Library Juice 2:46 - December 1, 1999


1. FBI forces ISP to close Web site
2. School Library Manifesto Ratified By Unesco
3. Letters to future generations -- UNESCO
4. Katia Roberto new associate editor of Counterpoise; Chris Dodge departs
5. Progressive Librarian #16 now available
6. Seeking host for website: Women in Information Technology
7. Ken Haycock Elected City Councillor
8. Anarchist Librarians web materials on WTO meeting
10. Media Advisory: Initial Reports from Seattle Gloss Over WTO Issues
11. Latest BCLA Reporter - special WTO issue
12. Join the IPA Library Initiative Advisory Committee
13. December the first is Prisoners for Peace Day.

Quote for the week:

"Becoming increasingly dominant within librarianship is what might be
termed the Techno-Blockbuster Philosophy, which views digital technology
as the overriding fact of the future, rendering traditional formats like
books, magazines, CDs & videos ultimately superfluous, with a corollary
emphasis--for the time being--on conglomerate-published, Madison Avenue
hyped "bestsellers," which may be bought in massive quantities to satisfy
artificially-created demand."

-Sanford Berman, in a November 18th talk to the Humanist Association
of Minneapolis and St. Paul

Homepage of the week: Eris Weaver, the Bellydancing librarian


1. FBI forces ISP to close Web site

"The U.S. government ordered a private Web site to taken off line
without a hearing, court order or other legal authority, according to
published reports today [November 24]."

Don Wood
American Library Association
Office for Intellectual Freedom

2. School Library Manifesto Ratified By Unesco

The IFLA School Library Manifesto was ratified by the 30th UNESCO
General Conference.

This Manifesto argues that school library services are so vital that
they should be provided equally to all members of the school
community, regardless of age, race, gender, religion, nationality,
language, professional or social status. Specific services and
materials must be provided for those who are unable to use mainstream
library services and materials.

"I am delighted by UNESCO's ratification of the Manifesto; this is a
major step to ensure that the role of the school library in the new
information environment is understood and agreed upon worldwide",
said Ms Glenys Willars, Chair of IFLA's Section for School Libraries
and Resource Centres, and member of IFLA's Professional Board.

The IFLA/UNESCO School Library Manifesto urges governments, through
their ministries responsible for education, to develop strategies,
policies and plans that implement the principles of this Manifesto.
Plans should include the dissemination of the Manifesto to initial
and continuing training programmes for librarians and teachers

Effort will now be put in the promotion of the IFLA/UNESCO School
Library Manifesto, including the translation and publication in as
many languages as possible. Additional information is available from
Ms Glenys Willars, IFLA Section for School Libraries and Resource
Centres, or from Mr Sjoerd Koopman at IFLA Headquarters:

Ms. Glenys Willars
Leicestershire Libraries and Information Service,
Rothley Crossroads
929/931 Loughborough Road, Rothley
United Kingdom
Tel.: +44-116-2678008
Fax: +44-116-2678039
E-mail: gwillars[at]

Mr Sjoerd Koopman
Coordinator of Professional Activities
P.O.Box  95312
2509 CH  The Hague
Tel.: +31-70-3140884
Fax: +31-70-3834827

Notes for editors:

1. The school library provides information and ideas that are
fundamental to functioning successfully in today's information and
knowledge-based society. The school library equips students with
life-long learning skills and develops the imagination, enabling them
to live as responsible citizens.

2. IFLA is grateful for the support that colleagues throughout the
world have given to the development of the School Library Manifesto.
Many professionals were involved in this, but special reference
should be made to the library community of Canada for the role it
played in this process.

3. The International Federation of Library Associations and
Institutions IFLA is an independent organisation created to provide
librarians around the world with a forum for exchanging ideas and
promoting international cooperation. IFLA is an organisation of
world-wide scope representing almost 1700 members in more than 150
countries all over the world.

3. Letters to future generations -- UNESCO

UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Cultural, and Scientific
Organization), an organization composed of 188 Member States,
attempts to contribute expertise across all of the sciences to enrich
both today and tomorrow's world. In developing Letters to future
generations, essays written by 22 world leaders and thinkers, UNESCO
has done just that. Addressed to people living in 2050, the letters
share reflections and concerns on topics ranging from beauty to
biological infections. Kofi Annan, Secretary General of the UN,
suggests "a culture of peace," while Rita Colwell, of the National
Science Foundation, discusses the benefits of a diverse scientific
culture, and Hubert Reeves, an astrophysicist, entreats us to be
environmentally aware so we can ensure that a future generation will
greet the 21st century. To paraphrase philosopher Fernando Savater,
while UNESCO's Letters to future generations may not be a new idea,
this "mental registry" is nonetheless thought-provoking. [ATW]

> From The Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout Project 1994-1999.

4. Katia Roberto new associate editor of Counterpoise; Chris Dodge departs

Please join me in congratulating Katia Roberto as a new associate editor and
member of the Counterpoise editorial board.  Already for some time she has
been maintaining the Counterpoise "Bibliographic Tools" web site .  Today she has volunteered to take
on the much greater responsibility of being on the alert for new alternative
reference sources and keeping all the entries current in the quarterly print
version of the journal as well.

If you have any ideas, suggestions, comments or corrections about
alternative bibliographic tools, please direct them to Katia Roberto,
Monographic Cataloger, University at Albany, 1400 Washington Ave., ULB-35A,
Albany, NY 12222;  tel. 518/442-3629;  katia[at]

Within the same hour that Katia accepted this responsibility this morning,
Chris Dodge resigned from the Counterpoise editorial board.  He had worked
with Katia on the Bibliographic Tools section and had recently recommended
her to take over that task.  Chris also was responsible for periodical
reviews, but he now finds that shifting interests and his new job as staff
librarian at Utne Reader are redirecting his energies.  He writes:

"I have been remiss in writing reviews for you, so I think the best thing to
do would be to dole them out by subject when possible.   My apologies for
not living up to an agreement (something I'm currently not doing in at
least one other instance--editing my mom's book of commentary on dad's WWII
letters.)  Instead of trying to keep up a pretense, I had better resign
from Counterpoise duties."

Chris was part of the original editorial group that got Counterpoise
started, a close colleague, and a personal friend.  I shall miss his fine
writing, clear-eyed counsel, and generous willingness to help.

Charles Willett
editor, Countepoise

5. Progressive Librarian #16 now available

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The latest issue of the journal I co-edit, "Progressive Librarian" (#16),
NOW AVAILABLE, has a special supplement (bound separately) devoted to
material on anarchism and libraries.

It includes a selection of translated material from an anarchist issue of
the Spanish journal "Educacion y Biblioteca", including material on Ricardo
Mestre and a Spanish Anarchives directory. In addition we have a
translation of a piece by anarchist researcher Marianne Enckell, "The
School and the Barricade", a piece by Julie Herrada and Tom Hyry on
anarchist librarian Agnes Inglis, and a selection of quotations and
anecdotes by and from anarchists about the central role of libraries in the
movement and in their lives.

The translations may at times be a little rough (blame the editor), the
material is far from comprehensive, but it represents an attempt on the
part of "Progressive Librarian" to give some sense of the place of
libraries in the world of anarchism, and is meant to be something of a
tribute to the struggle of anarchist comrades.

The other volume of issue #16 includes articles, bibliographies and reviews
on a  range of themes which we also think will be of interest to you.

If you would like to subscribe to "Progressive Librarian",  purchase just
the current issue or join the Progressive Librarians Guild (which publishes
it) contact Elaine Harger <eharger[at]>. Please visit our
website at

Mark Rosenzweig
co-editor, Progressive Librarian

6. Seeking host for website: Women in Information Technology

Date: Mon, 29 Nov 1999 08:28:13 -0800 (PST)
From: Katherine Falk <kjfalk[at]SIMS.Berkeley.EDU>
To: masters[at]SIMS.Berkeley.EDU
Subject: Women In Technology website--needs new home


I know it's the end of the semester and everyone is probably crazed, but
I have a website that is looking for a new owner, and I was wondering
if anyone might be interested.

It is called Women in Information Technology, and it's a directory of
links and references on the subject. It was originally started by Jerry
McDonough, a recently graduated PhD student, and then a couple of us from
the class of '99 took it over. It would be great to keep it associated
with SIMS. It is already designed, and just needs link checking and updating.

You can see the site at If anyone
is at all interested, please contact me. Thanks, and good luck with the
rest of the semester!

Katherine Falk
(also kjfalk[at]

7. Ken Haycock Elected City Councillor

ALA Executive Board member Ken Haycock was elected city councillor for a
three year term in West Vancouver, British Columbia. He was previously
school board president. Library Juice would be interested in hearing about
other librarians elected to similar positions.


8. Anarchist Librarians web materials on WTO meeting

Date: Mon, 29 Nov 1999 10:32:53 -0500
From: Chuck0 <chuck[at]>
To: AnarchyAreWe <anarchy-list[at]>
Subject: Ongoing N30 coverage at Mid-Atlantic Infoshop

I will be working extra hard over the next week to keep my wesbite on
November 30th updated. If you haven't linked to it already, please
consider doing so.


N30 News Coverage

N30 Picture Archive

June 18th News Archive



Mid-Atlantic Infoshop

"A society is a healthy society only to the degree
that it exhibits anarchistic traits."
        - Jens Bjørneboe

Mid-Atlantic Infoshop

Leonard Peltier Freedom Month
Executive Clemency For Peltier!

Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Now!

"A society is a healthy society only to the degree
that it exhibits anarchistic traits."
        - Jens Bjørneboe


---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 1999 11:53:59 -0500 (EST)
From: Renewable News Network <rnn[at]>
Reply-To: er-list[at]
To: Environmental Review <er-list[at]>
Subject: WTO and the media

- --by the editorial staff at the big dailies--

The World Trade Organization is a complicated topic, and both the talks
being held and the variety of protests confronting it are far too
complicated for the feeble minds of our readers to fully comprehend.  We
would never want to inconvenience our readers by giving them information
that is complex or contrary to the opinions we've already fed you.
Therefore, we're going to lie our fool tushies off during our WTO

Here's how:

- -- On the WTO Itself:

* We will repeatedly tell you, as WTO proponents do, that world trade
means jobs, and that Washington state in particular depends on world
trade. The implication, sometimes explicit, is that anti-WTO activists
oppose world trade, which is untrue. They generally oppose the specific
mechanisms--i.e., unfettered capitalism--by which the WTO governs world
trade. There are many other possible ways to arrange for world trade and a
globalized economy, but we won't tell you that. We also won't tell you
that while trade creates jobs, the neoliberal policies of the WTO, on
average, force down the wages and standards of jobs in both developed
couuntries and developing ones. Behemoths like Microsoft and Boeing can
outsource work to India or Mexico (respectively), where workers are paid
far less than in Seattle. Eventually, wages and benefits in Seattle will
have to drop to "compete.

* We'll tell you that the primary beneficiaries of unfettered trade are
regular folks like you and me. Not hardly. Workers at Boeing may owe their
jobs to trade, and family farms may export their wares. But Boeing itself,
or huge agribusiness concerns, benefit far more from free trade. In fact,
policies of the WTO are part of what's driving small farmers <I>out of
business</I>; and as mentioned above, Boeing workers can lose their jobs
to cheaper overseas help. Free trade is designed to help the huge
transnational corporations that can move resources around the globe at the
drop of a hat. Whether it helps, or, more likely, hurts the average
citizen is strictly incidental.

* The Clinton Administration cares about jobs, the environment, and
labor. This is a lie told by government officials, which we will repeat
uncritically. In fact, Clinton is a prime architect of the WTO, and his
administration has overseen one of the greatest Wall Street booms in
history- -and one of the greatest increases in the gap between incomes of
the wealthy and those of average citizens. The donations of these huge
corporations are what keep Clinton and Gore or Bush in office. Their
policies have been a relentless sellout of the environment to huge
corporations, and favoritism to those corporations over the interests of
labor. They don't care about you. They think you're just so many sheep to
be manipulated. We help.

* In discussing the WTO, we will focus solely on how it helps or hurts
America, and ignore the rest of the world, especially developing
countries. If developing countries are mentioned, we will equate the
interests of a few elites with those of the country as a whole. This gives
an incredibly distorted view of the true damage caused by WTO policies. We
will uncritically repeat the myth that these countries are better off with
the jobs provided by transnational corporations, ignoring other means of
developing economies that might not remove so many resources and so much
capital from these countries, and might promote greater democracy and
better standards of living.

* We will repeat the accusations that WTO critics have not done their
homework, without giving them any forums to display their understanding
of the issues; that WTO critics are solely oppositional, without airing
any of their positive proposals for promoting fairer trade; and that
WTO critics are marginal members of society, without listing their
mainstream supporters.

- -- On the Protests:

* You can safely take any estimate we publish of demonstration crowd
sizes and multiply them by ten to arrive at a truer estimate of size.
Actually, the exact multiplier is nine: first, police will reduce their
estimate by a factor of three, and then we will reduce the police estimate
by a further factor of three. This is to make you feel safer. It's for
your own good.

* We won't lie about student walk-outs, worker sick-ins, or other efforts
by ordinary workers and students to shut down Seattle as part of this
protest. We'll just ignore them. They're just too difficult to quantify.

* Any "violence" that erupts will be the responsibility of the
demonstators. We will ignore the "nonviolent" horses, batons, mace, pepper
spray, rubber bullets, and guns brought by security forces. That's crowd
control, not violence.

* We will rely almost exclusively on "official" sources--WTO organizers,
the police, elected officials, and other government employees. This isn't
a lie, exactly. We'll simply report their spin on the facts as the
objective truth, and not report any other spin or try to synthesize
competing versions of events. This will give WTO advocates the most
positive possible light.

* We will marginalize demonstators wherever possible. Photos will show
the most outrageous costumes, emphasizing that these are not normal
people. Organizers are "paid organizers," although the Seattle Host
Organization paid people, too. Foreign demonstrators will become "outside
agitators." If necessary, we will redbait.

* We will emphasize conflict, property destruction, violence, and
hostility. The 99% of peaceful, nonviolent demonstrator are boring. They
are also much too responsible.

* Wherever possible we will refer to anti-WTO activists as anti-trade
rather than "fair trade" proponents. This makes them seem less reasonable.

* We will focus a lot on the inconvenience of demonstrations to commuters
and other "ordinary citizens," as though the protesters were not ordinary
and as though Seattle gridlock was not ordinary, either. This also implies
that traffic reports are of equal importance to global trade issues.

* Conversely, we will NOT report the impact on Seattle's homeless of WTO
organizing--namely, loss of motel and shelter space, street sweeps, and
crackdowns on tent cities and other attempts at visibility. We would never
ignore these demonstrations. It's too big and too exciting a story. But we
will make a point wherever possible to lie so as to deny their
credibility. After all, if protesters are correct and free trade is a
threat to the world's environment, standard of living, and democracy, then
we must be called upon to act.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Now go check out the comics. How 'bout those Seahawks?

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Subject: THIS IS HOW WE WILL LIE TO YOU (the big media about

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Media Advisory:  Initial Reports from Seattle Gloss Over WTO Issues

December 1, 1999

As trade ministers from over 130 countries meet in Seattle this week for the
World Trade Organization summit, tens of thousands of activists from all
over the world have converged on the city to protest both the undemocratic
structure of the group and its record on labor and environmental issues.

But the news coverage anticipating the protests has shed little light on the
specific charges being made against the WTO by most of the protesters. As
the conference gets under way on November 30, a few trends in the coverage
have already emerged.

To begin, news stories preceding the conference demonstrated a fundamental
lack of understanding of the issues involved. A November 1st article in US
News & World Report was headlined "Hell No, We Won't Trade: How an obscure
trade organization became a lightning rod for protest." While one can debate
the merits of labeling a group with international jurisdiction over global
trade an "obscure" organization, "We Won't Trade" is a grossly misleading
characterization of the anti-WTO arguments.

The article goes on to note that "For the moment, the movement against free
trade seems to have little traction in the United States." This is a
puzzling conclusion for an article that notes that "up to 50,000
demonstrators" are planned to "attend mass rallies, a march, teach-ins and
prayer services" to protest the Seattle trade meeting. Nonetheless, the
assertion is backed up by this: "All major presidential candidates support
free trade and the WTO."

Reports prior to the summit, and many appearing this week, argue that the
WTO stands to "open up" trade around the globe. That is inaccurate, as Dean
Baker pointed out recently in FAIR's Economic Reporting Review
( ):

"While its rules are designed to facilitate foreign investment, such as a
U.S. auto manufacturer building a factory in Indonesia, in other areas the
WTO has taken little action to facilitate trade, while in some areas its
rules are intended to impede free trade. In the case of professional
services, such as those provided by doctors, lawyers and other highly paid
professionals, the WTO has done virtually nothing to facilitate
international trade and competition. In the case of intellectual property
claims, such as patents and copyrights, the WTO has worked to impose these
protectionist barriers on developing nations, at an enormous cost to their

Nor do many media accounts explain what the protesters are focusing on--in
most cases, a specific set of concerns and issues that have been before the
WTO in the past few years (summarized well at ). ABC's Peter Jennings
commented that "it seems as though every group with every complaint from
every corner of the world is represented in Seattle this week."

CBS Evening News explained some of the background on the same night's
newscast, but bungled one of the core criticisms of the WTO. Dan Rather
reported that the WTO had ruled on many environmental issues, but declined
to make the simple point that the WTO has ruled *against* environmental
restrictions in every case that has come before it. Indeed, Rather's
reference to the WTO's ruling on "fishing restrictions aimed at saving
endangered species" might have mislead viewers into thinking that the WTO
was intervening on behalf of threatened animals.

Some reports, rather than dealing with the concerns of the protestors,
instead focused on the hypothetical danger they pose. Tony Snow's first
question to teamsters president James Hoffa, Jr. on Fox News Sunday
(11/28/99) was: "Do you worry that there's going to be any violence there?"
Likewise, NBC Nightly News (11/29/99) devoted their lead WTO segment to
security concerns in Seattle ("The stakes are high, so is the security, so
is the provocation"), highlighting local authorities' precautions against "a
potential chemical or biological attack."

The report was followed by a segment by NBC financial correspondent Mike
Jensen extolling the benefits of free trade. Jensen concluded that "most
experts say getting rid of trade barriers on both sides is a good thing for
American workers and consumers.  But no matter what comes out of this
four-day meeting--and a lot of analysts don't think it will be much--world
trade has such momentum, almost nothing can get in its way."

Yet, as Dean Baker points out in a recent ERR, there is "near consensus
among economists that trade has been one of the factors that has increased
wage inequality in the United States over the last two decades." But that
"consensus" is decidedly harder to find in mainstream press accounts.

The theme of free trade "momentum" is also present in a story on MSNBC's
website ( ), which includes a link to a
special section encouraging readers to "find out more about the hurdles on
the way to free trade."

Similarly, a recent Associated Press report called protesters' concerns
"far-fetched," and continued by noting that  "for every campaigner lying
down on a sidewalk this week to protest the WTO's efforts to reduce trade
barriers, there is a happily employed Seattleite whose job depends on free

A disturbing indication of mainstream media attitudes toward coverage of the
WTO meeting came when ABC's Seattle affiliate announced that it would "not
devote coverage to irresponsible or illegal activities of disruptive
groups," adding that "KOMO 4 News is taking a stand on not giving some
protest groups the publicity they want.... So if you see us doing a story on
a disruption, but we don't name the group or the cause, you'll know why." In
a revealing choice of words, news director Joe Barnes described civil
disobedience as "illegally disrupting the commerce of the city." (KOMO has
requested comments on its policy at tips[at] .)

This decision by a corporate-owned news outlet to explicitly ignore the
messages of groups practicing civil disobedience underscores the importance
of independent journalism. Organizers in Seattle have made a priority of
setting up an independent media center ( ), and much
is planned for the coming week, including a daily newspaper, a daily radio
broadcast (World Trade Watch Radio, ) and
from-the-scene video documentaries that will be available via satellite to
many public television stations.

For more information, see FAIR's Resources on Trade at .


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11. Latest BCLA Reporter - special WTO issue

Date: Mon, 29 Nov 1999 23:23:35 -0600
To: SRRT Action Council <srrtac-l[at]>
From: Al Kagan <akagan[at]>
Subject: WTO

Norman Horrocks just faxed me a copy of the latest BCLA Reporter from the
British Columbia Library Association.  It is a special issue on the WTO
including articles on the BCLA position , IFLA WTO Working Group position,
WTO and Canadian Health Care, Labor and WTO, Education and WTO,
Globalization web bibliography, Librarians and Trade, Canadian
telecommunications and Trade, Sample protest letter,  WTO calendar in
Vancouver, and WTO speakers bureau.  I am impressed!  If you want a copy,
try requesting one from BCLA at bcla[at], fax 604-609-0707,
phone 604-683-5354.  They also have a webstie but it doesn't have the WTO
materials.  It does have the SRRT MAI resolution at

Al Kagan
African Studies Bibliographer and Professor of Library Administration
Africana Unit, Room 328
University of Illinois Library
1408 W. Gregory Drive
Urbana, IL 61801, USA

tel. 217-333-6519
fax. 217-333-2214
e-mail. akagan[at]

12. Join the IPA Library Initiative Advisory Committee

The Independent Press Association is currently forming a small advisory
committee of experienced  librarians to oversee a direct mail project
associated with the IPA Library Initiative. I hope PLG members can take a
moment to consider taking part.

As part of an upcoming year-long series of direct mail projects aimed at
increasing library subscriptions to public interest periodicals, we hope to
find 2 to 4 librarians interested in assisting us in the strategic
planning, writing, and production of the mail pieces themselves. Of utmost
importance is that the librarians who take part have experience in serials
collections work and/or other work of similar nature.

In short, we need help from people who can tell us what serials librarians
might respond to, especially as this relates direct mail. At the moment, we
are considering a campaign that revolves around a call to "Meet Your
Mandate" -- a reference to the Library Bill of Rights pledge to present all
sides of an issue.

The direct mail pieces will promote important public interest publications
and will be timed to arrive at libraries prior to important dates on the
calendar -- ie, Black History Month, Earth Day, etc.

The Library Initiave Advisory Committee and the IPA Library Initiative
Coordinator (that's me) will communicate via e-mail in most cases. Aside
from the need to review proposed mailing pieces for language, design, and
content, I don't believe any ^significant^ time demands will be necessary
from committee members.

Founded in 1996 during the First Media & Democracy Congress in San
Francisco, the Independent Press Association (IPA) provides technical
assistance and advocacy to over 175 leading public interest periodicals.
Since 1998, IPA has exhibited annually at ALA conferences and in 1999 we
published the second edition of "Annotations: A Guide to the Independent
Critical Press" along with our friends at the Alternative Press Center.

We can be found online at

If you are interested in the project or know someone who might be, please
let me know at indypress[at]

Best regards,
Robert Rosenthal

Robert J. Rosenthal
Publications Coordinator
Independent Press Association

2390 Mission St., #201
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A Guide to the Independent Critical Press"

"Proof that there is much more beyond the soft ice cream ladled out by the
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13. December the first is Prisoners for Peace Day.

On this day we remember all those who have chosen to
become conscientious objectors, and are held in prison
because of their work for peace.

This day has been marked by members of the War Resisters
International ( WRI ) since 1956. 

' In honour of all those known or unknown who are in
prison as a result of their refusal to participate in the
armed forces of their countries. '

Each year WRI produces a Roll of Honour, which features
those who are currently Prisoners For Peace.

This year the roll of honour has been published within the
new issue of Peace News. (  December  1999  ).

One of the main ways in which pacifists mark Prisoners for
Peace Day, is by sending greetings to all those who are
included upon the Roll of Honour.

( It should be noted: that while letters might not reach
these prisoners, a postcard greeting normally will. )

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The Roll of Honour is also listed upon  the WRI website :


There are a lot of other organisations which are working
upon the issue of Conscientious objection.
The following is just a selection of what might be found
upon the web.



( Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors )

This is a U.S. organisation.

'CCCO supports conscientious objectors and promotes individual and collective
resistance to war and preparations for war.'  Both the organisation & website
provides a lot of practical help & information.



( European Bureau for Conscientious Objection )

To quote:

' The principial aim of the European Bureau for Conscientious Objection
(EBCO), is to promote coscientious objection to a military service as a
fundamental human right, both on national and international level. The
EBCO is an European umbrella organisation of national CO organisations. '
Nuclear Resister

What is of note here, is that both the periodical and website
lists those who are currently in jail as a  result of
nonviolent direct action ( NVDA ) against nukes, or
resulting from other peace movement activities


Amnesty International

The work of Amnesty should need no description - It does
such wonderful things !


Human Rights Watch

This is how the organisation describes itself :

'Human Rights Watch is dedicated to protecting the human
rights of people around the world.  We stand with victims and activists
to prevent discrimination, to uphold political freedom, to protect people
from inhumane conduct in wartime, and to bring offenders to justice.  We
investigate and expose human rights violations and  hold abusers
accountable.  We challenge governments and those who hold power to end
abusive practices and respect international human rights law.  We enlist
the public and the international community to support the cause of human
rights for all. '

This website also has information about Child Soldiers upon it

Kampanjen Mot Verneplikt's
(The Campaign Against Conscription)
This is a Norwegan CO organisation.
The website has some good links upon it
(  Association of C O s  )

This website is only available in danish, but it does have some good links
on it.
The National Interreligious Service Board for Conscientious Objectors

To quote the website:
" The National Interreligious Service Board for Conscientious Objectors
(NISBCO), an association of over 35 religious bodies, was formed in 1940
in order to defend and extend the rights of conscientious objectors to war.
NISBCO provides counseling and legal services to conscientious objectors,
military personnel, political asylum seekers and conscientious objectors
seeking naturalization as U.S. citizens. NISBCO also provides legal
support and advocacy services to conscientious objectors in Latin America
and other regions of the world.

Martyn Lowe

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