Jobless forced to pay for library internet access in UK Libraries

Britain’s libraries are making the public pay for services previously  provided for FREE before the Tory-led Coalition’s cuts, a shock survey reveals  today.

And the new charges are hitting jobseekers, children and the elderly hardest  as they had relied on free access to the internet and computer services at their  local library.

In prime minister David Cameron’s Witney constituency and the rest of  Oxfordshire, disabled people who could borrow DVDs and CDs for free now have to  pay charges from £1.25 to £4.50.

Many libraries are providing the first half-hour of internet access free and  then charging a range of fees to stay online.

And librarians say the move is poorly timed – just as the Government is  putting more of its services online, such as applying for benefits and fill in  job applications.

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