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Seizing The Media

The Immediast Underground Pamphlet Series - Spring 1992

Immediast International - New York City / Amsterdam / Seattle
Version 1.1 N  Copyright; 1992. Public Domain.

     SEIZING THE MEDIA is a work in progress. The version that you are
     holding is the second to circulate. As Immediast thinking and
     strategy develops, this leaflet will grow and change, and new
     versions will circulate.

     IMMEDIAST projects are against all forms of coercive
     communication, cultural monologue and media control. We
     acknowledge non-violent public insurgence as a legitimate response
     to sustained violations by media and state. We recognize the air
     as public property, and the signals that travel through it to be
     the domain of the public.

      Version 1.1 was first released in New York City March 1992 - 320
       Version 1.0 was first released in Amsterdam January 1992 - 250
           2nd print Run of Version 1.1 April 1992 - 1000 Copies

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Seizing the Media

     Asian philosophy instructs enlightenment. But given our daily
     exposure to a barrage of persuasive messages, monologues, sales
     pitches, come-ons, and uninformative hyper-sensational news,
     common sense and intimacy are tough enough a struggle to maintain.

     We can each see how extended exposure to television and mass media
     dulls people with a sense of numbness and nausea. From every
     public space a monologue of coercion penetrates our senses and
     rapes our attention. Wherever we look, wherever we listen,
     wherever we go: the pornography of billboards, bus side placards,
     subway cards, glaring storefront signs and displays, the glut of
     junk mail, stupid fly-by beach planes and blimps, coupons,
     obnoxious bumper stickers and breast pins, embarrassing service
     forms, plastic banners and ribbons, absurd parades, street-corner
     handouts, windsheild wiper flyers, matchbook ads, business cards,
     screaming radios, the daily papers, every nanosecond of
     television, the package wrapped around everything we buy - from
     the label in our underwear to the robot computer that calls us in
     our homes - only the upper atmosphere and the ocean floor offer
     any sanctuary from America's ecology of coercion. At every turn
     the monologues drone on, imbedding the psychological mutagens that
     coax us to become pathetic customers and unquestioning flag
     wavers. At every turn we are under subtle attack.

     The media serve the interests of the State and other corporations,
     but never the interests of the public. The media's screen of
     agression and seduction is designed to mesmerize and captivate the
     largest possible sector of population whose attention is then sold
     like scrap metal to advertisers and gang raped by their slogans,
     jingles, and manic images. Protected by an uncrossable media moat,
     agents of the State profit from war and relax behind a web of
     information laws, censorship powers, and vapid explanations that
     swat the public of detailed intelligence and mass resistance.

     So long as we do not control our own government, our own state,
     and our own broadcast media - the mirror with which we reflect on
     the reality of lives - we will continue to be forced to see
     fun-house mirror distortions of ourselves projected onto a
     dumpster of products that promise to make us each desirable,
     sophisticated, and correct. At every turn we are under attack.

Incest Of Corporations And The State

     The State controls information, debt, and violence and targets
     collective identity. Corporations control commodification, work,
     and media and target individual identity. Both deploy the same
     psychological strategies for imbedding the public with their
     messages and directives. Never were their common strategies more
     transparent than when US disinformation and propaganga service,
     the infamous USIA, decided to step-up its psy-warfare campaign
     against the people of Cuba in the Spring of 1989. Until then,
     attempts to psychologically destabalize the Cuban people were
     comcentrated in the broadcasts of Radio Marti, the Florida based,
     Government owned pirate radio station that to this day illegally
     transmits propaganda and disinformation into domestic Cuban
     radios. In the Spring of 1989, the USIA added images to their
     psy-war arsenal and began transmitting tele-broadcasts from a hot
     air balloon controlled from the Key West signals station. Sibling
     of Radio Marti, the project was dubbed TV Marti.

     A few things are to be held in mind here. First, after the Creel
     Commission saturated Americans with pro-war propaganda during WWI,
     the level of public disgust was so intense that laws were enacted
     forbidding the State from ever subjecting the public to its
     propaganda again. Thus, the USIA's Voice of America propaganda
     broadcasts that we can hear today in Amsterdam, Berlin, and
     Prague, we are protected against hearing here on our own turf.
     Propaganda is so disorienting and confusing that Americans have
     actually passed laws forbidding it here in its crude verifiable

     The fact that we must now face and destroy is that advertising,
     entertainment, and news have become the government's Trojan Horse
     into the psyche of the public. What was TV Marti's first
     propaganda broadcast aimed at the minds of the Cuban people? MTV.
     Think about it: The USIA's first broadcast of tele-propaganda
     delivered MTV's corporate rock videos! At every turn we are under

     State                                   Private Media
     ---------------------------------       -----------------------------
     1. Representation is reality.           1. Representation is reality.
     2. Secrecy is security.                 2. Ownership is identity.
     3. Violence empowers the violent.       3. To consume is to connect.

     The Assault Of Spectacle Media is twofold: while immersing the
     public in a barrage of coercive messages, commercial media serves
     as an accomplice to political felony, murder, and treason by
     censoring the details and dimensions of State activity from
     democratic processes and public intelligence. Culture, awareness,
     and democratic power are what we surrender for an internal economy
     that is dependent on the relentless preparation and sale of public
     attention for penetration by corporate and State advertising. The
     Immediasts stand in solidarity with all groups and individuals who
     act in opposition to this situation and whose work assists
     omnicultural vocality, public production libraries, public media
     and an open state.

Methods of Mind Control

     Immediast research has turned up two invaluable sources revealing
     State tactics of behavior modification, subliminal manipulation,
     and mind control. The first is the Psychological Warfare Manual
     authored and distributed by the CIA to the Nicaraugan terrorists,
     the Contras. The instruction manual directives state:

          In effect, the human being should be considered the
          priority objective in a political war. And conceived as
          the military target of guerrilla war, the human being
          has its most critical point in his mind. Once his mind
          has been reached, the "political animal" has been
          defeated, without necessarily receiving bullets...

          This conception of guerrilla warfare as political war
          turns Psychological Operations into the decisive factor
          of the results. The target, then, is the minds of the
          population, all the population: our troops, the enemy
          troops and the civilian population...

          Communication is a way to ask and give the answer to the
          same question.

     The manual goes on to instruct its readers how to effectively
     deceive, blackmail, and assasinate individuals antagonistic to the
     imperatives of the State.

     Our second source of documentation exposing State led programs of
     media subversion is found in the video documentaries and published
     articles of Fred Landis. Landis first discovered the presence of
     mind control tactics in commercial broadcast media by monitoring
     daily newspapers produced by the CIA in Chile in 1973. His
     resulting Ph.D dissertation outlined CIA tactics of subliminal
     manipulation and mind control and was used against the CIA in
     Volume 7 of the 1975 Hearings of the Senate Church Committee; "The
     CIA and the Media," and in the 1977-1978 Hearings of the House
     Intelligence Committee. Landis' observations and research exposed
     a now easily identifiable method deployed by the State to
     psychologically destabilize and subliminally coerce a given
     population. Based on the cross- cultural linguistic theory and
     research generated by Charles Osgood (funded by the CIA), the
     government deploys the following method, called Semantic

          * First, media agents identify cultural symbols which
          have deep emotional associations within a target
          population's everyday domestic, cultural, and spiritual
          lives. Agents then use these symbols as in-roads to the
          people's unconscious and manipulate these symbols as
          subliminal imbeds which can be antagonized or resonated
          in accordance with situations being manufactured by the
          CIA. "Indirect attacks on government ministers employ
          the juxtaposition of photos of the targeted official
          with unrelated headlines, subliminal propaganda, and
          pre-selected word associations. By simply placing the
          key word near a photo of government leaders, a crude
          behaviorist attempt is made to condition new
          associations and new values to familiar personalities."

          * "The combined effect of word associations (derived
          from the semantic differential) with subliminal imbeds
          is so strong that it displaces any other message" - even
          ones which disprove the connotations and meaning of the

     State tactics of media control deliver subliminal and disinforming
     directives in the guise of news. Targeting deep psychological
     imbeds present in every culture, the State instills shock, terror,
     confusion, sexual arousal, awe or uncertainty by antagonizing or
     coupling these imbeds with sensational headlines associating such
     things as Satanism with enemies, and religious miracles and good
     luck with leaders implanted or puppetted by the State. The symbols
     change from culture to culture. During the US Supreme Court
     Nomination Hearings of Clarence Thomas, the New York Times ran a
     cover photo (Sunday 13 October 1991) of Senator Hatch holding up a
     copy of The Exorcist and associating it with Anita Hill! This was
     not an accusation, it was a psychological tactic. According to the
     semantic differential, the deep and negative feelings experienced
     in people by such associations outlast evidence which demonstrates
     their falsehood and perversion.

Immediast Tactics

     Asian philosophy instructs self-realization and awakening, but
     when under attack, Asian philosophy also instructs methods for
     overpowering an assailant with the force of his own assault. We
     herald this approach. Immediast tactics aim to neutralize the key
     images and text being imbedded into the public by the media and
     the State. Our work is the liberation of public space from the
     broadcasts of corporations, businesses, and departments of the
     State; and the abolition of public captivity as spectators to the
     ceaseless barrage of billboards, manipulative images, State
     constructed news and propaganda. The question is, how we can
     lockjaw the spectacle with its own force?

     Returning all airborne commercial broadcast media to public
     direction, access, and control will naturally release cultural
     forces difficult at present to imagine - the mind turned inside
     out won't be a viral imageslogan on a Gannet billboard, it will be
     living people on the airwaves and in the streets.

     We interpret Freedom of Speech to mean the facilitated ability to
     both access and produce information and cultural material through
     the development of public production libraries where we can each
     and all produce cultural print, radio, television, and radio
     broadcast materials in library studios equipped with desk top
     publishing facilities, graphics technology, multi-track audio
     recorders, film and video cameras, and editing equipment. Freedom
     to broadcast can be in the power of the public. Corporations can
     be evicted from the airwave. We can charge them staggering rent
     for the low end frequencies if we want to. The State, under
     relentless public scrutiny, can be kept nude of its power to hide
     from, indebt, and subvert the public. Democracy can be as open and
     dynamic as our public libraries.

     Of course we anticipate struggle on the part of the State and
     corporations. Let them struggle, doing so opens up new fissures
     and points of access. In the meantime, we call on you to engage in
     your own actions. We call on artists, writers, posterists,
     activists, and networkers from all countries to assist with our
     project. Vocalize your disgust. Speak up. Fight back. Liberate the
     public spaces in the zones that most need it - the ones in your
     everyday life. Organize Networker Congresses. Strike. Send to our
     journal, Noospapers, your statements, manifestoes, critiques,
     tracts, tactics, poetry, posters, collages, documentation,
     graphics and art. Together we can begin the liberation of public
     spaces and end our forced captivity in a spectator democracy.

Revolution And Insurgence

     Revolution is the overthrow of government; our aim is to overthrow
     the media. Armed insurrection is unnecessary in so far as it is
     words and images which are shot at us, not bullets. But the words
     and images which keep us in bondage, which inundate us with the
     political muzak of disinformation, halk baked scandals, shock,
     empty desires, and subliminal imbeds are what enable State and
     corporate men to shoot bullets at people outside our borders,
     slaughtering people like you and me by the thousands in Iraq, in
     Panama, in Grenada, in El Salvador, in Libya, in Nicaragua, in
     Africa. With the media in the hands of the public, State agents
     who order secret wars, election riggings, destabilization programs
     and other covert actions will be forced into open view and the
     democratic control of the public.

The New Servant Class

     Establishing democratic legitimacy in America begins not with
     overthrowing our governments, but with diminishing them to the
     role of public servants. After all, in America, State agents are
     still employees of the public. The Immediast goal is to make
     government officials the only servants in our society, the
     audience of public expressions, the assistants of public cultures,
     economy, and the archivists of public histories. The
     legitimization of democratic government will come from
     multicultural public movements, not State initiatives. The
     airwaves are public domain to be used by and for the public - and
     public movements will converge through the establishment of
     national public media - liberation of the airwaves. This is our
     work for the 90s.

The Case Of USA vs. John Poindexter

     The outcome of the federal court case USA vs. John Poindexter has
     pushed us from long standing civilian silence to insurgent
     Immediast action. Look carefully: North and Poindexter reversed
     their felonies by proving that extended media exposure destroyed
     case witnesses' ability to think independently of the words and
     images the media had saturated them with. This is now American
     history, a legal precedent. Admitting the mind-control action of
     mass media protected State felons from public law. The precedent
     of USA vs. John Poindexter thus establishes that:

       1. Spectacle representations derived from actual public events
          manipulate perception and control the natural outcome of our
       2. Spectacle media disables the public to think and perceive
          freely of the biases imbedded by exposure to mass media noise
          and images.

     Spectacle media serves as a moat protecting the National Security
     State from public participation and democratic scrutiny.
     Meanwhile, North and Poindexter, both felons, are back on the
     streets again.

     These crimes and their accomplices in the White House, CIA, NSA,
     CNN, DOD, ABC, USIA, MTV, CBS etc are too much to tolerate given
     the increasing violence, debt, recession, and systemic deception
     forced upon us every day by the government and consumer media.

     Our drive to connect, to create, to love and make love, to play,
     to communicate, to share, to live freely, to participate or be
     left in peace, to represent our own desires and author our own
     cultures and live with meaning that we together create are under
     relentless invasion and constant assault. The time to change has

     We no longer tolerate being besieged with manipulative messages
     that we don't want to hear and cannot respond to. We no longer
     tolerate an inaccessible State that censors, blocks, denies
     information to the public. We no longer tolerate the spectacle
     that ultimately serves to absolve criminals like Poindexter, Bush,
     North and their lickspittles from crimes of international violence
     and domestic debt. The time has come to turn the ecology of
     coercion on itself. The time has come to veto, overwhelm, and
     subvert the messages of all airborne commercial broadcast media
     until they are returned to complete public direction, access, and
     control. How long should we wait to liberate public spaces from
     the blister of billboards and advertisements? The air is public
     domain, and the airwaves are ours to hear our own voices, see our
     own colors, enjoy our own conversations, and celebrate in the vast
     community of cultures. Remember: dialogue offsets the hegemony,
     and intimacy empowers.

     The time has come to restore the democratic power and public space
     that have been coopted and colonized by commercial media.

     Celebrate public culture. Reconnect. Seize the media. The air is

     In 1992 we begin the work that needs to be done. Asian philosophy
     instructs enlightenment.

Towards An Ecology Of Information - The Immediast Approach

     0. Participating in the proliferation, crosspollination, and
     consolidation of counter-commercial print, audio, visual, modem,
     activist, and correspondence media.

     1. Documenting the basic sources, dynamics, and effects of
     corporate and State media control. Exposing methods of mind
     control, behavior modification, and image imbedding.

     2. Openly discussing tools and methods that strengthen
     immunization and freedom from deceptive, disinforming, and
     subliminal media exposures. Upgrading public media literacy to
     decode, produce, and broadcast in all communications media.

     3. Open cultural expressions, education, networking and

     4. Reclaiming public sovereignty of the airwaves.

     5. The liberation of all public space from government, corporate,
     and business messages.

     6. Public takeover of all airborne commercial broadcast media and
     the creation of public production libraries.

     7. Liberation as glasnost: the emergence of democratic public
     communications and media networks.

The Immediast Approach

     The Immediasts invision liberation changes in public access and
     cultural freedom. We draw from the powers of public domain and
     personal freedom to counter the systemic penetrations of
     commercial media into individual privacy through public space.

     Our actions are exerted through immediate and unpredictable means.
     We believe that the institutional restraints imposed on social
     change drain cultural growth and momentum rather than nurture
     their innovations and initiatives. We recognize insurgence as a
     legitimate response to sustained violation. We experience
     decommodification of consciousness and liberation of public space
     as simultaneous projects, that occur together, side by side, and
     at the same time. Immediast activity releases public insurgence
     mounting to these ends, and works not only to reclaim the
     inviolability of public attention and intelligence, but to equip
     and serve them with the technology for cultural freedom and
     democratic power. This is not a theoretical exercise aimed at
     intellectuals and folk on the left, this is about equiping all
     sectors of the public to engage in the development of a public
     media and an open State.

          1.Civilization has known no golden age. When people
          organize to create powers greater than any one person's
          ability to manage or maintain, power is used to
          advantage the few and control the many. Remember that
          human slavery was a brisk business in the United States
          until little more than 100 years ago. Saudi Arabia
          practiced slavery until the 1960s.

          2. In industrial societies where people are organized
          into physical production, physical forces are used to
          control the public and, in turn, used by the public to
          vanquish over-concentrations of resources and power.

          In Information societies where populations are subject
          to abstract economies and manipulated by a landscape of
          images, infotainment, and advertising people can seize
          democratic management of their political, cultural, and
          educational lives by gaining control of media. Such is
          the heart of Immediast theory, art, and action.

          3. Revolution is the overthrow of government by its
          forced subjects; Immediaism is the seizure of media by
          its captive audience. The Immediast presence will
          amplify until all airborne corporate and commercial
          broadcast media are under complete public direction,
          access, and control.

Towards And Immediast International

     I. Immediast actions, art, and insurgent networking reach their
     first sphere of realization in the development of public
     production libraries and the complete public seizure of all
     airborne commercial broadcast media. We believe that consummate
     upgrades in the structure of social, cultural and political life
     can only occur by public action outside the channels of delay and
     diffusion operative in State institutions. Remember USA vs.
     Poindexter. Remeber Dept. of Defense vs. The Nation, Village
     Voice, Mother Jones, The Progressive, and Pacifica Radio et all.

     We have zero interest in passively watching the collapse of
     America's two-wing business party that markets Leaders as a set of
     images and vapid patriotic sentiments that can be grasped by a
     first grader through three word bumper stickers and 20 second
     prime time TV commercials. Our goal is to liberate public
     intelligence from such inane violations of space, time and
     attention. Our efforts rest when Leaders, business party or
     otherwise, are public servants whose every plan, project, and
     viewpoint is under relentless accountability and scrutiny to an
     uninhibited public press. Subscription government, public media,
     and an open state are what we're after.

     By abolishing commercial imperatives, press pooling, and
     censorship, media accessed and directed by the public paralyzes
     State ability to conceal covert actions like Iran/Contra or the
     actions leading up to the invasion of Panama and the abduction of
     that country's figurehead. Domestically, we aim to collapse the
     ecology of coercion that depends on buying and selling public
     attention through advertising - and the stupor, numbness, bigotry,
     and general ignorance it promotes. When our work is done,
     advertising and billboards will fly beside the Soviet flag in the
     museum of dead totalitarian experiments.

     II. Immediast projects advance cultural ecologies that facilitate
     public education, access and creativity. We support efforts to
     expand, defend, and upgrade public space as free space.

     The real oppressiveness we experience is an oppression against our
     cultures, awareness, and democratic power.

     Our revulsion with the violence of the State and coercion of the
     media restrains our impulse to employ like meaures against the
     people whose work it is to perpetuate the present system. It is
     our greater drive for liberation from these conditions and life in
     fuller freedom tht directs our actions towards systemic change
     rather than impeachment, incarceration, or execution of
     individuals, though these may inevitably occur by non-immediasts.

     From the vantage point of public media we can strip State agents
     of all power beyond accountable public service, insuring that
     oppression has no voice and coercion no media. Public media can
     gently remove the trump card of "National Security" from the hands
     of the NSA, DOD, CIA, FBI, DOE, etc, and begin organizing a
     democracy while dismantling the warheads of America's covert
     State. As the people of the Russian commonwealth have vanquished
     the central monologue controlling their lives and culture, so too
     will we squelch the studios of coercion that prevent our
     democracy, violate our intelligence, disrupt our space, and sell
     our attention. This we will do by reclaiming the public airwaves.

Creating Public Production Libraries - An Immediast Project

     If literacy measures people's ability to read and write, people
     living in information societies are media illiterate - unequiped
     to decode the effects of media on intelligence and intimacy and
     unable to write in the language of broadcasting. While the media's
     ecology of coercion assuages public desire to participate in the
     media by emphasizing the bottom-line significance of public polls,
     Gallop & its pathetic epigones merely totalize a few public
     neurons into the status of a collective brain. How many of your
     comrades and kin have ever participated is a Gallup poll, anyway?

     Public seizure of all commercial broadcast media establishes what
     public production libraries nurture: liberation from advertising,
     the decommodification of public attention, the upgrade of public
     intelligence, the development of media literacy, the documentation
     of public productions, facilitated cultural expression, the
     termination of covert State action, violence, propaganda, and
     media control, and the inviolable ground for a public media and
     open state. Such are the aims of all Immediast plans and projects.

     Public production libraries will be built in sisterhood with the
     public libraries that now exist. Within each production library
     will be the facilities to produce print, audi, visual, and
     database material. "Librarians" will serve as technicians,
     maintainance, and repair people. Production libraries will give
     people a larynx through which to speak. The media seized,
     corporations silenced, and the State under relentless scrutiny, we
     will reconect and celebrate who we are.

     III. Regardless of their ostensibly radical message, alternative
     media have generally reproduced the dominant spectacle-spectator
     relation. The point is to undermine it - to challenge the
     conditioning that makes people susceptible to media manipulation
     in the first place. Which ultimately means challenging the social
     organization that produces that conditioning, that turns people
     into spectators of prefabricated adventures because they are
     prevented from creating their own. - Ken Knabbs, "The War and the
     Spectacle", Retrofuturism 15.

     During recent years, artists and intellectuals have stopped
     talking about Orwell and have begun talking back to the real
     media. Collectives have formed and ink has flowed. With few
     exceptions, the main gripe articulated has been against media
     misrepresentation and censorship. Thinkers like Chomsky and
     Parenti have gone so far as to discuss the underlying mechanisms
     used by the media to control perception, "manufacture consent",
     and modify public behavior. Who, however, has presented any clear
     plans or proposals for overcoming the hegemony of US State and
     corporate broadcasting? The Immediasts are only the beginning.

     Recent activist initiatives have begun targeting the public
     vulnerability to news, images, infotainment, and the pus of
     coercive images that we all wallow in daily. All such critiques
     seem to presume that a sudden outburst of free thinking and
     artistic disruption will somehow wheedle, cajole, or enlighten the
     snakes coming out of the media Medusa. With even less telos are
     those who devote their academic scrutiny to media watch-dog
     activity, vulturing over the lies and propaganda as our history is
     diswritten. Significant as their efforts, newsletters and intent
     are, media reform in response to public pressure will never and
     can never reorient the media's fundamental activity of preparing
     and commodifying public attention for penetration by corporate
     advertisers. Alternative viewpoints find airtime only if the
     corporate hegemons are convinced that they can captivate an
     untapped public sector. Its always about markets, never about

     While diligent media activism can and eventually will alter media
     representations of misgyny, racism, homophobia, and displays of
     violence, sisyphean is the hope that anything short of public
     insurgence can restructure the ecology of coercion systemic to our
     spectacle culture and Security State. Because advertising is
     persuasion and propaganda is news, "challenging the conditioning
     that makes people susceptible to media manipulation" - to quote
     Ken Knabb's tract in the recent issue of Retrofuturism Magazine -
     is like challenging the air to reject pollutants. People perceive
     that McDonalds and Burger King, republicans and democrats, coke
     and pepsi, are actually alternatives to one another because the
     imperatives of commercial media are to commodify choice, operate
     through immersion, and totalize public perception. There is no
     escape, no sanctuary, no retreat. Only deluge and bombardment, and
     the desire and addiction that come with imbeds left by long term

     Immediast tactics are not against challenging the conditioning
     that make people passive consumer of spectacle politics and a
     culture of coercion; we are against allowing our projects to stop
     at either personal immunization or watchdog activity which are
     both only defensive positions. The first asks us to mutate to the
     degraded environment, the second merely documents it. Implicit in
     both approaches is an inertia about media's fundamental activity
     of captivating, preparing, and selling public attention to

          In the 20th century, he who controls the screen controls
          consciousness, information and thought. The screen is a
          mirror of your mind. If you're passively watching
          screens, you're being programmed. If you're editing
          you're own screen, you're in control of your mind.

          Americans voluntarily stick their amoeboid faces toward
          the screen seven hours a day and suck up information
          that Big Brother is putting there. Americans spend more
          time looking at monitors than they do gazing into the
          eyes of family and friends. - Timothy Leary

     IV. The Immediast counter-offensive studies and exerts tactics
     that direct the spectacle against itself. Our rage and disgust are
     rooted in our bondage as captive audience and forced spectators.
     Every billboard is a repulsion to encounter. Every commercial that
     rapes our attention is no less defiling an experience than the
     tourniquet of yellow ribbons that strangled out American
     information and scrutiny during the 42 days the US slaughtered

     Immediast tactics play on the immediacy of information systems and
     experiment with ways to direct them against themselves. STaggering
     as our situation has become, it is still only people and machines
     that maintain it; the first we will overcome, the second we will

     Stopping the spectacle involves engaging directly with it. Our
     preliminary work must neutralize the key images and methods of
     coercion repeated through the media and spectacle politics, while
     our final job is to silence commercial media completely. The
     Immediast International exists to provide these basic public

     The insurgent tactics of ACT UP, Earth First!, Art Fux, the Sits,
     the Gorilla Girls, and the Weathermen are rich with lessons. We
     see now that in a spectacle society, paradigmatic cultural,
     economic, and social upgrades need not be spearheaded by
     revolution and violence. What we do need to do is orient our
     connections, critiques, cultural production, and collective action
     toward a state of democratic critical mass.

     Insightful, artistic or illuminating as our discourse may
     otherwise be, without advancing the awareness and insurgence to
     take-over the media, our discourse will continue to be pre-empted.

     Synesthesia mixes the senses.

The Networker, A New Perception

     In societies where information and media are as inaccessible and
     undemocratic as the governments that run them, uninhibited public
     communication, expression, and cultural production are acts of
     freedom and defiance. Rooted in the drive to connect and exchange
     with others, Networkers' openly engage in international mail art,
     travel, copy-art, computer bulletin boards, fax art, cassette
     exchange, cultural disruptions, media hacking, pirate
     broadcasting, festivals, sex, and all forms of improvisational
     communication and direct action.

     "Despite bountiful resouces, corporate profits and state security
     continued to prevail over public needs until..."

          Immediast Underground
          c/o Noospapers
          PO Box 2726
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