Library Juice 2:3 - January 13, 1999

1. Why you are wonderful, Digital Librarian 
2. _Education Review_: A Journal of Book Reviews 
3. January Issue of Internet Resources Newsletter 
4. Toronto SLA Chapter's "Librarian's Resource Centre" 
5. New Discussion List: NEWLIB-L 
6. And then there's NMRT-L 
7. Library Journal needs beta testers for newswire 
8. New address for BUSLIB-L 
9. Interlending & Document Supply Vol 26, No 4, 1998 
10. and Image Bank 
11. The American Museum of Photography 
12. Periodicals up for grabs from Minneapolis Public 
13. Fellowships at the Smithsonian Institution 
14. Competition for LIS projects relating to Central and Eastern Europe 
15. Technology Funding Opportunity: ERICA Awards 
16. E-Rate Resolution for ALA Council, Midwinter Meeting 
17. Donate books to Birzeit University, Ramallah, Palestine 
18. "SHOP" Button on Britannica Online 
19. Hypatia's Humorous Library Tales 
Quote for the week: 
"The use of e-mail, online catalogs, the Internet, and cleverly designed 
home pages that have the look and feel of a modern library have, in a virtual 
sense, created a situation in which one cannot distinguish the library's 
presence from that of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, 
Ryder Truck Rental, or Duffy's Tavern in Boalsburg, Pennsylvania." 
-Bernard Vavrek, "Your Public Library Has a Web Page: So What?" 
American Libraries, January, 1999, p. 50 
1. Why you are wonderful, Digital Librarian  [Washington Post] 
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 1999 09:24:48 -0500 
From: Kathie DeGeorges <kathied[at]AWHONN.ORG> 
Subject: More good press for librarians 
If you need some Monday-morning reasons to remind yourself that you are 
wonderful, check out "The Digital Librarian" by Daniel LeDuc from the 
Sunday, January 10, Washington Post Magazine: 
2. _Education Review_: A Journal of Book Reviews 
Hosted by Arizona State University, _Education Review_ (ER)is an online 
journal of review articles on recently published books in education. 
Reviews may be browsed by topic, book author, title, review author, or book 
publication date. Reviews, which are written by educational scholars, 
average about eight paragraphs and include references. Users may opt to 
subscribe to the journal's mailing list, which announces new reviews posted 
to the site. Unsolicited reviews are accepted, and guidelines for 
contributors are provided on-site. [MD] 
>From the Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout Project 1994-1998. 
3. January Issue of Internet Resources Newsletter 
The January issue of Internet Resources Newsletter, the free Web 
resource for academics, students, engineers, scientists, and social 
scientists, is now available on the Web at: 
 (Note! the 'W's in 'libWWW' are in upper case!) 
Featured in this issue: 
   Over 60 new good quality Web sites: ejournals, directories, 
          academic sites, search engines, institutions, 
          recruitment agencies, publishers, government 
          sites, etexts, booksellers, gateways, calls for papers, 
          software, news services, research groups, etc etc 
   New email resources 
   Nice Web site of the month report: 
   The Internet in Print (reviews of Internet magazines, etc) 
          World of Internet 
          CyberPsychology & Behavior 
          Web Pages Made Easy 
         CHEST, MIDAS, RUDI, OMNI, ELDIS, Netskills, Biz/ed, AHDS, 
   What's this Distributed National Electronic Resource (DNER), then? 
   Recent Internet Books in the Library 
   Book Review: The Advanced Internet searcher's handbook, by Phil 
   Get a life !  Leisure Time 
Published by the Internet Resource Centre at Heriot-Watt University 
Library, and edited by Roddy MacLeod (R.A.MacLeod[at] 
>From NetInLib-Announce, 
4. Toronto SLA Chapter's "Librarian's Resource Centre" 
Date: Sun, 10 Jan 1999 12:34:44 -0500 
From: Margaret Gross <mgross[at]CAM.ORG> 
To:   Stumpers list <stumpers-list[at]> 
Subj: New Internet Guide for Librarians 
New Internet Guide for Librarians 
Dear colleagues 
I would like to invite members of the List to take a look at the 
Librarians' Resource Centre 
The Librarians' Resource Centre is a compilation of internet resources 
organized for the practicing librarian.The web pages are hosted by 
Special Libraries Association, Toronto Chapter, and the searchable 
database is hosted by Andornot Consulting. 
The Librarians Resource Centre is arranged within three sections: 
Serving our Clients, Professional Development, Technical Services. 
The intent is to reflect the way we work, and to facilitate our 
informational research and retrieval. The home page includes a 
short mission statement, a site plan with links to the resource 
categories, and a searchable catalogue. 
Included are: 
Directories [telephone, postal, list forums & archives] 
Ready Reference [acronyms, almanacs, biographical, calendars, 
currency, dates, gazeteers, quotations,  weather] 
Topical Guides [arranged by subject, includes   government, 
law, country reports, news media, patents, standards, statistical 
sources, etc.] 
Business & Finance [Guides, news, companies, stock symbols, 
IPO, annual reports, finance, country reports] 
Engineering, Science & Technology 
Databases [Database vendors and free stuff] 
Citing Electronic References 
Library and Information Science [Resources, humour, image, ethics, 
mission, policies] 
Careers & Employment 
Magazines & Journals [Links to professional literature] 
Knowledge Management  [KM, Competitive Intelligence, Learning 
Internet/Intranet web page development 
Web Site Evaluation 
Records Management 
Cataloguing Resources 
Computer Based Training 
Publishers, Vendors & Out-of-Print Sources 
The Librarians'Resource Centre is approved by the Argus Clearinghouse. 
You can read more about it in the Courier, SLA Toronto Chapter's 
"An Information Source for the Profession" 
I look forward to your comments and recommendations, thank you 
Margaret Gross, MLS 
Spar Aerospace Ltd. 
21025 Trans Canada Highway 
Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, Qc 
Canada  H9X 3R2 
tel. (514)457-2150 
fax. (514)425-3048 
email corp:  mgross[at] 
email home:  mgross[at] 
"Success is a state of mind" 
"La rČussite est un Čtat d'esprit" 
5. New Discussion List: NEWLIB-L 
On Thu, 7 Jan 1999, Susan Scheiberg wrote: 
  	*****CROSS-POSTED!  Please excuse the duplication.***** 
Announcing the birth of a new discussion list:  NEWLIB-L. 
NEWLIB-L is a discussion list for librarians new to the profession who wish 
to share experiences and discuss ideas, issues, trends, and problems faced 
by librarians in the early stages of their careers.  However, this list is 
also of interest to those who are considering becoming librarians, and to 
those established in the profession who might wish to mentor newcomers. 
The list is currently open to all librarians--academic, public, special, etc. 
To subscribe, please send a note to:  listproc[at] 
with the message: 
"subscribe newlib-l Your Name" 
(please do not put in the quotation marks into your message, and replace 
"Your Name" with your name as you wish it to appear.) 
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the list, or 
send a note to listproc[at] with the message, "info newlib-l". 
Thanks, and welcome to the list, 
Susan Scheiberg 
Team Leader, Serials Acquisitions (aka Serials Librarian) 
Doheny Library G24A 
University of Southern California 
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0182 
Telephone: (213)740-7355 
FAX: (213)740-0959 
E-mail:  scheiber[at] 
6. And then there's NMRT-L 
Date: Fri, 8 Jan 1999 11:43:37 -0600 (CST) 
From: "Shontz, Priscilla" <pshontz[at]> 
Reply-To: "Shontz, Priscilla" <pshontz[at]> 
To: colldv-l[at], serialst[at], acqnet-l[at], 
cc: NMRT-L <nmrt-l[at]> 
Subject: Re: Announcing a new discussion list 
MIME-Version: 1.0 
Sender: owner-nmrt-l[at] 
Status: U 
Hi!  I'm glad to hear that there is some interest out there for a 
discussion list for new librarians, those interested in librarianship or 
those interested in mentoring new librarians!  I did want to let you all 
know that there is another list, sponsored by the American Library 
Association New Members Round Table, 
that has this same mission ... NMRT-L at nmrt-l[at]  For more 
information about NMRT-L, see the ALA New Members Round Table web site 
(  ALA NMRT is an organization for anyone who 
has been a member of ALA for less than 10 years.  The list, however, is 
open to anyone, whether you're an ALA member or not. 
NMRT-L is a list for new librarians, library school students, library 
laypeople, those interested in librarianship, vendors, new ALA members, or 
anyone interested in issues pertaining to these groups.  ALA NMRT is a 
great support group and our list is a great way for us to keep in touch 
and to share our experiences.  It's a great forum for those of you who 
can't attend conferences to find support or encouragement for day-to-day 
problems or issues.  In my experience, NMRT has been a great way to meet 
others & make interesting contacts, to broaden my perspective and to find 
supportive, encouraging, energetic friends out there in libraryland.  We 
find that sometimes NMRT-L can seem overwhelmed with announcements & 
committee business ... but we would love to see this forum used more as a 
discussion forum for your on-the-job or career questions. 
See the ALA NMRT web site ( for more information. 
Thanks!  Priscilla 
Priscilla Shontz 
American Library Association New Members Round Table 
7. Library Journal needs beta testers for newswire 
From: STS-L Listserv <gbsts[at]> 
Reply-To: "STS-L (Science and Technology Section, ACRL)" 
From: "Weiser, Allison  (Cahners -NYC)" <aweiser[at]> 
Library Journal is seeking beta testers for its latest editorial venture: a 
weekly newswire targeted to the academic library community and delivered to 
subscribers via E-mail. 
Besides breaking news from more than 100 library correspondents nationwide, 
the newswire will feature: legislative updates and analysis of issues 
affecting academic librarians and their institutions; pithy interviews and 
commentary from key decision makers; Buzz: the hottest library-related news 
making the rounds on campuses; "List Grist,", a distillation of the pressing 
issues on the academic library listservs; SPARCWatch, focusing on 
developments in scholarly publishing; a "Prepub Alert" for academic titles 
(LJ editors' picks of books to watch for, three to four months before 
publication date, based on what the presses are pushing); Prepub 
Bestsellers, the top books being ordered in advance; classified ads; and 
opinion pieces. 
To be a beta-tester, please send a msg to <aweiser[at]> or simply 
reply to this E-mail. Beta-testing for the LJ academic newswire will start 
at the beginning of 1999. Those submitting more than one name, please insert 
E-mail addresses in the body of the message. During the course of the 
beta-test, we invite you to offer us questions or comments about the 
material you receive from us. Thank you for your participation and we look 
forward to providing a new and exciting product to the academic library 
Evan St. Lifer 
Evan St. Lifer 
Executive Editor 
Library Journal 
245 W. 17th St.. NYC, 10011 
Phone: 212-463-6817 
Email: Estlifer[at] 
8. New address for BUSLIB-L 
     If you have turned to BUSLIB-L in the past for business reference 
questions, please note that the email address for BUSLIB-L has changed! 
     A new year, and a new address for BUSLIB-L?  It is all part of an 
upgrade at the computer center of our host institution, Boise State 
University (in Boise, Idaho, USA). 
     But it also means that you need to UPDATE YOUR ADDRESS BOOKS if you 
have turned to BUSLIB-L in the past. 
               Posting a message to BUSLIB-L for everyone to read: 
               Subscribing to BUSLIB-L (Digest or Mail format): 
                             SUBSCRIBE BUSLIB-L Your Name 
     The URL for viewing BUSLIB-L's Frequently Asked Questions file has 
not changed: 
     For a while, some BUSLIB-L mail & form letters will appear with the 
old address, and some mail will carry the new address.  BUT YOU NEED TO 
     Thank you for your interest in BUSLIB-L, the email list for issues 
relating to business librarians, business libraries and business 
librarianship from around the world. 
GARY KLEIN, volunteering as Editor of BUSLIB-L 
            BUSLIB-L's FAQ = 
Management & Economics Librarian 
Hatfield Library / Willamette University / Salem, OR 97301 USA 
gklein[at]    work #503-370-6743 
9. Interlending & Document Supply Vol 26, No 4, 1998 published 
     Interlending & Document Supply Vol 26, No 4, 1998 has recently been 
     The project DEGREE: Dissemination of Electronic GREy files on 
     Corry Stuyts 
     The state and development of the Russian grey literature collection 
     and dissemination centre 
     Leonid P Pavlov 
     Network access to the audiovisual cultural heritage - possibilites and 
     Eva Fonss-Jorgensen 
     Brief communication: UK theses online? 
     Frederick J Friend 
     Bibliography of interlending and document supply: 40 
     Compiled in collaboration with the IFLA Office for International 
     Interlending & Document Supply (ISSN 0264-1615) is published 4 times a 
     year by MCB University Press, in association with the British Library 
     Document Supply Centre. 
     Articles are invited on all aspects of document delivery and 
     interlending.  Opinion papers or brief communications are also 
     considered.  For a copy of the Guidelines for authors, or to submit 
     articles for consideration by the editorial board, please contact the 
     Assistant Editor, Dave Johnson, at the British Library, Boston Spa, 
     Wetherby, West Yorkshire, LS23 7BQ, UK.  Email dave.johnson[at] 
*   IFLA-L is provided by the International Federation of Library     * 
* Associations and Institutions (IFLA). For further information about * 
*    IFLA activities, including organization or personal affiliate    * 
*               information, contact:  IFLA[at]                  * 
*                                                                     * 
*                      URL:                              * 
10. and Image Bank [Quicktime, RealPlayer,.mpeg] 
Image Bank 
This powerful gateway to stock, archival, and news footage is designed with 
media professionals in mind. However, certain researchers and perhaps some 
instructors can make excellent use of its access to over 1.6 million 
indexed shots. The site's Global Search page allows users to perform 
keyword searches of hundreds of major stock footage sources worldwide or 
within selected major databases. Most search returns include only clip 
descriptions, technical details, and ordering information. However, some 
databases, such as the Image Bank, provide online samples. Production 
professionals who cannot find particular clips through the search page can 
fill out a free Zap Request form, which is forwarded to footage companies 
and researchers who may be able to assist (note the Zap Request service is 
not available for personal or educational use). Additional resources at the 
site include a directory of key resources and contacts in the footage trade 
and a Newswire listing of the latest industry stories. [MD] 
>From the Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout Project 1994-1998. 
11. The American Museum of Photography 
A virtual visit to the American Museum of Photography includes all the 
amenities you would expect at a "real" museum -- exhibitions to browse 
through, a guided tour, education and research resources, a museum store, 
and even a museum cafe (a link to cybermeals, an online restaurant guide at The photographs on display are selected from 
the collection of William B. Becker, who also serves as the Museum's 
director. Becker's collection is strongest in the first 75 years of 
photography, 1839 to World War I, and "includes five thousand individual 
images, from the earliest daguerreotype portraits through the first 
practical color photographs." Some of the current exhibitions feature 
architectural photographs; cartes de visite, the small card photographs 
extremely popular in the second half of the nineteenth century; and a set 
of silver prints made in the 1930s by a Japanese department store executive 
on a world tour. Perhaps the most charming exhibit, entitled "At Ease," 
consists of a group of daguerreotype portraits compiled to contradict the 
notion that all sitters in old photographs look stiff and uncomfortable. 
>From the Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout Project 1994-1998. 
12. Periodicals up for grabs from Minneapolis Public 
Date:    Fri, 8 Jan 1999 13:28:00 EST 
Subject: Free Periodicals 
MIME-Version: 1.0 
  --please send replies to the poster (ehathaway[at] 
----------------------------Original message---------------------------- 
Library folk: 
The Sociology (and many other subjects) Dept. of the Minneapolis 
Public Library has recently completed a major overhaul of its 
periodical collection and will be weeding out a substatial number of 
periodicals, mainly short-run titles and many unbound issues, from 
the 19th century to the 1990's.  If you may be interested in 
obtaining some or all of the titles to be discarded, please contact 
me directly (ehathaway[at] and I will send you a couple 
of lists to review. 
  You may chose selectively or ask for the whole kit and kaboodle 
(there are hundreds of titles).  All are free, but we will ask you to 
pay for shipping.  I know this has "white elephant" written all over 
it, but then back issues of periodicals can be pretty hard to come 
Ted Hathaway 
Assistant Department Head 
Sociology Dept. 
Minneapolis Public Library 
(612) 630-6301 
13. Fellowships at the Smithsonian Institution 
---------- Forwarded message ---------- 
Date: Fri, 8 Jan 1999 15:28:46 -0500 
From: coakes <coakes[at]> 
Subject: XPOST: Smithsonian Fellowships 
From: Kelly Feltault 
 SPONSOR: Smithsonian Institution 
 PURPOSE: Various fellowships sponsored by the Smithsonian Institution. 
 DEADLINE: January 15, 1999 
 SUMMARY: There are seventeen (17) fellowships. Topics  range from 
American Art, to art history, anthropology, archaeology, the history of 
technology, and American history.  There is 
also a Latino studies one. There are six (6) National Air and Space 
Museum fellowships and much more. 
URL : 
14. Competition for LIS projects relating to Central and Eastern Europe 
International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX) 
1616 H Street, NW 
Washington, DC 20006 
Contact: Vera Lichtenberg 
Telephone: (202) 628-8188 
Fax: (202) 628-8189 
E-mail: vlichtenberg[at] 
IREX is pleased to announce grant opportunities for librarians, archivists, 
and information specialists pursuing projects relating to Central and 
Eastern Europe and Eurasia.  This program is designed to support 
information professionals, who wish to undertake collaborative activities that 
increase access and improve working conditions for American scholars working 
at libraries, archives or on other information resources in the region. 
 -Projects to assess the current state of exchange relations and/or 
international acquisition in a particular geographic area or with 
particular libraries, publishing houses, and other establishments of importance 
to maintaining and building collections of interest to American scholars; 
 -Production of directories, research guides, and other finding aids 
for libraries, and/or archives in the region (For projects involving guides 
and directories, provide a detailed description of format and indices, 
including sample entries.  Indicate how the proposed guide differs from 
existing directories.); 
 -Collaborative work and joint projects, including conferences and 
workshops (with particular weight given to initiatives that result in 
publications and other forms of public dissemination and have an impact 
beyond one or several institutions); and 
 -Other initiatives that are designed to increase access and improve 
working conditions in libraries, archives, and other information resources 
in the region. 
Only discrete, targeted activities that will produce results within the 
life span of the project itself will be funded; IREX will not provide support 
for individual portions of ongoing multi-stage and/or multi-year projects. 
DEADLINE: Deadline for receipt of all applications is April 15, 1999. 
Applications must be received at any IREX office/representation by the 
deadline date to qualify. IREX offices/representations are listed on the 
back of the application form. 
ELIGIBLE COUNTRIES: Albania; Armenia; Azerbaijan; Belarus; 
Bosnia-Herzegovina; Bulgaria; Croatia; the Czech Republic; Estonia; 
Georgia; Hungary; Kazakhstan; Kyrgyzstan; Latvia; Lithuania; Macedonia; 
Moldova; Poland; Romania; the Russian Federation; Slovakia; Slovenia; 
Tajikistan; Turkmenistan; Ukraine; Uzbekistan; 
and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. 
APPLICATION: Applications may be submitted by an American Project Organizer 
or by a Project Organizer who is a citizen of an eligible country. 
Non-American Project Organizers must work closely with one or more American 
Project Organizers in preparing this application and carrying out the 
project. An American Project Organizer or his/her home institution must 
serve as the fiscal agent for any awards, and will be responsible for 
detailed narrative and financial reporting to IREX. 
**Grants will normally not exceed $10,000. Expenses normally covered 
-Travel on a US flag carrier provided through IREX Travel. 
-Per diem (of up to $100/day to cover meals and accommodations); and 
-Publication costs and/or other expenses associated with presenting results 
 to librarians, archivists, scholarly peers, and the general public. 
**Applicants are strongly urged to obtain in-kind and supplemental support, 
particularly from the host and collaborating institutions, and ESPECIALLY 
support or honoraria are unlikely to receive funding. Applicants affiliated 
with US federal institutions should consult IREX prior to submitting an 
**IREX-supported activity may not begin before July 1, 1999.  All 
IREX-funded project activities must be completed by August 31, 2000. 
NOTIFICATION: Applicants will be notified of award decisions by June 1999. 
Funding for this program is provided by the United States Department of 
State (Title VIII Program). 
For more information or to request an application please contact any IREX 
Office or visit our webpage at Special Projects in Library 
and Information Science. 
15. Technology Funding Opportunity: ERICA Awards 
Subject: Technology Funding Opportunity: ERICA Awards 
Sender: owner-media-l[at] 
Precedence: bulk 
Reply-To: media-l[at] 
------- Forwarded Message Follows ------- 
Date:          Wed, 06 Jan 1999 11:48:04 -0500 
To:            upforgrabs-L[at] 
From:          Jillaine Smith <jillaine[at]> 
Subject:       Technology Funding Opportunity: ERICA Awards 
The ERICA Awards 
Starting January 11, 1999 and running through March 31,1999, LM 
Ericsson, a global data communications and telecommunications company 
is offering $250,000 in Web development services and expenses to 
non-profit organizations from around the world in the inaugural 
Ericsson Internet Community Awards, the ERICA. 
ERICA is seeking new and creative ideas for technology applications 
that take advantage of the community-building power of the Internet. 
The program is open to all charitable non-profit organizations (U.S. 
501(c) (3) or equivalent). For information and to submit entries 
online, log on to the ERICA Web site, after 
January 11th.       For information write to ERICA, c/o Edelman Public 
Relations, 1200 Brickell Avenue, Suite 1270, Miami, Florida 33131. 
16. E-Rate Resolution for ALA Council, Midwinter Meeting 
Date: Tue, 12 Jan 1999 17:13:51 -0500 
To: ALA Council List <alacoun[at]> 
From: mgolrick[at] (Michael A. Golrick) 
Subject: Resolution for ALA Council at Midwinter 
Reply-To: mgolrick[at] 
Sender: owner-alacoun[at] 
Below is the resolution which Jim Casey and I have drafted for ALA 
Midwinter. Comments on form and content are welcome either to me: 
mailto: mgolrick[at] 
or to Jim Casey: 
mailto: jimcasey[at] 
Resolution of the E-Rate Discount Program 
Whereas, the E-Rate Discount Program was designed to assist 
the libraries and schools located in areas which are in the greatest 
need of funding assistance, and that libraries and schools in such 
areas are less likely to have the human resources and staff time 
available to devote to lengthy and complicated application 
processes, and; 
Whereas, the Schools and Libraries Corporation (SLC) and the 
Federal Communications Commission (FCC) have established 
an application process which is so complicated that it has 
required required 9 months for the SLC to simply review the 
applications which were submitted by the April 15, 1998 
deadline, and; 
Whereas, less than 10% of libraries which have submitted 
applications have received any confirmation as to the status 
of their applications for discount and none to date (1/1/99) 
have received any funds resulting from this application process, 
Whereas, libraries across the United States have already 
expended very large amounts of precious staff time in order to 
establish elibigility for badly needed E-Rate discounts: 
Now therefore be it resolved, that the American Library Association urges: 
That the SLC and FCC take steps immediately to reduce the amount 
of paperwork required for libraries to establish eligibility for E-Rate 
That the President and Executive Board appoint a task force of interested 
library professionals to offer to participate as library community 
representatives  in a review of the processes and procedures of the SLC 
(or its successor organization) for the distribution of E-Rate Discounts; 
That the President of ALA write to the SLC to as that the agency be more 
sensitive to the proportion of schools and libraries in any future 
announcements and actual distributions; 
And that the President of ALA write to the SLC to ask that all future 
discounts be awarded with greater dispatch. 
Michael A. Golrick         mgolrick[at] 
Southern Connecticut Library Council 
2911 Dixwell Ave, Suite 201 
Hamden CT 06518-3130 
voice: 203-288-5757 
fax: 203-287-0757 
17. Donate books to Birzeit University, Ramallah, Palestine 
Date: Fri, 8 Jan 1999 19:01:21 -0500 (EST) 
From: Karyn Pomerantz <kpomeran[at]> 
To: Karyn Pomerantz <kpomeran[at]> 
Subject: books for Birzeit Library 
Dear Friends, 
I am sending this message out to friends who may be interested in 
supporting the Birzeit University Library in Ramallah, Palestine.  As many 
of you know, I visited the Birzeit Library this summer.  It is the major 
Palestinian university, located on the West Bank.  During the intifada, it 
was closed for 5 years.  All services were stopped, including collection 
development.  A colleague and I promised to help provide some books to 
bolster their collection. 
If you would like to help contribute, I have attached a Word document and 
copied a text file below of the books the Library has requested with the 
price at  Please respond to me directly (kpomeran[at] 
with the name of the book you would like to provide.  I will let you know 
if it is still needed and give you suggestions for purchasing it. (Checks 
can be sent to me and I will order; you can also order directly). 
If you know others who would be interested, please pass this along.  It is 
greatly appreciated by the Birzeit Library staff and the people they 
serve.  Any suggestions of groups to contact are also appreciated. 
thanks, karyn 
Karyn L. Pomerantz, MLS, MPH 
Distance Education Program, SPHHS 
Himmelfarb Library, GWUMC 
2300 I St., NW, Washington, DC 20037 
202/994-2976, kpomeran[at] 
      Kluwer Academic Publishers / Dordrecht,The Netherlands 
Title                                                   Author/Editor 
ISBN		Amazon $ 
1- Social and economic management       Edgar Krau 
0792380282	$95.00 
     in the competitive society-TAKEN 
2- Economics of water resources:            Nicolas Spulber 
0792380967	 $130.00 
     From regulation to privatization - TAKEN 
3- Time map phonology:finite state         Julie Carson-Berndsen 
0792348834	 $100.00 
     models and event logics in speech recognition 
4-  Plurality and quantification                 Fritz Hamm 
0792348419	 $98.00 
5- In the shadow of descartes:             Georg Henrik von Wright 
079234992x	 $79.00 
     essays in the philosophy of mind -TAKEN 
6- The Nature of science in science          William F. McComas 
0792350804 	$110.00 
     education rationales and strategies - TAKEN 
The MIT Press / Cambridge 
               Title			     Author / Editor 
ISBN		Amazon $ 
1-Architecture and modernity:a critique          Hilde Heynen 
0262082640	$28 
Cynthia Davidson   0262540959	 $28 
3-The favored circle                                            Garry 
Stevens              0262194082	$24.50 
4-The mind within the net                                  Manfred Spitzer 
0262194066	$19.25 
5-Noam Chomsky:a life of dissent                     Robert F. Barsky 
0262522551	$11.20 
6-Determinants of economic growth                 Robert J. Barro 
0262522543	$12.50 
7-Knowing machines                                          Donald 
Mackenzie       0262631881	$15.00 
8-Methods for assessing children's syntax       Dana McDaniel 
0262631903	$20.00 
9-Rhyme and reason                                          Juan 
Uriagereka          0262210142	$70.00 
10-Language form and language function      Frederick J.Newmeyer 
0262140640	$40.00 
11-language creation and language change     Michel  DeGraff 
0262041685	$65.00 
12-On the pragmatics of communication         Jurgen Habermas 
0262082659	$35.00 
13-The mutual fund business                            Robert C. Pozen 
0262661411	$37.50 
14-A guide to econometrics - 4th ed.                 Peter Kennedy 
0262611406	$18.95 
15-Monetary theory and policy		      Carl  ?Walsh 
0262231999	$55.00 
16-General purpose technologies and               Elhanan Helpman 
0262082632	$37.50 
      economic growth 
17-The greening of sovereignty in                     Karen T. Litfin 
0262621231	$45.00 
     world politics 
18-The shape of actions                                      Harry Collins 
0262032570	$25.00 
University of California Press 
Title                                               Author/Editor 
ISBN		Amazon $ 
1- The art of living                                 Alexander Nehamas 
0520211731	$21.00 
2- Plant life in the world's                     Peter R. Dallman 
0520208099	$24.00 
    Mediterranean climates 
3- From savage to  negro                       Lee D. Baker 
0520211685	$17.95 
4- Divided loyalties                                James L. Gelvin 
0520210700	$19.95 
5- The quest for voice                            Lydia Goehr 
0520214129	$45.00 
6- The social edges of psychoanalysis   Neil J. Smelser 
0520214897	$35.00 
7- The Augustinian tradition                Gareth B. Matthews 
0520210018       	$24.95 
  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  - 
>To: kpomeran[at] 
>Dear Karyn 
>     Happy New year 
>I got your E  mail . Thank you ver much for the initiative. 
>You can ship the books on that address 
>                                          BirZeit Univ. 
>                                          Main LIbrary 
>                                          c/o Atid Clearing & FWdg 
>                                          29 Lilenblum Street 
>                                          Tel AVIV- 65133   Israel 
>As to the customs dont worry about it .This agency will clear it for us 
>.Please put  a mailing list of books in the box ,  and fax us the same copy 
>of the Packing list. The Fax no, is 00972-2-2957656. 
>                    Thank you very much , looking forward to hearing 
fromyou . 
>Goodbye and thank you again 
18. "SHOP" Button on Britannica Online 
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 1999 16:44:23 -0800 (PST) 
From: Kathy Mcgreevy <kathy[at]> 
Subject: "SHOP" Feature on New Version of Britannica Online 
To: ccc-lib-lrc-list[at] 
MIME-version: 1.0 
Greetings, CCC librarians. 
If your library susbscribes to Britannica Online, thought you might be 
interested in the following: 
I just happened to take a quick look at Britannica Online's new version, 
now in beta, final version to be released next month. (It's linked from 
their current version, top-level page.) 
I was astonished to see a "SHOP" button on the Britannica navigation bar 
at the top of the screen in the new version. The button appears on every 
screen, and it leads users to a page advertising Britannica and 
Merriam Webster products, electronic and print, and offering users the 
opportunity to buy/subscribe online. 
I don't know how you feel about this, but we do not endorse, advertise or 
sell products in our library, and I find this feature, in a product which 
we license for a fee, really objectionable. If you feel this way, too, you 
might want to let the Britannica folks know before this becomes part of 
the final release. There's a "comments" link on the page. 
(But isn't it great having Britannica online?) 
Kathy McGreevy                     kathy[at] 
Ref. Librarian, Electronic         kathy[at] 
  Network Services        
Santa Rosa Junior College          voice: 1-707-527-4547 
Santa Rosa, CA 95401               fax:   1-707-527-4545 
19. Hypatia's Humorous Library Tales 
 "What's this all about?" you may ask. Well, I work in a library in 
Mid-Missouri. People who don't work in a library expect that librarians 
and library assistants have it pretty easy--nice and quiet, no pressure, 
no problems,  right? Wrong! Don't get me wrong--I love my job. But some 
weird things have been known to happen around here . . ." 
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