Library Juice 3:29 - August 2, 2000

Election Special

1. New on the site
2. Articles on the Canton, OH library strike
3. Report says LC lags in providing digital resources
4. Internet Searching is not Always What it Seems
5. Overbooked
6. dot sucks
7. New Library Link discussion
8. ALA's new "Speaking with One Voice" policy
9. Articles on the Nader campaign and the convention protests
10. Election Resources from The Nation
12. Nader Petition
13. A true digital librarian

Quote for the week:

A word after a word after a word is power.
--Margaret Atwood

Homepage of the week: Carole Leita


1. New on the site

Library Juice home pages of the week, collected in one place:

A chat room (usually empty, but good for planned conferences):


Progressive Librarian articles:

Editorial: Core Wars, by John Buschman

The Mystery and the Act: Towards a YA Human Sexuality Collection, by Teri

Book Review: Sorting Things Out: Classification and its Consequences,
reviewed by Sanford Berman


2. Articles on the Canton, OH library strike

Library strike suspends some services, including $5 million renovation of
Main Branch

Union: Information unsealed by library

No flood of patrons to other library branches

Patron accuses library guards of harassment

Library doors open despite strike

Security officers hired to protect library employees lack weapons

Mediator to meet with library and union negotiators

Library trustee blasts board compatriots, resigns


3. Report says LC lags in providing digital resources

Florence Olsen in the Chronicle of Higher Education

The Library of Congress must become actively involved in creating
digital libraries or risk becoming irrelevant to scholars and the
public, says a National Research Council report released Wednesday.

The study, "A Digital Strategy for the Library of Congress," depicts
an inward-looking institution that no longer leads in setting library
standards or in building collections for the digital age.



4. Internet Searching is not Always What it Seems

from the Chronicle of Higher Education web site


"It's no secret that the World Wide Web has greatly changed how we
create and retrieve information. But many users of the Web don't
realize that the results of their searches may be skewed by a new
industry that has emerged to advise people about how to improve their
Web pages' rankings in search engines -- and even in directories,
which employ human indexers and librarians to ensure that each site
is listed in the right category -- thus increasing the sites' hits."



5. Overbooked -

        A good site for readers advisory in libraries and for
        readers themselves. This site includes recommended
        booklists in genre fiction, a discussion area, "hot lists" of
        forthcoming hardcover fiction releases, and lists of books
        that received at least one "starred review" in a major
        journal. Previously titled Book Links. - ht

>From Librarians' Index to the Internet -

6. dot sucks

An article in Wired magazine about Ralph Nader's proposal for a "dot sucks"
top level domain, to be used by critics (e.g.,1283,34691,00.html

7. New Library Link discussion

From: COLLIB-L [mailto:COLLIB-L[at]] On Behalf Of Chris Keenan
Sent: Thursday, July 27, 2000 9:03 AM
To: COLLIB-L[at]
Subject: New online discussion

Dear List Members,

As a precursor to the Library Link Workshop, Partnership in the
Electronic Age, an online discussion being held on the Library Link
site. It is your chance to have your say on some of the most widely
debated topics in Librarianship today.

The topics are:

1. The future of grey literature
2. Who do you trust? Influence a publisher's archiving policy
3. Marketing on campus - how to ensure
the best usage of electronic products
4. Alternative purchasing options for e-publishing models

For those of you who have contributed to the Library Link discussion
before, there is a new format to the discussions. The discussion can
be accessed by going directly to
After clicking on the "IFLA 2000" link you will see each of the four
topics. You can contribute to any of these topics by going to the
'Add a Message' box towards the bottom of the page. The ability to
post is open to all. You do not need a username and password to post,
you may simply type your full name in the 'Username' box.  However, in
order to set up your own account with a username and password click
the 'User Profile' blue icon at the foot of the page which will allow
you 'Instant Registration'. By doing so you can then edit your profile
in order to add your full name and additional personal information
including your job title and place of work etc., receive e-mail
notification of postings to the discussion, set your preferences and
change your password.

I look forward to reading your postings.


Chris Keenan

Executive: Library Link

PS Library Link is the free online information and discussion forum
for librarians and information professionals world-wide. Membership
is free and available at

8. ALA's new "Speaking with One Voice" policy

Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2000 08:14:26 -0400
From: "Marti Smith" <msmith[at]>
To: SRRTAC-L  <srrtac-l[at]>, PLGNET-L  <plgnet-l[at]>,
Subject: Re: One Voice Policy?

Dear Colleagues,
   Would someone please describe the "One Voice" policy?  Is this
related to the Core Values discussion?

Marti Smith, Assistant Professor (Ethics and Technology)
and Director of the Doctoral Program
Palmer School of LIS, Long Island University
International Center for Information Ethics

..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..

Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2000 21:06:28 -0400 (EDT)
From: Frederick W Stoss <fstoss[at]>
To: Jsajd[at]
cc: msmith[at], srrtac-l[at], plgnet-l[at],
Subject: Re: One Voice Policy?

On Wed, 26 Jul 2000 Jsajd[at] wrote:
> I'm not sure what One Voice is, but I don't like the sound of it.  Any group
> that pretends they all think the same should not exist.  Judy

This has been a major issue with SRRT and ALA for more than a year.

SRRT and other RTs and subunits of ALA used to be able to pass resolutions
and notify just about anyone they desired as long as there was a
disclaimer on that subunit's stationery stating the material, statement,
resolution was NOT an official ALA policy, and just the opinions of the
subunit issuing the statement or resolution or action.

For MANY years this was a statement in the Round Table Handbook.

However, at the 1999 Midwinter Meeting, the disclaimer statement was
removed and a new ALA policy statement about speaking with one voice was

I am sure there are SRRT members who would like to chime in and hone this
more sharply. But ALA now says that ALA has one and only one official
policy, that voted on and winning a majority or plurality. This is the
"official" ALA policy and there are no other policies. If a subunit does
not like the policy, it can tell any other part of ALA but they CANNOT
voice their dissent on subunit stationery, eMail messages from the
subunit's Web site outside of ALA, or other wise issue a statement or
comment outside of the ALA family of divisions, RTs, task forces, etc.

Failure to comply with this ALA mandate can call for the dissolution of
the group or expulsion of the individual from ALA.

SRRT had an opportunity to speak with ALA's legal counsel on this matter
at the Annual Meeting. One of SRRT's concerns is that there is no official
mechanism for voicing a dissenting opinion about an ALA action outside of
ALA (we are "encouraged" to use all of the ALA Web sites, publications,

There are other RTs sharing SRRT's concerns but nearly as active as SRRT.

Other SRRT AC members, Councilors, etc. feel free to chime in.

Fred Stoss
SRRT Coordinator

..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..

Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2000 21:16:02 -0400
To: SRRT Action Council <srrtac-l[at]>
From: Mark Rosenzweig <iskra[at]>
Subject: [SRRTAC-L:5010] Re: One Voice Policy?

Marti & Judy,

The so-called "one voice" policy of ALA was supposed to be an
"interpretation" of existing policy with respect to communications of
(certain) units of the association (it is not applied uniformly) with
the outside world on official  letterhead of the unit (say, SRRT). or
in the name of the unit. That means that SRRT, for example (it may be
the only example) is forbidden to send/communicate its resolutions to
any bodies (no matter what we say in such a communication) outside
the association regardless of clear disclaimers that SRRT is speaking
only on its own behalf and not representing the views of ALA (a
boiler plate for this disclaimer on our stationery had already been
in use for some time).

Really a new (and truly sinister) policy and not an interpretation of
policy, "Speaking With One Voice" was presented to us (and to the ALA
Council) and promoted, more generally, as a new attitude of the
Association in which only ONE message would be sent out, that being
what the ALA executive and staff wanted sent out, and that would be,
they said,a "unified", "single" message (what is was going to be was
not specified).

The claim was made that the public was not certain what the
Association stood for because units (i.e. SRRT) were sending out
messages which were sometimes at odds with or , at least, not vetted
by the Executive. We were told this was not ojnly confusing, but put
the Association in jeopardy. When questioned about the "intellectual
freedom" implications of this policy, the ALA lawyer, a Ms. Goedert,
was wheeled out to lecture us about how the Association was "liable"
for what we said and could be sued, and that (somehow or other) the
Association's non-profit status was in peril if we continued to speak
on our own behalf. There was no evidence of any of this: no suits had
been brought against ALA on account of SRRT, there had been no
questioniong of ALA's non-profit status. What's more, the charge that
SRRT was presuming to speak for ALA, became a question of SRRT
"appearing" to speak for ALA, which meant that someone somewhere
could, despite the clear disclaimer we have put on our
communications, "allege" that  a  SRRT's position was ALA's. So,
because it could be maliciously and baselessly implied that a SRRT
position was a position of the whole association (let's say by "Dr.
Laura")we were told we could not exercise our right to speak on our
own behalf on the issues we have been constituted to address and
which we have, indeed, addressed without legal implications for the
better part of three decades.

This was related to the apparently harmless, insipid proposed  Core
Values Statement (which was defeated overwhelmingly in Council at the
Conference just past) in that the CVS was going to narrowly define
what the concerns of the Association were by stripping our core
values of all social, political, economic implications of
responsibility. It would become the statutory basis for excluding
SRRT's concerns and the basis for enforcing a narrow agenda, defined
top-down , on the entire Association.

I hope this helps answer the questions you posed.

Mark Rosenzweig
Councilor at large
SRRT ACtion Council
co-editor, Progressive Librarian
..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..

Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2000 21:28:04 -0400 (EDT)
From: Frederick W Stoss <fstoss[at]>
To: SRRT Action Council <srrtac-l[at]>
Subject: [SRRTAC-L:5011] Re: One Voice Policy?

Thanks, Mark for your elaboration of some the SRRT issues.

Strange that we both wrote our pieces minutes apart! Must be a vibe in the
New York air, despite being at opposite ends of the state!!

As it stands, SRRT and other RTs are going to go on a business as usual
means (watching however, posting of political things to the SRRT list
which is a no-no that REALLY does threaten ALA's 501(c)3 nonprofit
status). We'll wait and see what happens if we cross the line or make an
attempt to not speak with one voice.

..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..

Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2000 21:38:57 -0400
To: SRRT Action Council <srrtac-l[at]>
From: Mark Rosenzweig <iskra[at]>
Subject: [SRRTAC-L:5012] More on One Voice Policy

Yes, Fred's message and mine apparently crossed in the mail.

His noted something mine didn't: that the sanctions for supposed
violation of this policy are extreme, and were made quite explicit by
ALA's lawyer. It was very threatening. But be it noted that the
Government Document Round Table (GODORT), has, since this dictat was
delivered, continued to send its positions to various government
agencies WITHOUT any action by ALA.

Also, I should clarify something that Fred has just said, about
"political" postings on SRRTAC-L being beyond the pale. That's
"political" in the strict sense of "partisan electoral advocacy'
(e.g. supporting candidates in the Presidential election). If you
must do that, use PLGNET-L, a non-ALA based listserv. Such advocacy
on behalf of political candidates" IS indeed a violation of the
501(c)3 non-profit/tax-exempt status of ALA and therefore SRRT..
Political ,in the broader sense, is TOTALLY OK!!!



9. Articles on the Nader campaign and the convention protests --
The Nation's special micro-site devoted to
the upcoming conventions and Election 2000.

"If Not Now..." by Christopher Hitchens, in The Nation

"On the Road With Ralph Nader," by Ruth Conniff, in The Nation

"Nader: A Personal View," by William Greider, in The Nation

Press on the Nader Campaign

Green Party Platform 2000

Winona LaDuke links (Green VP Candidate)

The Greens Index - Archive of Events in the Development of Green

Mobilize for Global Justice - Dems' & GOP's Conventions

"War Games at the LA Convention," in Mother Jones

Shadow Conventions 2000, starring Arianna Huffington?

"Shadowing the Conventions," in Mother Jones


10. Election Resources from The Nation

Candidates' Official Sites

Ralph Nader
Al Gore
Patrick Buchanan
George W. Bush

Background and Related Information

Center for Public Integrity--The Buying of the President 2000

The Center for Public Integrity is a nonpartisan, nonprofit
organization whose mission is to examine public service and
ethics-related issues. Founded in 1989, the center has most recently
published The Buying of the President 2000.

D2K Network

The D2K network is composed of various groups and individuals working
to coordinate and support protests during the Democratic National
Convention in Los Angeles, August 14-17. D2K supports "a total change
a total change of priorities from the production of things to the
caring for people and the environment."

The Shadow Conventions

Hosted as a "citizens' intervention" during the Republican and
Democratic assemblies by a coalition focusing on campaign finance
reform, poverty, the growing wealth gap and the failed war on drugs.

Ficus 2000

Official website for the Ficus 2000 campaign for Congress. According
to Ficus campaign strategist Michael Moore, the potted house plant is
running "because you deserve better."

Democratic National Committee

The website for DNC provides news and events with regard to
Democrats, the "GOP Watch 2000," voter outreach, Democratic Links and
an archive in both English and Spanish.

Republican National Committee

A staid, slate-blue website with a GOP directory, news, debates, and
numerous Gore-bashing tidbits.

Reform Party

The Reform Party, devoted to improving the political future by
creating a "third political choice" for US citizens, provides this
site with information about the party's principles, contact
information for offices around the country, news, events, candidate
and campaign updates and online links to register to vote.

Association of State Green Parties

The ASGP is working with Ralph Nader's campaign for the presidency.

Green Party USA

The website for the Green Party USA provides comprehensive insight
into the central values of green parties, news and events, upcoming
campaigns and a list of links to Green Party-related sites.

Green Parties Worldwide

This site links to domestic and international Green and environmental
parties, including several Green US presidential campaigns.

Labor Party

The official website for this pro-union third party that advocates
economic justice, the decorporatization of US politics and
government, an end to corporate welfare, a revitalization of the
public sector and universal access to publicly-funded, quality
healthcare and education.

Libertarian Party

Site promoting the Libertarian Party and featuring news, libertarian
candidates nationwide, links and special features such as the
definitive "Are you a Libertarian?" poll.

The Independent Movement

Site for the movement that proclaims, "together, we will work towards
returning a real representative democracy to the United States, where
our elected officials respond only to their constituents and not
parties and special interests."

The New Party

A website for the New Party, a progressive political party committed
to breaking "the stranglehold that corporate money and corporate
media have over our political process," which features updates on its
living-wage campaign, New Party endorsed candidates and member

Working Families Party

Website and information for the Brooklyn-based party dedicated to
enfranchising blue-collar, working families.

Socialist Party USA

Website for the party that proclaims socialist ideals such as
changing the system of production to be needs-based rather than
profit-based-- replete with links, news and access to The Socialist

Communist Party

The party's website offers news, links and party history as well as
affording a glimpse of its paper, People's Weekly World.

US Pacifist Party

The USPP sees "military traditions and institutions as the key
obstacle to the solution of social evils." The website includes
information on the USPP candidate for 2000.

The Constitution Party

The former US Taxpayers Party and national body of constituent state
Independent Parties, this site provides important links to
Independent Parties across the country as well as upcoming events and
speeches and articles.

National Committee to Draft Ralph Nader for President

Hosted by the members of the Green Internet Society, this site is a
source for information on Ralph Nader's presidential campaign.

Nader 2000

A public website devoted to disseminating information about the
presidential candidacy of Ralph Nader, in no way affiliated with the
Nader 2000 Primary Campaign or any other official Ralph Nader
campaign committee.

The Nader Page

This site offers a compilation of editorials, news releases and
correspondence by Ralph Nader, his newsletter, the "Nader Letter:
Banks and Consumers," and excerpts from David Bollier's Citizen
Action and Other Big Ideas: A History of Ralph Nader and the Modern
Consumer Movement.

Public Citizen

Founded by Ralph Nader in 1971 as the consumer's eyes and ears in
Washington, and supported by more than 150,000 people, Public Citizen
fights for safer drugs and medical devices, cleaner and safer energy
sources, a cleaner environment, fair trade and a more open and
democratic government.

Public Campaign

Public Campaign is a nonpartisan organization that aims to
dramatically reduce the role of special-interest money in America's
elections and the influence of big contributors in American politics,
with programs such as "Clean Money, Clean Elections" and explanations
for those who don't think this issue concerns them.

Project Vote Smart

This national nonpartisan effort researches, tracks, provides
independent factual information on and forces the accountability of
more than 13,000 candidates and elected officials, providing voting
records, campaign issue positions, performance evaluations by special
interests and lists of campaign contributions.

Center for Responsive Politics

The Center for Responsive Politics is "the online source for money in
politics data." Its site has specific information and numbers on
campaign finance spending, lobbyists and business contributions to
politicians (broken down by industry, region and amount).

Alliance for Democracy

The mission of the Alliance for Democracy is to free all people from
corporate domination of politics, economics, the environment, culture
and information; to establish true democracy; and to create a just
society with a sustainable, equitable economy.

Public Disclosure

The site of Public Disclosure, which is dedicated to making
government documents easily accessible to the public, includes
campaign finance research and analysis and links to government
disclosure and reform projects, as well as to several nonprofit and
media groups.

Common Cause

Common Cause's "Washington Watchdog" features a glossary of
significant words and concepts in the areas of campaign finance
reform and ethics in government, while enabling readers to find out
who their Congressional Reps are and how to contact them.

Real Choice

As a guide to alternative political parties in the United States,
this site provides information about alternatives to the current
two-party system, as well as ideas on improving the accuracy and
quality of political information that is generally available to the
American public.

EMILY's List

EMILY's List, a political network for pro-choice Democratic women
candidates for key federal and statewide offices, features
information on women in Congress and in state legislatures, listings
of candidates they recommend for 2000, information on their WOMEN
VOTE! Project and polling information.

US Public Interest Research Groups

As part of USPIRGs state-based coordinated effort to preserve the
environment, protect consumers and promote democracy, mainly through
canvassing and lobbying, this website features a discussion group,
e-mail action alerts, news reports, a Congressional scorecard and
information on how to get involved.

League of Women Voters

The League of Women Voters, a nonpartisan political organization,
encourages the informed and active participation of citizens in
government, works to increase understanding of major public policy
issues and influences public policy through education and advocacy.

Women's Voting Guide

This nonpartisan Web site allows readers to indicate the issues most
important to them and to compare their positions with the related
positions of their current Congressional representatives.

The Commission on Presidential Debates

Site for the organization, which was established in 1987, "to ensure
that debates, as a permanent part of every general election, provide
the best possible information to viewers and listeners."


Information and updates on potential year 2000 presidential
candidates, with daily news stories on the major candidates. There
are also links to coverage from the campaign trail, C-span's guide to
coverage of the candidates, and recent Gallup Poll results.

US Election Campaign Information

This exhaustive public information Web site, put out by the Tennessee
Technological University's History Department, offers an extensive
list of links to sites for: the 2000 presidential candidates,
information on Congressional, state and local campaigns, a background
on US elections, elections-related reference sources and numerous
public opinion polls.

Yahoo on Campaign Finance Reform

Yahoo's exhaustive website posts campaign finance reform stories from
leading newspapers on a daily basis and offers links to related
magazine articles and editorials, audio and video files and links to
related sites.

Bush Watch

Bush Watch is a daily political internet magazine critical of Bush's
campaign, also providing progressive commentary on issues such as tax
cuts, healthcare and foreign policy.

George W. Bush Unofficial Web Site

A spoof of the George W. Bush campaign, including Zack Exley's
satirical "Amnesty 2000" initiative, and links to other Bush-related

Al Gore Unofficial Web Site

Parodying Al Gore's candidacy.

It's Your Country

In addition to John McCain's official website, this domain elaborates
on his campaign finance reform efforts.


11. IMC NEWS BLAST | Monday, July 31, 2000.

from the Republican National Convention in Philadelphia

A compilation of breaking stories, photos, video, and sound
from the Independent Media Center
on Monday, July 31, 2000.

Democracy Now! and Crashing the Party!
Free Speech TV's live coverage from the Republican convention
successfully launched this morning with the broadcast of a
version of Pacifica Radio's Democracy Now" hosted by Amy Goodman
and Juan Gonzalez. During the course of the week program times will be:
ECT 8am to 10am for Democracy Now!; ECT 9:00pm to 10:30pm for
Free Speech TV's Crashing the Party!
Please check coordinate updates:

By Kerul
Monday morning the opening day of the RNC, ACT UP
members risked arrest to drop a giant 30 by 75 foot banner.
The activists demand that George W. Bush take a stand against
high drug prices that result in the deaths of millions of
people with HIV in Africa and worldwide. They demand that
Bush publicly support the production of low-cost, generic AIDS
drugs in developing nations.
>Posted to the Philly IMC Monday July 31, [at]09:28AM

By School of the Americas Watch
Eight human rights activists were arrested this morning at
10 am in downtown Philadelphia in the street in front of City Hall,
while enacting the role of the US Army School of the Americas (SOA)
in repression and suffering in Latin America.
>Posted to the Philly IMC, Monday July 31, [at]05:59PM

audio mpeg files by By Scott Harris:
1. Cheri Honkala previews poor peoples' march
2. Interview with Unity 2000 organizer Michael Morrill
3. Jonathan Kozol compares today's activist movement with the
insurgent movements of the 1960's.
4. Million Billionaires satirical skit for Unity 2000
5.Father Roy Bourgeois, founder of School of the Americas Watch,
demands the torturers' academy be closed.
>Posted to the Philly IMC Sunday July 30, [at]10:38PM

By Philly IMC (Martin Kelley video, Diane Audio)
Construction of the second tent city erected by the Kensington
Welfare Rights Union on July 28, 2000 in response to the Republican
National Convention
>Posted to the Philly IMC Sunday, July 30, [at]02:47AM

1. From the Silent March Against Gun Control
(the empty shoes represent the thousands killed annually by handguns)

>  Saturday July 29, [at]11:09PM

1. Nader Calls for Health Care Reform
By John Tarleton
Ralph Nader denounced corporate control of the $1.1 trillion
health care industry Saturday, calling for a Canadian-style single
payer system that would provide health care coverage for 45 million
uninsured Americans.
Posted to the Philly IMC, Sunday July 30, [at]08:32AM

2. A 5-minute segment of Ralph Nader speaking out against the
major parties for their failure to enact universal health care.
  >Posted to the Philly IMC Sunday, July 30, [at]09:01PM

By Philly IMC / Suzanne Baxter
Uvashi Vaid of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Policy
Institute critiques the major parties, and also the accomplishments
and limitations of an event like Unity 2000.
>Posted to the Philly IMC Sunday, July 30, [at]11:41PM

By czuckg[at]
Ten photos document Saturday's march against police brutality
>Posted to the Philly IMC, Sunday July 30, [at]01:49AM

photo of a radical cheerleader getting smiles and smirks
from Philly bike cops
by Christine de Pierro
>Posted tot he Philly IMC, Monday July 31, [at]02:27PM

by Chris Cauthern Kutalik
Heavily armed police beat and jailed striking workers and
supporters June 19 at the Duro plant in Rio Bravo just over
the US border in the Mexican State of Tamaulipas. The arrests
and assaults came as the mostly women workers at Duro launched
an offensive to gain recognition for their rights as workers
to form an independent union and to end unsafe working conditions
in the plant.
>Posted to the Mexico IMC 1am Mon Jul 31, 2000

By George Lakey,
Direct action can sometimes be useful even when it
lacks vision and clarity about strategic nonviolence.
The national conventions of both the Republicans and
Democrats will see various experiments in direct action.
Hopefully, the turbulence will encourage fresh thinking
about the injustices that haunt our society and that the
major parties avoid tackling.







Protest Democratic Nat'l Convention in L. A., Aug. 14 - 17

Slam the NAB: Protest The "WTO of Media" the National
Association of Broadcasters Convention. Sept. 20-23, San Francisco

S26--Prague 2000

Action Against the First Presidential Debate, October 3
>  Posted to the Boston IMC 12:51am Mon Jul 24 '00


The IMC is a decentralized network of independent media
makers, organizers, and activists working to increase
democracy and social justice by reporting events and
producing information as acts of autonomy, resistance,
and liberation from corporate and control.

The IMC was established to cover the WTO protests in Seattle
last November. Hundreds of media activists have since setup
independent media centers in London, Canada, Mexico City, Prague,
Belgium, France, and Italy, with more to come.


"By not having to answer to the monster media monopolies,
the independent media has a life work, a political project and
purpose: to let the truth be known."
-Subcomandante Marcos, EZLN

Suggestions? Feedback? Thoughts? Send to: greg[at]

12. Nader Petition

Date: Sat, 22 Jul 2000 23:34:30 -0500
To: jgrant[at]
From: jo grant <jgrant[at]>
Subject:  A short note about a big favor


I hope everyone is in a mood to do yourself--to do all of us--a favor.

Think ahead. Imagine Ralph Nader in the presidential debates. Imagine what
it will be like to have him on national t.v., with Bush and Gore, speaking
openly and honestly about issues of national and personal importance.

Imagine how Nader will affect the viewers. Think about what it will be
like listening to a candidate who is not responding to questions with
poll results running through his mind.

We have a form, a petition, that hopefully, you will sign and submit. Do
so with hope for the future. And remember, regardless of what anyone
says, Nader can win this election. If we can get Ralph Nader included
in the debates, he will win the election. Why else do you think the
Democrats and Republicans are going to such great lengths to exclude

This is where you'll find the petition. 

Don't forget to pass this petition address on to all your friends, on all
the lists you have contacts with. And thanks.

j grant

"In the defense of Freedom and Literacy,  Libraries are the most powerful
weapons we have. Use them."

13. A true digital librarian

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    | __   __    _  _     \_  (_ .  _/ _    ___     _____|
    ||~~|_|..|__| || |_ _   \ //\\ /  |=|__|~|~|___| | | |
    ||--|+|^^|==|1||2| | |__/\ __ /\__| |==|x|x|+|+|=|=|=|
    ||__|_|__|__|_||_|_| /  \ \  / /  \_|__|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|
    |_________________ _/    \/\/\/    \_ _______________|
    | _____   _   __  |/      \../      \|  __   __   ___|
    ||_____|_| |_|##|_||   |   \/ __|   ||_|==|_|++|_|-|||
    ||______||=|#|--| |\   \   o    /   /| |  |~|  | | |||
    ||______||_|_|__|_|_\   \  o   /   /_|_|__|_|__|_|_|||
    |_________ __________\___\____/___/___________ ______|
    |__    _  /    ________     ______           /| _ _ _|
    |\ \  |=|/   //    /| //   /  /  / |        / ||%|%|%|
    | \/\ |*/  .//____//.//   /__/__/ (_)      /  ||=|=|=|
  __|  \/\|/   /(____|/ //                    /  /||~|~|~|__
    |___\_/   /________//   ________         /  / ||_|_|_|
    |___ /   (|________/   |\_______\       /  /| |______|
        /                  \|________)     /  / | |

>From the ASCII Art Dictionary, dug up by Jessamyn West


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