Forthcoming Issues

If you are interested in contributing to a forthcoming issue of ISC, please contact the relevent editor(s) shown below.

Summer 2014 – General ISC issue on current interest, projects or campaigns

The next issue of ISC, scheduled for publication late August 2014 will focus on projects, current writing interests or campaigns being undertaken by the ISC collective or new collective contributors.

Example topics include the work of ISC collective members in monitoring information and education in a global context, trends for education and libraries in the Higher Education Sector or current campaigns to protect and safeguard local library services being impacted by the recent international austerity agenda.

To submit proposals or ideas for the issue, please contact either Martyn Lowe or Paul Catherall.

Autumn 2014 – The Changing Nature of Library Education

Over the last couple of decades library school education has shifted from training about books, cataloguing and Librarianship toward aspects of Library Management. The next issue of ISC will focus upon these changes.

For this issue we would like to include: -

  • Articles from both current library school students, & those who have become qualified librarians within the last few years.
  • The changing nature of Library and Information Management education – e.g. comment on new skills or other professional demands evidenced in recent years.
  • Personal career development experiences, including challenges, barriers or insights in personal development.
  • Lifelong learning issues – i.e. was it necessary to re-train in the sector, are new skills supplanting practices such as cataloguing?
  • Problems or challenges related to the job market, maintaining employability in the climate of austerity or need for flexibility in the context of increasingly diverse Library and Information roles.
  • Critical perspectives on developments in Library and Information Management Education.

Contact Martyn Lowe: or Paul Catherall

Please also read our submission guidelines.