Glenn Rikowski cited in The Times Higher Education Supplement

When universities get into bed with industry, can academic independence be guaranteed? asks Michael North

Michael Northm from The Times Higher Education Supplement quoted from an article by Glenn Rikowski about the Further Education White Paper, that is on The Volumizer, Glenn Rikowski’s web-log.

Michael North says: “Glenn Rikowski, Senior Lecturer in Education Studies at Northampton University, says, for example, that the further education White Paper could lead to “struggles over the heart and soul of the FE sector”. Only a simpleton would expect this White Paper, or the schools White Paper of October 2005 or indeed any White Paper, to blurt out that ‘companies will take over failing colleges or schools'”, he says, “but the White Paper does seem to offer such openings for the private sector”. Rikowski suggests that the White Paper makes it possible for failing colleges – thought to represent about 2 per cent of the sector – and a potentially larger number of “coasting colleges” to be taken over by private companies if their provision does not improve within a year. He adds that if views such as Jackson’s prevail in Government, private companies could be invited to bid for contracts to run higher education departments, faculties or whole institutions.”

In The Times Higher Education Supplement, 7th April 2006, p.17