Information for Social Change number 33 – Recent Developments in Public Services for Young People

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ISC 33 – Winter 2013/14
Recent Developments in Public Services for Young People
Issue Editors: Martyn Lowe & Paul Catherall

  • Whole issue (PDF format, file size to download: approx 700 K)

Contents and Editorial

  • Editorial and Contributors
  • The Impact of “Austerity” and Deregulation on Young People’s Services in the UK – Paul Catherall
  • Academy Schools and the Anti-Academies Alliance – Paul Catherall
  • E-Learning: Some observations in 2014 – Paul Catherall
  • Engaging students and young people in campaigning – Miriam Dobson
  • Free Schools – Paul Catherall
  • Looking Back At My School Days – Martyn Lowe
  • Military activity in UK Schools – Owen Everett
  • Personal Reflections on a Comprehensive Education – Paul Catherall
  • The corporatisation of the University – Comment on a live broadcast with Professor Noam Chomsky (MIT) – Paul Catherall
  • The Importance of Libraries for Young People – Paul Catherall
  • Threats to Libraries, Facilities for Young People and Public Services in the Liverpool Area – Martin Ralph
  • What is the Great University Gamble? Comment on a Presentation by Andrew McGettigan at University of Liverpool, 02/10/13 – Paul Catherall
  • The UCU University of Liverpool Academic Charter
  • Trends in University Research Funding and the Open Access Publishing Debate of Green vs. Gold – Paul Catherall
  • Comment on Workfare – Paul Catherall
  • Ab Ovo Usque Ad Mala (Poem) – Paul Catherall