Library Juice 1:15 - April 22, 1998

Quote of the week: 
"The fragmentation of rational knowledge in the postmodern world has 
produced a focus on information that is unaware of its history." 
-Marcus Breen, "Information does not equal knowledge: theorizing the 
political economy of virtuality."  _Journal of Computer Mediated 
Communication_ 3(3) 
1. Comstockery (KOM-stok-uh-ree, KUM-) noun 
2. Library History Round Table website 
3. Latino Book Summit 
4. USA Today Features Library Internet Access 
5. Environmental Contaminants Encyclopedia--NPS [.pdf] 
6. _World Court Digest_ 
7. Digital Image Access Project--Duke University RBMSL [frames] 
8. Proposed Northern Ireland Peace Agreement 
9. The Online Medical Dictionary--Graylab CancerWeb 
10. Women in American History by the Encyclopaedia Britannica [QuickTime] 
11. Article in SCIENCE about African Americans' use of the WWW 
12. CHICO Project virtual exhibit and gateway for Harlem Renaissance 
13. Intellectual Freedom Action News 
14. Judith Krug wins Lippincott Award 
15. Excerpts from Zoia Horn's memoirs, on her experience with Judith Krug 
16. U.S. Supreme Court ruling on free speech and wrongful death liability 
17. Reports on UC Berkeley's libraries (hard times and going digital) 
18. Anti-Fascist (and activist) Pathfinder 
20. NCFD Diversity On-Line (Newsletter) 
1.  Comstockery (KOM-stok-uh-ree, KUM-) noun 
   Censorship of literature and other forms of expression and communication 
   because of perceived immorality or obscenity. 
[After Anthony COMSTOCK.] 
WORD HISTORY: Bowdlerism, named after Dr. Thomas Bowdler (1754-1825), has 
been around longer than Comstockery, named for Anthony Comstock (1844-1915). 
All Bowdler did to enter the world of common nouns was to expurgate 
Shakespeare, the Bible, and Gibbon's History of the Decline and Fall of the 
Roman Empire. On the other hand, Comstock, the organizer and secretary of 
the New York Society for the Suppression of Vice, helped destroy 160 tons 
of literature and pictures that he deemed immoral. Comstockery, the word 
honoring his achievements, is first recorded in 1905 in a letter by George 
Bernard Shaw to the New York Times: "Comstockery is the world's standing 
Joke at the expense of the United States.... It confirms the deep-seated 
conviction of the Old World that America is a provincial place, a second 
rate country-town civilization after all.". 
   "The best argument for upholding this electronic Comstockery can be 
   summed up in a single world: zoning." 
   Jeffrey Rosen, Can the government stop cyberporn?, 
   The New Republic, 31 Mar 1997. 
Last week's theme, words with interesting histories, has evoked an 
unprecedented interest with requests pouring in to extend the theme for 
another week.  So let's take a look at seven more words that give us a 
glance on curious ways words enter into a language.               -Anu 
How did a fool and his money get together in the first place? 
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2. Library History Round Table website 
The Library History Round Table of ALA would like to invite you to visit 
the LHRT website.  In addition to information about LHRT, the site 
*cumulative bibliographies of library history compiled by Ed Goedeken of 
       Iowa State University, updated twice a year.  We hope to make these 
       searchable in the near future. 
*Guidelines for Writing Local Library History 
*Statement on History in Education for Library and Information Science 
*a link to the LHRT Newsletter online 
*links to related sites 
The URL is: 
Please stop in and take a look. We hope that the site will be useful;  feedback 
is always welcome.  Membership in LHRT is open to all ALA members; information 
on joining ALA and LHRT is available on the site.  Please join us! 
Joy Kingsolver 
Library History Round Table 
3. Latino Book Summit 
Latino Book Summit will be an official event of BookExpo America, taking 
place May 29 at McCormick Place in Chicago.  The event, the first of its 
kind, will be a series of panels aimed at the U.S. Latino book market. 
This is a pre-event for the Latino Book Festival, August 28-30 at the Los 
Angeles Convention Center.  For info on both events, contact Kirk Whisler 
at 760-434-7474 or Rueben Martinez 714-973-7900. 
        Source:  Library Hotline, April 13, 1998, p 6. 
4. USA Today Features Library Internet Access 
From: Linda Wallace <lwallace[at]> 
To: alacoun[at], member-forum[at] 
Subject: USA Today Features Libraries 
"Checking Out Net Access" is the headline for an article which appears 
in today's (April 22) USA Today, section D, page6.  ALA press officer 
Joyce Kelly worked closely with the reporter. Also, there's a nice plug 
for National Library Week with a link to ALA on The Albany, N.Y. Mining 
Co. site at  Happy 
National Library Week! Linda 
Environmental Contaminants Encyclopedia--NPS [.pdf] 
Encyclopedia Listings 
This new resource from the National Park Service contains a wealth of 
information central to the growing field of environmental toxicology. The 
site consists of a searchable encyclopedia of 118 environmental 
contaminants, from Acenaphthene to Zinc. With information on chemical 
elements, compounds, and products, the EC Encyclopedia also serves as a 
reference for determining the potential impact of the concentration of a 
certain substance. Entries are in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format and include 
background information, specific threats, and other related material. 
Complete reference information (the Referenc.pdf file) is also available. 
Visit our web site: 
_World Court Digest_ 
The Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law 
provides this resource, an electronic version of the first two volumes of 
the printed work. It presents digested views of the International Court of 
Justice on various issues in international law, as expressed in their 
judgements, advisory opinions, and orders. The Digest covers 1986-1995 at 
present. The digest can be browsed or searched, and a case decision and 
opinion summary can be found at the end of the table of contents. [JS] 
Visit our web site: 
Digital Image Access Project--Duke University RBMSL [frames] 
The Duke University Rare Book, Manuscript, and Special Collections Library 
has made this image base of 1,000 images depicting urban life at various 
time periods, primarily in the American South, available. The images are 
drawn from fourteen separate collections; they can be browsed and searched. 
Included with the images are descriptive summaries, scope and content 
notes, and subject terms for each collection. Among the interesting 
non-Southern images are the William Gedney documentary photograph 
collection and the Philippine Island and Far East Photograph Albums, ca. 
1899-1902. [JS] 
Visit our web site: 
The Agreement: Agreement Reached in the Multi-party Negotiations--Proposed 
    Northern Ireland Peace Agreement 
The Northern Ireland Office of the UK government has made available full 
text of the historic proposed peace treaty for Northern Ireland. Aimed at 
ending many years of sectarian violence, the treaty was reached after 
arduous and intense negotiations. The agreement is to be voted upon by the 
people of both Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic in late May, 1998. 
Visit our web site: 
The Online Medical Dictionary--Graylab CancerWeb 
Dr. Graham Dark of the Gray Laboratory Cancer Research Trust (UK), provides 
this staggering resource, with over 46,000 brief definitions of terms 
related to "biochemistry, cell biology, chemistry, medicine, molecular 
biology, physics, plant biology, radiobiology, science and technology." 
Each definition is cross linked to other definitions. The dictionary can be 
browsed alphabetically or by topic, as well as searched. This powerful 
resource shines with its sheer volume of definitions, their conciseness and 
clarity, and the hyperlinking between words. [JS] 
Visit our web site: 
Women in American History by the Encyclopaedia Britannica [QuickTime] 
The editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica Online have put together this 
collection of biographical information on women in American history from 
1600 to the present. Biographies can be browsed alphabetically or by 
occupational category. A quasi-subject listing called "misc. a-z" lists 
entries for women's organizations and issues. The site can also be browsed 
chronologically by using the four time periods displayed at the top: Early 
America 1600-1820, The Nineteenth Century 1820-1880, At the Crossroads 
1880-1920, and Modern America, 1920-the present. Some entries are 
accompanied by pictures; a media gallery includes sound and QuickTime 
videos. Note that it is unknown how long this resource will be freely 
available. [DS] 
Visit our web site: 
11.  Article in SCIENCE about African Americans' use of the WWW 
 From AFAS-L: 
SCIENCE magazine for 4/17/98 published an article, "Bridging the 
Racial Divide on the Internet" on African-American use of the 
WWW; you've probably heard some of the commentary on CNN, AP 
wires, etc.  You can get a longer version of the article from 
Our good friends at Project 2000.  I haven't read the article myself, 
as of yet, but it looks promising. 
Tony Adam 
Reference Dept./Coleman Library 
Prairie View A&M University 
Prairie View, TX 77446 
email: anthony-adam[at] 
"It's all a big old chain.  There isn't one unconnected link."--Jane 
12. CHICO Project virtual exhibit and gateway for Harlem Renaissance 
HARLEM 1900-1940 
The CHICO Project, in collaboration with the Schomburg Center for Research 
in Black Culture, introduces a unique virtual exhibit and gateway for the 
Harlem Renaissance.  At the core of the exhibit is an online presentation 
of the Schomburg's compelling portfolio, "Harlem 1900-1940", featuring 
over 30 archival photographs with accompanying text and lesson plans for 
educators.  The website extends this portfolio with an interactive 
timeline and database of artists, writers and musicians.  Both the 
database and timeline are in early stages of development, and will 
continue to expand during the coming months to include additional 
biographies and musical examples. 
CHICO (Cultural Heritage Initiative for Community Outreach) is a nonprofit 
project at the School of Information, University of Michigan.  Our goal is 
to work in cooperation with diverse communities and cultural organizations 
to facilitate online multicultural initiatives.  For more information, 
contact Project Director C. Olivia Frost (cfrost[at], Associate 
Dean at SI, or Project Manager Sam Cronk (leftfld[at] 
13. Intellectual Freedom Action News 
The Intellectual Freedom Action News (formerly Memorandum) (ISSN 
0734-3086) is published monthly by the American Library Association's 
Office for Intellectual Freedom. Distributed free to the Chapter Intellectual 
Freedom Committees, the ALA Intellectual Freedom Committee, the Division 
Intellectual Freedom Committees, the Freedom to Read Foundation of 
Trustees, and Intellectual Freedom Action Network members. Available on 
subscription for $25.00 per year. Subscription and editorial mail should be 
addressed to the ALA Office for Intellectual Freedom, 50 E. Huron, 
Chicago, IL 60611, (800) 545-2433, ext. 4221, or to e-mail to 
crobinson[at] This publication is available online at 
14. Judith Krug wins Lippincott Award 
To: ala-ifc[at], alaoif[at], ftrf-l[at], 
        ifaction[at], ifrt[at], merritt-l[at] 
Subject: Judith Krug wins Lippincott Award 
>From Public Information Office 
Judith Krug wins Lippincott Award 
	Judith Krug, director of the American Library Association's (ALA) 
Office for Intellectual Freedom, is the 1998 recipient of the ALA Joseph 
W. Lippincott Award, the highest honor in librarianship. 
     The award, a citation and $1,000 donated by Joseph W. Lippincott, 
Jr., recognizes distinguished service to the profession. 
     "Over the past 30 years, Judy has personified the profession's 
commitment to intellectual freedom, articulated its principles, educated, 
inspired and supported librarians and trustees, built coalitions to defend 
the First Amendment, and managed the litigation for the opposition to the 
Communications Decency Act (CDA)," said Charles W. Robinson, Jr., 
chair of the Lippincott Award Jury. 
      Krug serves as senator of the Phi Beta Kappa Society, chair of the 
Media Coalition, a board member of the Free Expression Network and on 
the Council of Literary Magazines and Presses.  She is currently editor of 
Newsletter on Intellectual Freedom, Freedom to Read Foundation News 
and Intellectual Freedom Action News. 
	During her career, she has received numerous honors for 
intellectual freedom, among those are: the Harry Kalven Freedom of 
Expression Award; the Robert B. Downs Award; the Carl Sandburg 
*Freedom to Read* Award; the Illinois Library Association's Intellectual 
Freedom Award, the Ohio Educational Library Media Association/Social 
Issues Resource Series Intellectual Freedom Award, and the Freedom to 
Read Foundation Roll of Honor Award. 
     She holds a bachelor's degree in political theory from the University of 
Pittsburgh and a master's from the Graduate Library School of the 
University of Chicago. 
     The Lippincott Award will be presented at the ALA Awards 
Reception on June 30 during the association's annual conference in 
Washington, D.C. 
Don Wood 
American Library Association 
Office for Intellectual Freedom 
50 East Huron Street 
Chicago, IL 60611 
Office: 800-545-2433, ext. 4225 
Fax: 312-280-4227 
E-Mail: dwood[at] 
15. Excerpts from Zoia Horn's memoirs, on her experience with Judith Krug 
>From _Zoia! Memoirs of Zoia Horn, Battler for the People's Right to Know_ 
McFarland & Company, Inc., 1995 
"It may be that Mrs. Krug wanted to make sure that the film project (The 
Speaker) was quickly and efficiently done with no delays that might come 
from open-ended discussion.  However, what actually occurred was a 
secretive, undemocratic process that excluded the very people who were the 
official sponsors of the project, the IFC members..."  (p. 203) 
"The film was racist and mischievous in the way it contrived to test 
commitment to free speech."  (p.205) 
	"I saw misrepresentation used in the promotion of The Speaker.  In 
addition to the falsely claimed award, there were pages upon pages of 
complimentary comments about the film sent to me, and I assumed to others 
as well, with no hint as to who had made those comments." 
	"Still more, there had been a singular lack of reporting in the OIF 
publications on the conflict raised by the film at the ALA conference in 
Detroit.  The fact that the difference of opinions were well reported in 
other library periodicals did not justify this absence of proper coverage 
and discussion of the issues which were raised at that time." 
	The Newsletter on Intellectual Freedom, where one would expect the 
fullest coverage, was significantly silent, except for a brief reference to 
the "Controversy over _The Speaker_" (September 1977).  This despite the 
fact that Mrs. Krug regarded the _Newsletter_  "principally as a research 
	...On a personal level, my name appeared on the front page of the 
_Newsletter_ during my tenure as IFC chair.  I was indignant that such 
unbalance, manipulative reporting on the subject of _The Speaker_ might be 
contrued as having been endorsed by me.  The _Newsletter on Intellectual 
Freedom_ is a product of the Office for Intellectual Freedom, and Judith 
is its editor.  The Intellectual Freedom Committee is not involved." (p.219) 
16. U.S. Supreme Court ruling on free speech and wrongful death liability 
Subject: Is there a "chill" coming???? 
Mime-Version: 1.0 
X-Sender: mosley[at] 
I just read that the U.S.Supreme Court has let stand the 4th Circuit's 
decision in Rice v. Paladin Enterprises, Inc.,128 F.3d 233.  There, the 
Court held that the publisher of a hit-man manual is not shielded by the 
First Amendment from wrongful death liability to a murder victim's survivors. 
Please read this case.   I wonder if it will force publishers of "out of 
the mainstream" materials to think eight or nine times about what they 
Please share reactions. 
Madison Mosley Jr. 
Associate Director 
Charles A. Dana Law Library 
Stetson University College of Law 
1401 61st Street South 
St. Petersburg, FL 33707 
Phone : 813.562.7827 
17. Reports on UC Berkeley's libraries (hard times and going digital) 
Colleagues:  As some of you may know, the University of California at 
Berkeley's libraries have fallen on hard times.  The 
vice-chancellor/provost appointed a Blue Ribbon Committee on the 
Library.  Their report, available at, contains discussions on 
cooperative collection development and planning for the digital age that 
is of interest to academic and public libraries. 
Articles by the outgoing chair of the campus Academic Senate Committee 
on Library and the head of the law school library (formerly dean of the 
Berkeley library school) which appeared in the February 1998 issue of 
the California Monthly (the alumni publication) may be found at: 
Your friendly CyberGoddess and ALA Councilor 
Sue Kamm 
email:  suekamm[at] 
Gibson a deep sigh...regripping the bat...shoulders just 
goes to the top of the helmet as he always does...steps in with that 
left foot....  Eckersley working out of a stretch.  Here's the 3-2 
pitch...and a drive hit to right field! WAY BACK!  THIS BALL...IS GONE! 
--Don Drysdale's call of Kirk Gibson's dramatic home run, Game 1, 1988 
World Series. 
18. Anti-Fascist (and activist) Pathfinder 
                         WHAT'S WORTH CHECKING 
Iraq Sanctions Challenge (press release,)"Major Delegation to challenge 
U.S./UN Sanctions Against Iraq," 10 Apr 98 
Zapatista Front of National Liberation (press release), "Government 
Repression of the 10th of April...." 16 Apr 98 
Stephen Dyer (Beacon Journal), "Strike shakes Golden Arches: McDonald's 
employees picket site in Macedonia. It may be first in nation," 14 Apr 
Amnesty International (press release), "Bolivia: Government inaction 
following demonstrators' deaths," 9 Apr 98 
Nisid Hajari and David Liebhold (TIME Asia), "MISSING: 'Disappearances' 
of activists are on the rise," 20 Apr 98 
Noelle Hanrahan, "America's Secret Police: FBI COINTELPRO In the 90s." 
n.d., rec'd 16 Apr 98 
Interfaith Witness for Social Justice and Compassion, "Toronto 
Interfaith Witness Vigil," 15 Apr 98 
Reuters (no author), "Paramilitaries seen in many Mexican states-rights 
group," 13 Apr 98 
Allan Nairn (The Nation), "Indonesia's Killers: How U.S. Backs 
Indonesian Army," 30 Mar 98 
Peter Phillips (Shepherd Express), "U.S. Arms Sales Lead Project 
Censored's 1998 Top 10 Censored Stories," 10 Apr 98 
Reuters (no author), "Swedish Police Arrest 314 Young Neo-Nazis At 
Riot," 4 Jan 98 
Nettavisen (no author), "Norwegian Neo-Nazis Fined In Sweden," n.d., 
rec'd 17 Apr 98 
Wayne Grytting, "Top Newspeak Stories of the Month #99," Apr 98 
Ellen Willis, "Their Libertarianism and Ours," Dissent, Vol. 44, #4, 
Fall 97 
Sarah Stephen (GreenLeft News), "Anti-Choice Antics Backfire," 6 Apr 98 
Justin Harman (GreenLeft News), "Anti-choice movement infiltrates 
schools," 6 Apr 98 
Steven Morris (Freethought Today), "Abortion: Why the Religious Right 
is Wrong," Jan/Feb 98 
                               - - - - - 
Ilan Shalif (Alternative Psychologist) 
Tel-Aviv 61132 ISRAEL (Occupied Palestain) 
download site 
[We're still waiting for internic to update the registration 
information for so the site may be down for a day or 
two during changeover. --  tallpaul] 
Antifa Info-Bulletin                              afib.txt 
Antimilitarist Online                             amol.txt 
Attacks On the Freedom To Learn Online            aflo.txt 
FactNet News Briefs                               fnnb.txt 
GLAAD Alert                                       glaad.txt 
Holocaust Newsletter                              hn.txt 
(es) No Pasaran                                   np.txt 
RightWingWatch Online                             rww.txt 
TINAF                                             tinaf.txt 
CDT Policy Post                                   cdt.txt 
Computer underground Digest                       cud.txt 
CyberWire Dispatch                                cwd.txt 
EFFector                                          eff.txt 
NetAction Notes                                   nan.txt 
Net Future                                        nf.txt 
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  We have no ethical right to forgive, no historical right to forget. 
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A-Infos disclaims responsibility for the information in this message. 
SAN FRANCISCO (20 March 1998) -- The San Francisco Board of Education 
unanimously agreed to rewrite the ''too-white'' Western literary canon 
(Shakespeare, Chaucer, Twain), and will require the reading of books by ethnic 
authors beginning next year. 
San Francisco is the first city in the United States to adopt such a policy. 
The board did not attach a quota to the reading list. Board members Keith 
Jackson and Steve Phillips, proposal co-authors, had recommended seven of 10 
books read each year by high school students be by ethnic authors. That later 
was amended to four of 10. The approved proposal included no quotas. 
English teachers have said they already teach from a multicultural book list, 
but this proposal requires every teacher to introduce at least one book by a 
minority author at each grade level. Until now, it was previously left up to 
the teacher's discretion. 
The board decision also makes optional the reading of authors like 
Shakespeare, Chaucer and Mark Twain. One person drew applause for his comment 
that Twain used a racial epithet ''more times than Mark Fuhrman.'' 
The audience bore signs that read ''Ethnic Lit is American Lit'' and others 
that advocated the removal of writings by ''dead white European males.'' 
San Francisco's student body is 87 percent ethnic minority. 
The district's curriculum committee (parents, teachers and school officials) 
have provided a list of recommended reading. A newspaper analysis of the new 
list of 122 books shows 58.2 percent are by white authors. The old list of 261 
books was 59.4 percent white. 
''Authors of color have been treated as second-class citizens,'' said 
Phillips. ''We are saying it's time to have value and respect for every single 
NEWS: San Francisco mandates ethnic books (fwd) 
20. NCFD Diversity On-Line (Newsletter) 
>>> Bob Diaz <jdiaz[at]> 04/16/98 03:55am >>> 
NCFD Diversity On-Line 
An Occasional Electronic Newsletter of Events, 
 Resources,  and Web-Sites relating to Diversity Issues 
Prepared by The CES National Center for Diversity 
Kentucky State University, Frankfort 
April 15, 1998 
Please feel free to distribute this newsletter to any persons or  groups 
wishing to know more about diversity resources and activities. 
Instructions for subscribing are at the end of this newsletter. 
Let us know if you would like to see more/less and different items in this 
newsletter. We want to make it helpful and useful.  Thanks to those of 
you who have sent comments.  We value your feedback! 
Additional documents on the new system are available on the Census 
Bureau's Web site 
The Barrier Free Education site seeks to address visual, hearing, mobility, 
speech, and cognitive disabilities for middle and high school students in 
math and science. Numerous manufacturers of tactile devices designed 
to address this problem, along with pricing and contact information, are 
provided. Other helpful resources include a guide to basic set-up options 
in Windows 95 to ease keyboard and mouse requirements for people 
with hand mobility challenges. The site is organized under the headings 
tools, lessons and interactions. However, grouping resources by 
disability as well might allow greater access for some users. 
Over 1,500 pages of material intended to Eradicate 
Conflict by increasing cultural awareness World 
Encyclopedia with  Anthems,  Flags, Maps, and the 
Nations of the World mailto: anakinskywalker[at] 
Become a partner school with a school in the People's 
Republic of China. Share information, exchange ideas, establish 
communication and develop friendships among teachers and students in 
the largest and most rapidly growing country in the world.  The Beijing 
Institute of 
Education and Global Interactions, Inc. are developing school 
partnerships between elementary, middle, and secondary schools. 
Applicants must pay a $100.00 membership fee and complete a school 
profile before receiving their partner school profile. 
Completed Chinese profiles are available for immediate partners.  To 
request an application form to become a 
U.S.-China Link School contact:   Global Interactions, Inc. 
 9002 N. Central Avenue, Phoenix, AZ  85020-2405, 
602-906-8886; FAX 602-906-8887 or by e-mail at global[at] 
San Francisco, CA 94114 
415-861-5437, fax 415-255-8345 e-mail: 
Creating a community for kids with gay  parents around the globe and 
dismantling legal and social barriers from harassment in schools, to 
custody battles, to AIDS in the family. Created and are still run by youth 
with gay parents who know first hand what its like. 
Retrieval information includes organization contact information, 
descriptors, information about the organization, and hypertext links 
(when available). The search page offers a link to state resource 
sheets, concise guides to disability related organizations, as well as 
pertinent government officials. The site is highlighted by information about 
the organization and many of its useful publications including some in 
The Frederick D. Patterson Research Institute of The College 
Fund/UNCF. The report draws several conclusions including: African 
American youngsters participate in preschool programs at rates that are 
higher than those of their White counterparts, participation rates 
generally increase with income; African American preschoolers 
demonstrate skills comparable to the abilities of their White ounterparts in 
verbal memory skills and they scores fare below their peers on tests 
measuring vocabulary skills; African American students are less 
comfortable than White students in their school environments; and they 
are underrepresented among America's public and private school 
teachers and principals. [ The first volume focussed on higher and adult 
education and the third volume, to be released late this summer, will 
focus on transitions from high school to college and from high school to 
work.  Copies of the data book can be purchased for 
$25.00 plus $3.25 shipping and handling. Contact the Frederick D. 
Patterson Research Institute; 703/205-2000.   Visit the institute's 
Web site at: 
William Petrocelli and Barbara Kate Repa 
Nolo Press, 19.95 
Full of real-life examples which define the problem, lays out legal 
parameters and provides steps to prevent sexual harassment.  Guides 
the reader through governmental agencies that police the problem and 
explains hot to file a claim with the Department of Fair Employment and 
Housing or the Equal Employment Opportunity 
A 33-minute video designed to encourage open discussion in diversity 
training.  A 74-page leaders' guide and 10 participants' workbooks are 
included.  Price:  $895. from Sum Fun Productions, Del Mar, CA, 
April 25-28, 1998 ~ Pittsburgh, PA, Hilton and Towers 
Conference brochure and registration form are now available toll-free by 
fax-on-demand by calling: 
1-888-267-9183 and selecting document #202, or by visiting our website 
at: A special track during 
the conference will feature lessons learned from community-campus 
partnerships in the Appalachian region of the United States.  Look at the 
web site or call Joanna Hunter, Program Coordinator at 
415/502-7933 or email her at jhunter[at] 
April 26-29/Porland, OR; May 17-20/Minneapolis, MN; 
 June 21-24/Bangor, PA 
Inclusivity Consulting Group, phone 502-281-3217, fax 
 503-281-3240, email icg[at], Web site: 
June 24-26, 1998 
June 23, 1998 
Wellesley College Center for Research on Women, 
Wellesley, MA 
Tuition for each session is $150.  Workshop leader is 
Nancy Mullin-Rindler. For further registration information contact:  Barkley 
Shafer, 781-283-2451 or 
Beyond Rhetoric:  Redefining Diversity through Common 
May 28-31, 1998, Washington, DC 
Keynote speaker will be Cornel West, Harvard University 
Professor and author of Race Matters.  Thirty half-day, two-day, and 
four-day workshops.  Contact for more information and registration 
forms:  phone--202-483-0700, fax 202-483-5233, nmci[at], Web 
June 11-12, Frankfort, KY 
CES National Center for Diversity 
Phone 502-227-5904, fax 502-227-5933 
July 12-15, Kansas City, Missouri 
The National Coalition for Sex Equity in Education 
(NCSEE) is holding its 19th annual conference  Events and a variety of 
workshops on equity issues; keynote speakers addressing diversity, 
Title IX, early childhood education, and communication styles; a visit to a 
working ranch; the annual water balloon toss; and an opportunity to 
connect with individuals from across the country who share a passion 
for infusing equity into all educational practices and policies.  For 
registration information, call 
573/751-2661 or e-mail to Jean Cole, Missouri Department of Elementary 
and Secondary Education jcole[at] 
Journal of Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering 
Subjects for papers submitted can include: empirical studies of current 
qualitative or quantitative research; historical investigations of how 
minority status impacts science and engineering; original theoretical or 
conceptual analyses of science from feminist, racial, and ethnic 
perspectives reviews of literature to help develop new ideas and 
directions for future research; explorations of feminist teaching methods, 
minority student/white teacher interactions; cultural phenomena that 
affect the classroom climate. 
To receive guidelines for manuscript preparation or to submit a 
curriculum vita if you are interested in reviewing papers for the journal 
contact: Editorial 
Assistant, Journal of Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering, 
Center for Interdisciplinary Studies 
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University 
Blacksburg, VA 24061-0227 
Phone: 540-231-6296  Fax: 540-231-7013  E-mail: JRLWMSE[at]VT.EDU 
For more information about the CES National 
Center for Diversity, contact on the of the NCFD team: 
Joanne Bankston, Director 
Janice Harris, Administrative Assistant 
Gae Broadwater and Alice Meade-Taylor 
 Diversity Training & Development Specialists 
Kentucky State University Box 196 
Frankfort, KY 40601 
502-227-5904 jbankston[at] 
The Cooperative Extension System is an Equal 
Opportunity Organization  authorized to provide research based, 
educational information and other services only to individuals and 
institutions that function without regard to race, color, national origin, 
sex, religion, age,  disability, political beliefs, and marital or familial 
Gae Broadwater 
CES National Center for Diversity 
Kentucky State University Box 196 
Frankfort, KY 40601 phone:  502-227-5904 fax: 502-227-5933 gbroadwater[at] 
Tim Wernette wernette[at] 
University of Arizona 
888 N. Euclid, P.O. Box 210158 
Main Gate #220M, Tucson, AZ, 85721-0158 
Bob Diaz 
Assistant to the Dean for Staff Development, 
Recruitment and Diversity 
University of Arizona Library 
1510 E University 
Tucson Az.  85720-0055 
|                                                          | 
|  #          #    #####   #####     ##    #####    #   #  | 
|  #          #    #    #  #    #   #  #   #    #    # #   | 
|  #          #    #####   #    #  #    #  #    #     #    | 
|  #          #    #    #  #####   ######  #####      #    | 
|  #          #    #    #  #   #   #    #  #   #      #    | 
|  ######     #    #####   #    #  #    #  #    #     #    | 
|                                                          | 
|                                                          | 
|           #  #    #     #     ####   ######              | 
|           #  #    #     #    #    #  #                   | 
|           #  #    #     #    #       #####               | 
|           #  #    #     #    #       #                   | 
|      #    #  #    #     #    #    #  #                   | 
|       ####    ####      #     ####   ######              | 
|                                                          | 
|                                                          | 
|            | 

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