Public Libraries in the 21st Century

Three members of the ISC editorial board – John Pateman, John Vincent and Shiraz Durrani – are featured in a new book about public libraries.

‘Public Libraries in the 21st Century’ presents a comprehensive analysis of the impact of recent policy initiatives targeted at public libraries along with broader developments in the public sector environment within which they operate. Key features include:

  • an exploration of the context within which public libraries are operating and analysis of their role in local and national life.
  • examples of best practice in service delivery.
  • evaluation of the challenges and opportunities confronting public library managers.
  • wide ranging coverage, including information from published and unpublished sources, supplemented by interviews with key stakeholders in the public library sector.

This book provides a unique and thorough guide to the contemporary discourses surrounding issues of identity, social purpose, value and strategy facing the public library service. ‘Public Libraries in the 21st Century: defining services and debating the future’ is by Ann Goulding, Ashgate, 2006.