ATHEISM – a talking-heads documentary by Julian Samuel Quotations from Reviews

ATHEISM – a talking-heads documentary by Julian Samuel Quotations from Reviews


72 minutes, 2006 – a talking-heads documentary by Julian Samuel

Official selection: La 35e édition du Festival du nouveau cinéma: 2006


This film by Julian Samuel has to be the most intellectually dishonest documentary ever produced. Samuel has produced a subjective and biased reflection on religion and the question of whether a Supreme Being organized the Universe… …an example of this bias is when Professor Samuel has his interviewees discuss the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the Bush administration’s foreign policy in a clearly anti-Israeli and anti- American way. What this has to do with atheism, spirituality or even a theological reflection on the meaning of life is anyone’s guess.

Frederic Eger: Atheism by Julian Samuel 29 November 2006


Like Richard Dawkins’ much-discussed recent book The God Delusion, Atheism makes not the slightest attempt to win over anyone who might feel that there’s any validity to spiritual beliefs.

Montreal Mirror, 30 November 2006: God be damned MALCOLM FRASER


Samuel is either unfamiliar with film language or unwilling to engage with it, and it’s a shame, because this non-professionalism compromises his film. Some of his on-camera shock techniques – including the opening credits, which depict a hand tarring a Bible with the film’s title (and Samuel’s own name, one letter at a time) – are laughable and tedious.

HOUR: 30 November 2006; God day afternoon, The anarchy of atheism Melora Koepke


* 1/2 – Atheism, documentaire de Julian Samuel. Quelle place occupe Dieu dans le monde, la philosophie, la politique? L’athéisme est-il une religion?

Un documentaire prétentieux et vain. On est loin de la révolution copernicienne.

Ce qui rend ce film méprisable n’est pas tant que l’on n’y apprend rien de neuf, mais plutôt la façon dont ce rien de neuf est emballé: c’est pédagogiquement nul et cinématographiquement pédant. Tant mieux si le réalisateur s’est amusé, car nous, on s’est plutôt mortellement emmerdés.

La Presse, 2 December 2006; Atheism : quand le spirituel déprime Anabelle Nicoud, Collaboration spéciale


Julian Samuel explique pourtant que son film entend poser un regard sur la manière dont un athée comme lui est devenu une personne religieuse. Atheism un prouve en fait rien de tel. Il soulève des questions, met bout