden,
Overgrown and covered in weeds.

Victor Rikowski is now 17 years old, and is studying A' levels in Philosophy, Music Technology and English Literature at Havering Sixth Form College.


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