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Information for Social Change

Information for Social Change

"an activist organisation that examines issues of censorship, freedom and ethics amongst library and information workers..."

ISC 9. Public Libraries and Social Exclusion - an International Perspective: Conference Resolutions

WHEREAS we consider that social exclusion is a world wide problem caused by capitalism and globalism ; and

WHEREAS we believe that the solution to this problem is socialism and internationalism ; and

WHEREAS we are convinced that library and information workers have a role to play in tackling social exclusion ;

WE RESOLVE that the following actions are required by library and information workers :

1. to be pro-active, committed and radical in their approach to social exclusion

2. to recognise that information is power, and that this power should be used strategically and tactically

3. to be aware of the differences between poverty, equal opportunities and social exclusion in different contexts and countries

4. to define who the socially excluded are, and to recognise barriers to library usage such as race, class and gender

5. to determine what information and library services the socially excluded require and demand

6. to encourage western agencies to support library and information workers in Majority World countries to identify relevant needs.

7. to make ruling elites conscious of the importance and value of information, education, literacy and libraries

8. to put pressure on governments (via agencies such as UNESCO) to commit a fixed percentage of national budget on education and libraries

From : all / some of those who attended the conference

To : LA, IFLA, FID, LA members, British Council, UNESCO, EU, donor agencies


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