Library Juice 2:24 S - Y2K Supplement, June 16, 1999

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A must-visit site for librarians interested in Y2K, from the
State Library of North Carolina:

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The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development's
Y2K Bibliography and Resource List

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Public Libraries and the Year 2000 Readiness Kit

Has a useful FAQ, testing instructions, hardware and software compliance
checklists, sample letters, Microsoft's Y2K product guides and patches.

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A web site is underway in response to questions about library planning
for Y2K contingencies.  The URL is:

Comments are appreciated.

Teresa Ashley

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From: "Cathleen Bourdon" <cbourdon[at]>
To: Reference and User Services Association List <rusa-l[at]>

"Y2K Resources for Business Librarians", a bibliography of 15 key
websites and resources is now available at

The list was prepared by members of the RUSA/BRASS Education

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Y2K Information Science for Medical Librarians

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Andy Barnett (abarnett[at]
Thu, 7 Jan 1999 18:36:13 -0800 (PST)

The best y2k site I have seen is done the the State of Wisconsin at

It includes a planning guide (Countdown 2000: A Handbook for Local
Governments and Schools) in .pdf, many other documents and a great many
links. Bob Bocher and his compatriots have done their usual magnificent
job. Very little of it is site specific and most of it is aimed at
libraries and schools.
Andrew Barnett, Assistant Director McMillan Memorial Library
(715) 423-1040; Fax: (715) 423-2665 490 East Grand Avenue
e-mail: abarnett[at] Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494
Library website:
Me, poor man, my library was dukedom large enough.

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Date: Mon, 26 Apr 1999 19:34:15 -0400
From: Carole Fiore <cfiore[at]>


ALA joins in announcing "Community Guide to Y2K" Web site
        The American Library Association is joining with the United
States General Services Administration (GSA) to announce a new federal
Web site for local communities to use in educating the public about
Y2K and its possible impact.
        The "Community Guide to Y2K" Web site can be found at

        Designed around the basic needs of daily life, the site
provides information on the current status of Y2K preparations as well
as guidance for individuals and communities in how to prepare for
possible problems related to Y2K.
        Libraries are encouraged to join in announcing the site to
their users, local community groups and organizations.  A downloadable
flyer announcing the site's URL can be found at

        For additional information or assistance, send an e-mail
message to y2k.web[at]

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Raymond Weschler's Y2K Collection, for those with more than a passing
interest. <rwberkeley[at]>

---A clearly intelligent, informed and reflective programmer. His
incentive to sell his book may slant his writing, but I think his essays
are worth reading.

---An economist w/ a very good reputation. This is the most
comprehensive economic analysis I've ever seen on the subject, and the
most glaring mirror of the disconnect between Wall Street and potential

---Essays selected and/or written by DeJager, the best known of the Y2k
programming people (He wrote the wake up call "Doomsday 2000" in '93,
which is also on this site). He's now concluded that enough has been
done to avoid the doomsday scenarios, at least in the US, but his
moderate optimism can still be pretty spooky.

---Gary North is a raving religiocretin lunatic, BUT, he is actually an
excellent cataloger and this site is a very good feeder site to other
things. Even if one reads all his comments with extreme skepticism (and
you should), I think there is often a lot here that can't be lightly

---The title of this site is "Gary North is a big fat idiot (and other
observations)", so I put it in as a good balance to a lot of North's
more extreme claims and various lapses in logic.

---Daily barrage of y2k related news coming over the wires. Depending on
what one does or does not read between the lines, often alarming, often
reassuring, often interesting, often not.

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Date: Mon, 11 Jan 1999 06:32:47 +0100
From: Michael Uwe Moebius <m.moebius[at]>

Y2K Files

Read and join "The y2k Files" via subscribe[at] A weekly e-zine
dedicated to the verifiable facts about the year 2000 problems and
solutions. Free info to help you understand and deal with y2k concerns
personally and/or for your business.

Al Anderson (Publisher) "The y2k Files"
Computer Consultant for y2kEasyFix
subscribe to newsletter :
e-mail: mailto:y2kfix[at]

[Froml NewJour-L]

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Andy Barnett (abarnett[at]
Mon, 4 Jan 1999 16:33:07 -0800 (PST)

The author of THE MILLENIUM BUG has prepared a suggested reading list of
titles on food storage, living without electricity, first aid, etc. None of
the books are by him or from his publisher. You don't need to be taking
this seriously, your patrons will and they will be requesting this kind of

The list is at
Andrew Barnett, Assistant Director McMillan Memorial Library

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Christ 2K - how interesting.
"Y2K Information to Guide a Credible Christian Witness"


     The Y2K Problem
     In Plain English

  Prophecy & Perspective

     Why Your Church
      Should Prepare

      An Evangelism
       Opportunity    (!)

Christian y2k links, mostly not apocalyptic, at:

And then there's
(i.e. prayer as y2k protection)

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"Wacky International Y2K News" from

"Funny, satirical, irreverent and irrelevant Y2K sites" -

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[PUBLIB] A modest proposal for Y2K

Ray Vignovich (RV5271S[at]ACAD.DRAKE.EDU)
Tue, 5 Jan 1999 21:51:45 -0800 (PST)

It has been several years since my library has had an amnesty, and today
I began to think maybe the time is coming when we should have another. In
general, I don't think amnesties should be done regularly, but I know
every library has unique situations.

Anyway, as I was pondering this subject, the thought occurred to me that
maybe there is an opportunity here for libraries. What if...we staged a
nationwide amnesty for the first week of the new millenium. Maybe there
would be a better time, such as the last week in 1999.

One of the problems with amnesties is that the public tends to get the
notion that overdue items don't need to be returned until the library has
an amnesty, so we could simply state that this will be done every 1,000 years
and if someone wants to wait until 3000 a.d., well I guess we will have to
deal with them in another fashion.

I know, we may not have electricity, no food, yadda yadda... If that happens
I guess we can still empty our book drops, maybe we will need flashlights.
I think we could do something very memorable if we wanted to.

Anyway, this ought to generate some discussion.

Ray Vignovich
west des moines p.l.

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Date: Thu, 13 May 1999 13:22:54 -0700 (PDT)
From: Nann Blaine Hilyard <nhilyard[at]>
To: publib <publib[at]sunsite.Berkeley.EDU>
Subject: Y2K
Message-ID: <Pine.GSO.4.10.9905131322510.1044-100000[at]sunsite>

Our online consortium administrator sent a memo about Y2K issues.
He suggests that we consider closing the library on Sunday and Monday,
January 2 and 3, to "allow fewer distractions during testing on the
first day of the year when verndor offices will have weekday,
post-holiday staffing levels available for support."

Now, that may only affect those of us who are GEAC customers.  But,
have any of you planned to be closed the 2d and or the 3d in
anticipation of Y2K glitches?

..remembering that we were closed the 2d this year but that was
because of a glitch in the weather (30" of snow!)....

Nann Blaine Hilyard
Lake Villa District Library
Lake Villa, Illinois

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Date: Wed, 19 May 1999 05:10:10 -0700 (PDT)
From: scompton[at] (Sue Compton)
To: publib <publib[at]>
Subject: RE: Y2K
Message-ID: <Pine.GSO.4.10.9905190510080.27799-100000[at]sunsite.Berkeley.EDU>

Since Christmas Day and New Year's Day are Saturdays we will be closed on
the Fridays before as standard city holiday practice.  We decided to close
on Sunday as well each weekend since we assumed business would be very very
slow.  But giving Y2K yet another day to work out the kinks sounds like an
even better reason for staying closed on the 2nd! :-)
Anyone else out there being required by their city government to be at work
at midnight on Dec. 31st just in case the world falls apart?!?  Sue

Sue Compton   Like eating an elephant, one piece at a time!
McKinney Memorial Public Library
220 N Kentucky Street
McKinney TX 75069
972-562-0094 before 10 a.m.
972-542-0868 Fax


>From the Utne Reader's Y2K Citizen's Action Guide
web version at

"As we prepare for Y2K, something surprising and unexpected and quite
wonderful is going to happen.  We're going to get to know our
neighbors.  Possibly for the first time in our lives, we will begin
to know what it means to live in real community.  Most Americans
these days live in networks, not communities.  We tend to work, study
and hang out with people who are like ourselves.  We rarely associate
with people who are not similar to us in terms of education, income,
age, race, physical characteristics, and worldview.  We put our old
people in nursing homes and our young ones in day-care centers.
Lawbreakers are kept behind bars and the physically disabled and the
mentally ill are kept out of sight.  We pay trained service presonnel
to handle these "others" for us so we can get on with our careers and
our personal growth.

Y2K is an opportunity to change all this.  Y2K is the excuse we've
been waiting for to stop making so many compromises in how we know we
should, and want to, live our lives.  Y2K is our opportunity to stop
our mentally friendly lives.  Y2K is the conversational gambit that
can lead to discussions that begin to knot webs of affiliation, care,
and mutual support.  Y2K can bring a family feeling throughout the

Perhaps, through the conversations started among neighbors because of
Y2K, some day our children will come to know the experience of
community conveyed by this common phrase of the Xhosa people of
Southern Africa: "I am because we are."


If you want help organizing your community, contact The Cassandra Project.

If you find that your area has no community preparedness groups yet,
and you'd like to start one, send an email to Webpals, an
organization that connects people interested in Y2K, at:
language[at]  Their web page is at


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