This is Issue Number 1 - January 22, 1998.

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In this issue: 
1.  ALA SRRT Task Force on the Environment Home Page 
2.  Mary Minow's Map to Library Law 
3.  Censored News author to speak in Santa Monica, Jan. 22nd 
4.  New Internet Current Awareness Service for Librarians (email) 
5-11 From the Internic Scout Report 
5.  LINK Alert--Springer-Verlag  (abstracts from their e-journals) 
6.  Handbook of International Economic Statistics 1997--CIA 
7.  NSSN: A National Resource for Global Standards--ANSI 
8.  Knowledge Discovery Nuggets (Data Mining) 
9.  Periods and Styles [frames]  -Architecture 
10. Living the Legacy: The Women's Rights Movement 1848-1998 
11. Subscribing to the Internic Scout Report 
12. wORking Press is Ten Years Old!  (Volunteer run art-book publisher) 
14. PULSE - the Finnish PUblic Libraries FrontpagE 
[ALA's SRRT (Social Responsibilities Round Table) Task Force on The 
TFOE has a Home Page! 
Yes, 1997 was an exciting year for TFOE. Highlights included the 
unveiling of a newsletter, GreeNotes (a second electronic issue is 
planned for later this winter). TFOE held two well-attended and highly 
informative sessions at the 1997 ALA Annual Meeting in San Francisco. 
The TFOE resolution for ALA to examine its use of chlorine-free paper 
for its publications and correspondence was approved at the SRRT Action 
Mary Minow's Map to Library Law. 
Mary Minow is teaching a class next fall (knock on wood) in Library 
Law.  The URL above is for her home page, which has articles by her on 
intellectual freedom and intellectual property, some information on 
current legislation affecting libraries, documets serving as examples in 
library governance, and some library related links. 
Censored News 
ANNOUNCEMENT--Carl Jensen, author of Censored:The News That Didn't Make 
the News discusses and signs 20 Years of Censored News, a compilation of 
two decades' worth of important news under-reported or ignored by the 
on Thursday, Jan. 22nd, 7:30 PM at the Midnight Special Bookstore 
                                       1318 Third St. Promenade 
                                       Santa Monica 
Joan Sekler 
Email: sekler[at] 
The NetInLib-Announce email list is a free current awareness service 
whose purpose is to alert librarians and other information professionals 
to new, innovative, or useful Internet resources. 
Like most electronic mailing lists, NetInLib-Announce is intended to be 
member-driven and collaborative. Its success as a current awareness 
service depends heavily on members' contribution of new resources that 
they believe to be of interest to their colleagues. Members can announce 
resources they are responsible for publicizing or maintaining, or they 
can announce resources they have encountered and feel are worth sharing 
with others. 
See for more information. 
Mark Jordan 
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>From the Internic Scout Report: 
LINK Alert--Springer-Verlag 
Springer-Verlag Journals Preview Service (discussed in the September 17, 
1997 issue of the Scout Report for Science & Engineering) has been 
integrated into Springer-Verlag's LINK service. This free service 
provides users with the most recent tables of contents and abstracts 
from more than 200 journals retrievable via LINK. Each new table of 
contents, with links to respective abstracts, is sent automatically to 
you via e-mail as soon as it becomes available electronically. To 
subscribe, users select one or more journals from an alphabetical list 
or click on an area of interest. Once an email address is entered, 
subscribers receive a confirmation message. Note that LINK Alert 
replaces SVJPS. [DF] 
Handbook of International Economic Statistics 1997--CIA 
The 1997 edition of this handy reference work, produced by the US 
Central Intelligence Agency, is available. The 139 tables and 30 figures 
"provide basic worldwide statistics for comparing the economic 
performance of major countries and regions." Topics covered include 
general economic profiles, aggregated data, Organization for Economic 
Cooperation and Development (OECD) and former Soviet Republics data, 
sector data from five economic sectors, and environmental data. Data can 
be time series or snapshot. Note that the quality of figure images 
varies by image. [JS] 
NSSN: A National Resource for Global Standards--ANSI 
The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) provides this National 
Standards Systems Network database, a searchable interface to 
bibliographic information about more than 225,000 approved standards. 
The basic search interface supports title and document number queries. 
Information returned includes title, document number, whether or not 
there is an ANSI approved standard, and ordering information. The search 
help applies to an enhanced version of the search interface that is fee 
based. [JS] 
Knowledge Discovery Nuggets Directory 
Knowledge Discovery Nuggets is both a web site and an associated 
newsletter. The newsletter focuses on the latest research, new 
applications, conference announcements, and news about data mining and 
knowledge discovery. The web site offers a large index of categorized 
pointers to data mining and knowledge discovery software, informative 
reference materials, related research projects, data sets, and much 
more.  While somewhat difficult to navigate, Knowledge Discovery Nuggets 
offers an excellent place to start a data mining or knowledge discovery 
related search. [CL] 
Period and Styles [frames] 
Designed by Tulane University Professor Hugh Lester to complement his 
courses for advanced theater design students, this collection of 
teaching modules and images will appeal to anyone with an interest in 
architecture or historical design. The modules offer varying levels of 
detail about historical time periods from Ancient Egypt to Modern. The 
image collection offers photos and information on a variety of 
architectural, decorative and furniture styles. Typical entries include 
a thumbnail image, location, name of architect or designer, and date of 
construction. Some provide commentary on the design and its place in the 
period. Access to images varies in terms of how it is organized in the 
module and image sections. [MD] 
National Women's History Project 
Provided by the National Women's History Project, this site offers 
numerous resources to help educators and activists commemorate the 150th 
anniversary of the first women's rights convention held in Seneca Falls, 
New York, on July 19 and 20, 1848. The Declaration of Sentiments and 
Resolutions signed in Seneca Falls set the agenda for the women's rights 
movement. At the site users will find a history of the movement and a 
detailed timeline, information on the Legacy98 newsgroup, and 
information on a large number of national women's rights organizations, 
museums, and Internet resources.  Additional features include a listing 
of planned national and regional anniversary celebrations and program 
and curriculum ideas for teaching and commemorating the women's rights 
movement in schools, libraries, and local communities. [MD] 
For information on subscribing to the Scout Report, send email to: 
In the body of the message type: 
   info scout-report 
Or visit their web site and subscribe using a web form: 
The Scout Report's Web page: 
wORking Press is Ten Years Old! 
wORking Press is an independent publisher run by volunteers. For ten 
years we have published books by for and about working-class artists. To 
mark the achievement of 10 years of autonomous publishing by working 
class artists and writers an exhibition will be held in the ILRC Library 
of London Guildhall University, 41 Commercial Road, London, E1 1LA 
Betweem January 5th and February 6th. 
The exhibition features the complete set of books published by wORking 
Press background information to the project and artwork selected from 
the books. A computer terminal connected to the wORking press website is 
also included in the exhibition. 
If you are unable to visit the exhibition in person why not check out 
the wORking Press website where you can read about the publishing 
project, browse the books and even download selected chapters and the 
full text of pamphlets. 
The website features a page of links to related sites, if you would like 
your project to be included reply to this e-mail with the URL of your 
Richard McKeever 
In the latest issue of its Washington Office Newsletter (ALAWON), the 
American Library Association reports on an appeal from the presidents 
of four library associations to mobilize the library community in 
support of two copyright bills now before Congress. Specifically, they 
urge their members to encourage both of their Senators to cosponsor 
Sen. John Ashcroft's (R-MO) "Digital Copyright Clarification and 
Technology Act" (S. 1146) and their House Representative to cosponsor 
the "Digital Era Copyright Enhancement Act," introduced by Reps. Rick 
Boucher (D-VA) and Tom Campbell (R-CA) (H.R. 3048). 
The four presidents of the American Library Association, the American 
Association of Law Libraries, the Association of Research Libraries 
and the Special Library Association, make it clear in a letter to 
library members that they believe these two bills are the "best 
approach to meet the challenges of the digital environment while, at 
the same time, preserving the critical balance between copyright 
owners and users in the electronic age." 
Ann Snoeyenbos 
*Address change--use 
(Ann Snoeyenbos is ALA New Members Round Table President.  -ed.) 
And finally, homepage for the public libraries of the 2nd Greatest 
Country in the World, FINLAND!  (#1 is Canada). 
Season's Greetings to all list members, 
PULSE - the Finnish PUblic Libraries FrontpagE is a single point of 
contact to distributed library resources in Finland and around the 
In 1997, new resources and services have been developed and added to 
PULSE. These have been described and can be accessed also in English. 
Email me with suggestions, items to include, to unsubscribe, to say 
hello, etc. 
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