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Information for Social Change is an activist organisation that examines issues of censorship, freedom and ethics amongst library and information workers. It is committed to promoting alternatives to the dominant paradigms of library and information work and publishes its own journal, Information for Social Change.

We welcome contributions in our field. Read the journal to gauge our interests. If you’re in doubt, write to us with suggestions (email: Also see themes/ details of forthcoming issues.

Whilst encouraging rigorous debate, the journal exists primarily for workers and practitioners, so simple and clear English is preferable. Articles should, where possible, be between 500 and 2500 words. This is to ensure a wide coverage of topics in each issue. However, longer articles may be excerpted in the journal and the full text made available from the author(s), if you wish.

As well as articles we are also interested in shorter pieces (including letters, review articles) and poems.

We publish twice per year.

Also see Call for Chandos Authors below.

‘Only the educated are free’, Epictetus (a Roman, Greek-born slave and Stoic philosopher, 55 AD – 135 AD), from the Discourses

Call for Chandos Authors

Forthcoming book

Ruth Rikowski (the co-editor of Information for Social Change) is also the Commissioning Editor for Chandos Publishing, for the Chandos Series for Information Professionals. If you are interested in the idea of writing a book for the series, then please contact Ruth. This could be a single-authored book, a co-authored book, or an edited collection.

The series covers a wide range of topics including management, legal and technical topics related to librarianship, information science and management. Chandos are interested in those topics, which have a broad appeal to those working in the area: this covers a very wide area. Chandos are interested in most current topics in the field.

Ruth is particularly interested in developing the radical section of the series, which involves building on those radical books that are already in the series. This includes Dr Helen Raduntz’s book Intellectual property and the work of information professionals (which examines intellectual property rights from a Marxist perspective); Professor Toni Samek’s book Librarianship and human rights: a 21st century guide; Dr Christopher May’s book Digital rights management: the problem of expanding ownership rights; Radical Library and Information Work: issues and ideas, edited by John Pateman and Ruth Rikowski and Ruth Rikowski’s book Globalisation, Information and Libraries: the implications of the World Trade Organisation’s GATS and TRIPS Agreements.

The publications are sold through Chandos’s range of international agents and by direct mail. This can generate highly favourable publicity for the author and his or her employer.

The publications are around 35,000-45,000+ words or so. The chief objective is to provide information which is easy to digest.

Some publications are highly descriptive, whereas others may contain more interactive information in the form of bullet point lists, check lists, standard documentation etc. The target market is diverse, including the private and public sectors, large and small organisations. For details of the current titles, please see

Most of the authors that are currently being commissioned complete their manuscripts within six to nine months or so.

Authors are paid on the basis of a royalty from sales of their book.

If you are interested in writing a book for the series, and want to discuss this further, then please contact Ruth Rikowski at –