For-profit nature of the privatised academies schools project in England again in the spotlight

Paul Catherall

The for-profit nature of the privatised academies schools project in England is again in the spotlight with revelations of large bonuses paid to individuals associated with commercial entities running these schools. It is increasingly apparent that public funds are being siphoned off for the same kind of massive executive payments seen in the recently discredited banking and investment sectors.

As many commentators pointed out in the early years of the academy project, it is increasingly apparent that funds are not being spent on educational facilities, buildings and qualified staffing but on gigantic director pay-outs. When we also consider the disassociation of the academies from the National Curriculum, school safety regulations, requirement to hire qualified teachers and the special educational needs regulations, we are left with a highly questionable and increasingly discredited liberalised schools sector at the mercy of deregulation and commercial exploitation.

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