Looking for that Special Work of Fiction

Looking for that Special Work of Fictions

I keep looking for works of fiction, movies, and biopics which relate to my life or that of other activists.

Yet finding such works in public libraries is much harder than it should be.

This also shows up as a lack of understanding about just what goes on in the real world.
What makes for ‘popular’ fiction may in fact not be that, but more do with what publishers or film producers think will sell.

Though as in many other aspects of life, these works follow as fashion, with all the marketing, and supermarket sales which goes with it.
Take for example both Batman or Star Wars,
with all the toy models, posters, graphic novels, and other spin-offs that make for a multi-million © ® profit all round.

A Novel Problem

Public Libraries have  sections for all kind of literature, such as Westerns or Science Fiction,
but just you try looking the following: –
Dystopian next to Utopian novels.
Novels about broken hearts in contrast to Romantic fiction..
Novels about the life of single people in contrast to that of family sagas,
Novels about corrupt cops as opposed to crime stories.
Stories about Nonviolent Direct Action [NVSA] as opposed to War stories.

Is this a case of these works have not been written, not being published, or are just not easy to find?
This is and has always been an issue which we in ISC have questioned.

What goes for novels goes for movies.

I’ve still to find any novels which have a story line about a group of activists, and how they organise various protests or pickets,
Movies which show just how groups of activists organise, hold protests and achieve social change.
One might come upon the odd documentary, or biopic such as the 2014 one about Cesar Chavez,
but that’s it.


What you will be very hard pushed to find is a fictional film or novel about a group of anti-road protesters, ecologists, or anti-nukiller activists, and how they land up in court as a result of their struggle for social justice.
Equally one would be very hard pressed to find a fictional movie about the activities of animal rights activist.

Now this might come down to the lack of imagination of the film producers, but it could equally be because most activists just don’t have the time to write about their activist lives.
I’m looking forward to that glorious day when we can watch lots of movies about ordinary people who live in squats, or housing co-operatives, who are vegetarian or vegan, and who set up a co-operative store or workers co-operative.
Roll on that day!

Martyn Lowe