Information for Social Change 38 Available

Information for Social Change (ISC) 38, June 2019 is now available at:

Contents and Editorial

  • Introduction – Dr Paul Catherall
  • Update on Information for Social Change Back-Issues and Archiving –  Dr Paul Catherall
  • From Classification to Decolonization – John Pateman
  • Internet Control in World Regions for Information and Education – Dr Paul Catherall
  • New Regulatory Requirements for Web Accessibility and Usability – Dr Paul Catherall
  • Open Educational and Literary Resources – Dr Paul Catherall
  • Comment on Review of Post-18 Education and Funding/ Augar Report – Dr Paul Catherall
  • Anti Social Behaviour or Library Shared spaces – Martyn Lowe
  • It needs to be Remembered – Martyn Lowe
  • The simple pleasures of a Retired Information worker – Martyn Lowe
  • Vegan Resources – Martyn Lowe
  • Cave (Poem)