Proposal for a Partnership Agreement between Information for Social Change and UNISON

Information For Social Change (ISC) and UNISON have many mutual objectives and it would make sense if they could work together via a partnership agreement.
This agreement could include the following proposals:

1. That links are created between the ISC and UNISON websites, including the use of suitable logos where appropriate and mutually agreed.

2. That ISC and UNISON promote each others activities via periodicals etc., including contributions from ISC members in UNISON literature, also that ISC will cover UNISON (and other trade union) activities which promote the Library and Information Sector and the interests of library and information workers.

3. That sponsorship possibilities are explored, for example to support article contributions from developing countries.

This Statement of Intent will be posted on the ISC website and will be used as a basis for discussion with UNISON, including Regional Officers and the International Officer.

ISC Editorial Board