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    • John Vincent on The CILIP Re-Branding Exercise, Summer 2013For me, it’s not about the L word (although it might have been good to have it in there), but that CILIP should be contemplating spending some £35k of our money on a rebranding exercise at a point when public library services are being cut all over the UK, and CILIP itself has been shedding staff (and Branches & Groups) because of financial difficulties. At the very least, it spells “insensitivity” … I responded to Tom Roper supporting the original call for an EGM, as I believe it’s time that the membership called the Board & officers to account. I want CILIP to be clear about its role – e.g. can it campaign? On what? Where does social justice/equalities/diversity sit within the structure? Can something be done about the divide between public libraries and other types (e.g. academic)? At the moment, I see it becoming more & more like an IT trade organisation, and I don’t think that a rebrand is going to change that,. I think what’s needed is a concerted effort to make sure that the Board and senior officers reflect the views of all its members.