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Perhaps the two most valuable and satisfactory products of American
civilization are the librarian on the one hand and the cocktail in the
-- Louis Stanley Jast (Found on

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1. Dr. Laura on the attack

[ Library Juice readers, have patience with this first item, which is long.
I am publishing it for the record. -Rory ]

[SRRTAC-L:9480] FW: "Dr. Laura" Schlessinger Diatribe Against ALA &
Date: Thu, 5 Dec 2002 10:31:34 -0700
From: "Tietjen, Linda" <Linda.D.Tietjen[at]>
To: SRRT Action Council <srrtac-l[at]>
Reply to: srrtac-l[at]

Following is a message I sent to a Colorado listserv on Tuesday, Nov. 26,
2002. This Monday, December 2, as I was driving to work, I heard parts of
my e-mail being read out of context by Laura Schlessinger (aka "Dr.
Laura") on the radio! She read my name at least four times and spelled it
twice. Schlessinger refused to name the person who sent my & other
librarians' listserv e-mails to her without our permission. The unnamed
perp said she feared reprisal by her library, but apparently MY safety in
such a hostile environment be damned. Never fear, the perp is outted
(sp?) in the next message I forward.

This melee and brief "notoriety" led to my receiving many private e-mails
from the U.S. and Canada this week, all but one quite supportive. I will
send my response/rebuttal to Schlessinger's radio show rant in my next
post. The radio transcript turned up on on Tuesday,
Dec. 3, and was apparently also posted to an AOL Forum, so it's getting
some 'Net publicity. I think the issues I raise are highly relevant to
today's political environment, disinformation campaigns, and attacks on
our public institutions (libraries and schools in particular) in a time of
already severely eroding budgets, which is why I wish to share my
observations with a wider audience at this time.

I will forward a couple posts this morning and then back off so others may
respond, should they choose. I believe we cannot afford to ignore
Schlessinger and treat her as a mere irritant. She is anything but, IMHO.
Her newest characterization of her minions is "the decent people."
Interestingly enough, back in the early '70s in Madison, Wisconsin, a guy
named Bill Dyke failed to get (re-?)elected mayor when he appealed to "the
decent people of Madison"--Dyke lost to SDS-er Paul Soglin from "Miffland"
(this may resonate with some of you who were at the Univ. of Wisconsin
around that time).

Below is the original message I sent to my Colorado colleagues and which
ended up being sliced and diced by LS.

Enjoy the brouhaha (or not).

Linda Tietjen
Denver, Colorado

-----Original Message-----
From: Tietjen, Linda
Sent: Tuesday, November 26, 2002 10:56 AM
To: {a Colorado librarians listserv}
Subject: "Dr. Laura" Schlessinger Diatribe

"Dr. Laura" is bashing ALA and librarians on the radio as I write. She is
challenging parents, asking "Do your kids need libraries anymore?" !!!!

She says that libraries are leftwing organizations and that librarians are
fighting to "protect your children's right to access porn." She is
encouraging her minions not to support libraries with money, votes, or any
other support. I was reading somewhere yesterday that she told people not
to go to libraries, but to buy the books (asked what if people can't
afford to purchase books, she lamely said that books sometimes go on
sale). huh?

I believe the library community needs to be aware of the vitriol this
misinformed woman is spreading about libraries. She has a total, insane
hatred of and personal vendetta against ALA (in her black and white world,
everything is either all good or all bad--you can guess where ALA fits
into THAT equation)

Schlessinger purportedly reaches over 10 million people daily and if you
ever listen to her (most of my friends can't bear to do so, she is so
shrill, juvenile, and condescending), you will know that her supporters
aren't exactly deep thinkers. She tells them what to think and do and an
amazing number of self-righteous people take her word as fact even though
she simplifies and obfuscates most everything she says regarding
libraries, librarians, and the ALA. "Fact-checking" would not be in their
vocabulary. <shiver> She calls those people who listen and act, without
hesitation or thought, "Dr. Laura's Warriors." She considers herself on a
rusade for "morality" and "goodness" (is there an apple pie in there

"I'm challenging all you decent families to protect your children from the
ALA and libraries" (think that's a direct quote. She then admonishes them
to "work on the funding" of these libraries. "It's in your hands because
it's in your neighborhood."

Finally, this gem: "You don't have to belong to ALA to work in the
library, but you damn sure better if you don't want your life to be
miserable" (approx. quote)

I tried to get down as much as I could of her diatribe, which bordered on a
tantrum. Given the "surprise" of the November 5 elections to so many,
watching this pernicious woman should be considered an
occupational/professional necessity. She and her ilk (Mike Gallagher went
off on libraries about a week ago) have been working on the general public
pushing their barely-concealed religious fundamentalist agenda and they
are obviously making headway. I listen to them as a form of
reconnaissance and mostly have to hold my nose...and my temper.

Linda Tietjen
{speaking today for myself & my profession rather than for the library
which employs me}

P.S. In the interest of fairness & balance, I should say that Schlessinger
has put together some powerful fund-raising programs for abused children
who languish in foster homes (or worse). She collects blankets and
toothbrushes and jewelry, whatever a child might like in her "My Stuff
Bag" program. These bags go with the children as they are shuffled around
the welfare/foster care system. I do appreciate that she has at least
used her influence for a program of this calibre, which is doing something
positive for children (as long as they aren't allowed into libraries, I
presume) Maybe that's what makes Schlessinger so dangerous; she sees
herself as the One and Only true martyr and crusader for children.
Dialogue, debate on children's welfare/education/upbringing or any other
complex social issues? Foggedaboutit.


[SRRTAC-L:9481] FW: Dr Laura reading *** email on air!
Date: Thu, 5 Dec 2002 10:57:48 -0700
From: "Tietjen, Linda" <Linda.D.Tietjen[at]>
To: SRRT Action Council <srrtac-l[at]>
Reply to: srrtac-l[at]

some preliminary comments which I sent to someone in Canada and forwarded
now to you.  The rebuttal message I sent to a Colorado library listserv
 after hearing the radio broadcast on which I was the surprise "guest"
follows...the person who forwarded our initial e-mails to Laura
Schlessinger ("Dr. Laura") without permission, Terrie O'Neal, a
paraprofessional at the University of Colorado at Boulder ("CU-Boulder")
was publicly chastised (though not by name) by the Colorado listserv owner
and asked to respect our privacy in the future.


My response after I heard Schlessinger reading my e-mail,
MUCH to my surprise, follows after a few introductory paragraphs.  Since
Schlessinger wasn't able to refute any of the observations in my e-mail,
 she just kind of scolded at me and other librarians and went into a lame
 mini-rant about shame on us for "censoring" her books!

Guess Schlessinger's decided now to pick on librarians since she was so
blown out of the water by the gays/supporters* who organized and helped get
hundreds of major sponsors, including Sears, Kraft, Kaiser Permanente,
Unilever, Conair, GEICO, Verizon, Starpower,  and Kimberly-Clark, to stop
advertising on her atrocious, long-gone TV show unless she stopped her
homophobic rants.  She didn't (but she has now as her advertiser base for
the radio show  continues to erode).


Schlessinger should think hard before messing much more with librarians.
Ask Michael Moore, whose book, _Stupid White Men_ was set to be pulped
after 9/11 unless he did a major rewrite, which he absolutely refused to
do.  A LIBRARIAN heard about this situation, organized an e-mail campaign,
DELUGED Moore's publishers with letters the book, exactly as Moore
wrote it, is in its, what, 32nd? week on the top 10 New York Times best
seller list...

My original e-mail (the one Schlessinger read parts of, out of context,
on the air) was written BY a librarian FOR librarians. Of course I had no
idea that my confidentiality would be breached in such an egregious
(well, maybe "just" unethical, unprofessional and non-collegial) manner
and so Schlessinger had no real context in which to read my comments.

For privacy sake I have blanked out/edited with *** the people/listserv
I sent my message to.  Our (Colorado librarians') privacy has already been
savaged and I do not want to do further damage. Take care, Linda

-----Original Message-----
From: Tietjen, Linda
Sent: Tuesday, December 03, 2002 12:16 PM
Subject: RE: Dr Laura reading  {our}  email on air!

'tis true.  Apparently, from what Schlessinger said on the air this
morning, Terrie O'Neal from CU Boulder forwarded ALL our  ***  e-mail
correspondence/discussion to Schlessinger, who read selectively from the
e-mail sent by myself, Susan Ooton, Rhonda Gonzales, and David Rhodes.
Does that mean we're all famous?   :-)   :-)

Today Schlessinger basically used what we said on {library listserv}
to segue into another angry rant, this one concentrating on the
censoring" of her books in libraries (!)    BTW, she told listeners to
"Ask your library director if SHE {emphasis mine} is a member of ALA.
And then to ask where all of Schlessinger's books were on the shelves."
So you've been warned, directors...

FOR THE RECORD, my original e-mail to  ***  said ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about
censorship, even though that's where the thread went almost immediately.
My post was a heads-up for library folks to be cognizant of the political
environment and the disinformation campaign being perpetuated against the
library community and ALA behind our backs as it were (most of us don't/can't
listen to daytime talk radio very often).

The charges against libraries on right-wing radio are based upon a
superficial (at best) understanding of censorship, intellectual freedom,
and Internet filtering.  If any of us wish to act upon these
unsubstantiated and undebated charges, we must be aware of them,
obviously.  NEVER in my experience has one of these radio hosts asked a
librarian or anyone from ALA to voice his/her views on the issues.  They
apparently do not encourage debate, much less risk having someone actually
involved in the profession present an informed, relatively unbiased (or
not!)  view or interpretation of the issue(s).

I made my original post because I was not sure that others in the library
community were aware of the nonsense being indiscriminately spread by
right-wing radio hosts/callers about libraries, librarians, and the ALA.
NB:  I did NOT share my opinions regarding any aspect of ALA, censorship,
Ask Alice, or anything else of that nature, nor do I plan to at this time.
My post was strictly a PSA (public service announcement.)   ;-)

And lest anyone think that libraries are the only targets, an equally
vociferous campaign is being led against public schools.  I just don't
think it's a particularly good time for us to be uninformed about the
campaigns being waged against our public institutions and particularly
the threat to our continued funding, and wanted to let others know what
I have garnered from my reconnaissance missions SO FAR.

YMMV, but of course!

Linda Tietjen
who has already received a NASTYGRAM from Michigan; e-mail me privately
for a copy of this little gem.  I also received two "atta girl" messages,
one of which was a pledge of "$50.00 or more" supporting something he
thinks I said/intended.   hmmmmmmm...

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."
     ~George Orwell

 -----Original Message-----
Sent: Tuesday, December 03, 2002 9:11 AM
Subject: Dr Laura reading  {our}  email on air!


Sorry for the chaotic email. My sister has just phoned to tell me Dr Laura
is reading an email from a Colorado librarian onair.  I forwarded some of
the discussion to my sister, so I'm not sure which email is being read,
but she thinks she recognizes it. If you have access to a radio (which I
don't), and you're interested, tune in now.


Unofficial transcript of Dr. Laura's rant

Search Result 6 From: Otis (Otis11[at]
Subject: Dec 2, 1st Monologue - ALA diatribe

Original Format Newsgroups:
Date: 2002-12-03 12:29:12 PST

Dec 2 Clip 1, Monologue. Rant on the ALA

DL, "Boy, do I have some goodies for you. And, like there's good news
and bad news. But, there's actually good news, with reference to the
American Library Association. At least in one tiny little part of
their universe. You will remember that last week, based on some
information about an attack the ALA made on Pat Schroeder and her
bowing, that I discussed the American Library Association with it's
<fx garbled> warnings. Evidently, after I finished that there was a
flurry of emails amongst Colorado American Library Association
members. One of the librarians faxed, downloaded and faxed them to
me. With this caveat, please don't mention my name if you do my name
will be mud or unemployed. That's important, because I have brought
to your attention that many people are intimated by the American
Library Association membership if they don't fall in line with the
ideology their jobs are vulnerable. So, this woman doesn't want me to
mention her name. But, I want to reiterate what I talked about.
Because when I read the first email to you, you're going to hear the
words vitriol, misinformed, total insane hatred, diatribe, tantrum,
pernicious woman, all referring to me. And when I read her letter to
her fellow librarians I want you to know that she doesn't mention one
of the arguments I made. How is it misinformed, or how am I
misinformed or how was it a diatribe when I give specific examples? I
figure with the American Library Association supports their own
policies then they would defend their policies and not just attack me.
But, this is what I've told you about the forces on the left they
don't argue, they try to destroy. Here's a perfect example. That's
the bad news. The good news is that there are five emails. Two are
gonna knock your socks off and scare you to death. And, three are
going to hearten you and make you think there's some hope. That, I
like. There were actually three librarians who defended my right to
my opinion and the importance of stocking my books and providing
information about me as required by the public. There are two who,
although the American Library Association doesn't like censorship,
censored me. But, here we go. I mentioned the following things when
I talked to you about the American Library Association. That they
link to Go Ask Alice. That's a website of Q and A's about sexuality
that's suggested for children 13 and up. Amongst other things,
explains to children how to clean the blood off of cat 'o nine tails
when they're doing S&M and what consensual sex with animals is. Most
people, much less most parents, would find much of what's on this
website suggested for children aged 13, offensive. Number two. I
talked about the policy of the American Library Association not to
cooperate with parents on letting them know what books that are taken
out by their own minor children. Three. You remember right after
nine eleven, huge member of the American Library Association out of
Chicago said that she and all librarians should protect the privacy of
suspected terrorists at computer terminals because privacy was more
important. You all remember that. That ricocheted around every
television talk show. Four. They fight with the ACLU against the
Children's Internet Protection Act. Which suggests that filters
should be in place, on computers in public libraries for children.
Children mind you. We're not talking about adults. Children. They're
against that. They do believe that it is the child's intellectual
freedom to access porn. Remember in Colorado and this is where the
flurry of where librarian faxes happened. There were ceramic or paper
mache, I forget what they were made of, penises strung all the way
through the inside of the library. Remember that furor? That was
about freedom of expression. Families go there with their children.
How do you explain to the little kids, penises? Various and a sundry
sizes, shapes, and confirmations hanging like Christmas lights. I
mean, it's bizarre. Uh, some of you may remember my defunct
television show. We did an exposé and demonstrated that many
libraries will knowingly give R rated movies and materials to minors.
Again, it's this intellectual freedom thing. They call, citing
intellectual freedom, selections of appropriate books for children
censorship. Now remember, there are a lot of books that parents think
should be in a special section and not given out to their children
without permission. The librarians from the ALA are against that.
Now, I gave all of these examples. Now, listen to the ALA member
response. Remember now, these were emails that are on some site that
librarians in Colorado talk to each other. 'Doctor Laura is bashing
the ALA and librarians on the radio as I write.' That's bashing.
Giving information is bashing. 'She is challenging parents asking do
your kids need libraries anymore.' Never said that. But I did say
parents should not let their kids go to the library without them.
There's no loco parentis there. 'She says that libraries are left
wing organizations and that librarians are fighting to protect your
children's right to access porn.' That's true. 'She's encouraging
her minions not.' By the way, I'm not the only one who gets bashed in
this. You listeners get bashed too. Hang in there. 'She's
encouraging her minions not to support libraries with money votes or
other support. I was reading somewhere yesterday she told people not
to go to libraries but to buy the books. Asked what if people can't
afford to purchase books she plainly said the books sometimes go on
sale. I believe the library community needs to be aware of the
vitriol this misinformed woman' have you heard any argument counter to
anything that I brought up yet? No, I guess not. 'This vitriol this
misinformed woman is spreading about libraries. She has a total
insane hatred of and personal vendetta against the ALA.' Is there
some documentation as to why I would have a personal vendetta? Other
then I'm half Italian? <fx laughter> 'Schlessinger purportedly
reaches over 20 million listeners daily and if you ever listen to her,
most of my friends can't bear to do so, she is so shrill, juvenile,
and condescending.' This is an intellectual argument about the
points I brought up. Right? Ah, 'You will know that her supporters
aren't exactly deep thinkers. She tells them what to think and what
to do. And am amazing number of self righteous people take her word
as fact even though she simplifies and obfuscates most everything she
says regarding libraries, librarians, and the ALA. Fact checking
would not be in her vocabulary.' Do you see her giving any examples?
By the way, her name is Linda Tietjen. T I E T J E N. Linda Tietjen.
Does, I'm sorry, is there an example of how I'm misinformed? Of the
vitriol? Of the facts I didn't check? Is there an example? She
quotes me, 'I'm challenging all you decent families to protect your
children from the ALA and libraries. I think that's a direct quote.'
She writes. 'She then admonishes them to work on the funding of these
libraries. It's in your hands because it's in your neighborhood.'
She got that right. Finally, this gem. 'You don't have to belong to
the ALA to work in the library but you better damm sure better if you
don't want your life to be miserable.' Let me quote the librarian
that, who, who sent this to me. Ah, 'Please don't mention my name if
you do it will be mud or unemployed.' Ah, I guess Linda's
misinformed. 'I tried to get down as much as I could of her diatribe
which bordered on a tantrum.' This letter doesn't sound like a
diatribe and a tantrum? 'Given the surprise of the November fifth
elections to so many.' Why were they surprised? 'Watching this
pernicious woman should be considered an occupational professional
necessity. She, and her ilk Mike Gallagher went off on libraries
about a week ago working on the general public pushing their barely
concealed religious fundamentalist agenda.' Mike Gallagher and I are
religious fundamentalists? Ah, 'and they are obviously making
headway.' That's some good news. 'I listen to them as a form of
reconnaissance and mostly have to hold my nose and my temper.' Linda
Tietjen. T I E T J E N. Never once, did she bring up any of the six
points. I mean, if they believe in their policies why won't they
defend them? Now, this is the first one that came counter. 'I'm a
doctor Laura listener. I agree with many things she has to say. She
has high morals and values. If the ALA were smart, and they're not,
they would work with doctor Laura instead of against her. When she
talked about the Go Ask Alice link on the ALA page several years ago,
ALA publicly turned their noses up at her. I looked at this site and
it should have been linked elsewhere, not to the ALA. More like a
teen girl sex site. It was unfortunate that the ALA didn't resolve
that issue, instead they made a formidable opponent. Porn is the next
issue. Doctor Laura isn't the only person talking about this. Our
congressman are too. Does it belong on computers in the children's
reading rooms? I think not. ' This one, you will love. This is
Susan Ooton. O O T O N. Cannon City public library in Colorado. 'I
absolutely refuse to buy any LS titles even when requested by the
public.' This is a librarian admitting that she uses her personal
feelings to determine censorship of an author. Admitting this in
black and white. Susan Ooton. O O T O N, Cannon City public. 'I
absolutely refuse to buy any Laura Schlessinger titles, even when
requested by the public and when that has happened I explain to the
patron that I don't think his or her tax dollars.' But I dictate to
the public. Right? Don't you love this? Doctor Laura dictates to
the public but not this librarian. 'And when that has happened,
somebody asks for one of my books, 'I explain to the patron that I
don't think his or her tax dollars should go to Laura Schlessinger's
retirement fund because she is anti library.' <fx melodramatic voice>
You never heard me anti library. 'On a broader scale it is my firm,
albeit paranoid belief that America is undergoing a willful,
concerted, and well funded assault on intellectual freedom and that
libraries are the last great hope of the republic if we are to prevail
as a democratic society. All that before the Ashcroft Nazi's were
even anointed.' Ashcroft Nazi's. That's Susan Ooton, Cannon City
public. Now, here's the good news. Rhonda Gonzalez, an assistant
reference librarian University of Southern Califor, er Colorado. 'I
have to admit I was very much taken aback by this email as well as the
original message about doctor Schlessinger to which it refers. I am
not a fan of hers personally, however, your responses to her quote
tantrum and your admitted censorship of library materials are a
dangerous response. I would respectfully like to point out that
refusing to purchase any Laura Schlessinger titles in pursuing your
own agenda to the extent you have described in this message strikes me
as a sort of willful, concerted, and well funded assault on
intellectual freedom, on a small scale. I would hate to see her
proved true in her accusations towards libraries. Rather, I would
like to believe libraries can be the last place where all points of
views are represented.' That's Rhonda Gonzalez, assistant reference
librarian University of Southern Colorado. Last but not least is
David Rhodes, librarian Westminster public library college hill in
Westminster Colorado. 'I think I realized I was really a librarian
when a patron came into the library where I was working and asked how
to find a transcript from a particular doctor Laura show. I found the
information from the show's website, provided it to the patron and
felt good about a job well done. The fact that the person came to the
library for this information is certainly ironic considering doctor
Laura's vendetta against libraries.' Did you hear a vendetta against
libraries in my remarks? Or was it the ALA, in their willful,
concerted, anti intellectual freedom activities? 'But I feel that he
left with a favorable impression. More importantly that his
informational needs were fulfilled. Of course we should provide
doctor Laura's books at the public request. To do them otherwise
would put us in the role of censor. Something that doctor Laura would
no doubt pick up on and exploit on her show and she would be right.'
Point is, the censorship is going on. If you don't believe me check
your local public libraries and see how many of my seven adult books
are in there. Or the three children's books. And then go to the head
librarian and ask if the head librarian is an ALA member and ask why
the books aren't there. You do it yourself. You don't have to be the
minion who are <fx condescending voice> dictated to by me. But, be
careful of the ALA who will dictate what you can read and what they
will give to your kids without your knowledge or permission. I am
heartened that out of the five, three supported my, the, my right to
be read in the public libraries. But two were real clear. This does
not represent the ALA. I don't know what number would. But, it's
important to say that this correspondence is three for, two against.
The three librarians were at least defending the right to my opinion
and the importance of stocking the books and providing information as
requested. I gave you facts. How are my facts misinformed or a
diatribe? Where is the response? It isn't. It's a personal attack.
That's what you need to be concerned about. And that's why I don't
want you sending your children to the library without you, to monitor.
I have libraries, libraries are the repository of knowledge. They
should not be the site for these agendas. I'm doctor Laura

Author of "those half assed recaps"

2. The 2002 Downs Intellectual Freedom Award winners announced

2002 Downs Intellectual Freedom Award Acknowledges Librarians Zoia Horn
and Ginnie Cooper and the Multnomah County Library Board of Trustees

"The 2002 Robert B. Downs Intellectual Freedom Award--presented by the
faculty of the Graduate School of Library and Information Science
(GSLIS) at the University of Illinois--has been awarded to two
recipients: retired librarian Zoia Horn for a lifetime of defending
intellectual freedom, and Ginnie Cooper and the Multnomah County Library
Board of Trustees (Portland, Oregon) for their stand on the Children's
Internet Protection Act."

3. Post 9/11 Civil Liberties Resources and Web Sites

[IFACTION:4172] Post 9/11 Civil Liberties Resources and Web Sites
prepared by Nancy Kranich

Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2002 10:53:36 -0600
From: "Don Wood" <dwood[at]>
To: Intellectual Freedom Action News <ifaction[at]>
Reply to: dwood[at]

Post 9/11 Civil Liberties Resources and Web Sites
Prepared by
Nancy Kranich
Chair, American Library Association Intellectual Freedom Committee
November, 2002

Advertising Council, "Campaign for Freedom," [website]

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), "USA Patriot Act Boosts
Government Powers While Cutting Back on Traditional Checks and Balances:
An ACLU Legislative Analysis,"  Oct. 2001.

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Freedom Network, Keep America
Safe and Free.  [website]

American Library Association (ALA) Office for Intellectual Freedom, FBI
in Your Library.   [website]

American Library Association (ALA) Office for Intellectual Freedom,
"Resolution Reaffirming the Principles of Intellectual Freedom in the
Aftermath of the Terrorist Attacks," (Chicago, IL: American Library
Association, January 23, 2002).

American Library Association (ALA) Office for Intellectual Freedom,
"Privacy: An Interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights," (Chicago,
IL: American Library Association, June 19, 2002).

American Library Association (ALA) Office for Intellectual Freedom,
Privacy and Confidentiality.  [website]

American Library Association (ALA) Office for Intellectual Freedom,
Terrorism Information and Prevention System (TIPS).  [website]

American Library Association (ALA) Office for Intellectual Freedom, USA
PATRIOT Act.  [website]

American Library Association (ALA) Washington Office, Guidelines for
Librarians on the USA PATRIOT Act: What to Do Before, During and After a
"Knock at the Door."  (Washington, DC: American Library Association,
January 19, 2002).

American Library Association (ALA) Washington Office, Libraries and the
Patriot Legislation.[website]

American Library Association, American Association of Law Libraries,
Association of Research Libraries, and Medical Library Association,
"Library community statement on freedom of speech and access to
information." (September 19, 2001). and

American Library Association, American Association of Law Libraries,
and Association of Research Libraries, "Library Community Statement on
Proposed Antiterrorism Measures." (October 2, 2001).

Association of Research Libraries, Anti-Terrorism Legislation, Homeland
Security and Related Issues.  [website]

Association of Research Libraries, "Education and Library Community
Matrix, The Search and Seizure of Electronic Information: The Law Before
and After the USA PATRIOT Act ," (January 2002).

Association of Research Libraries, "The Search and Seizure of
Electronic Information: The Law Before and After the USA Patriot Act,"
(January 18, 2002).

Association of Research Libraries, "Removal or Destruction of Federal
Depository Library Documents," drafted by Tom Susman, (March 13, 2002).

Bertin, Joan, "Now They Check the Books Your Read," Newsday, (September
16, 2002).
Center for Constitutional Rights, "The USA PATRIOT Act: What's So
Patriotic About Trampling on the Bill of Rights?" (November 2001).

Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT), "Response to September 11th,
2001 Terrorist Attacks."

Center for National Security Studies, USA PATRIOT Act.   [website]

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4. Links

----- design contest - make a new 404 page and win great prizes


Bookworm Game

[ Thanks, Jessamyn ]


Revolting Librarians Redux

[ More Jessamyn ]


Philip Berrigan, Anti-War Activist, Dies at Home in Baltimore, MD


Ivan Illich, 76, Philosopher Who Challenged Status Quo, Is Dead


Plagiarism Resource Site

[ Robin Fay to NEWLIB-L ]


Silenced Voices (imprisoned authors)

[ Sent by Don Wood to IFACTION ]


Libraries, Liberty and the Pursuit of Public Information
By Stacy Mitchell and Karen Hering and Harriet Barlow, New Rules
February 20, 2001

[ Sent in by Mark Rosenzweig ]


Thought Police
By Eleanor J. Bader, In These Times
November 7, 2002

[ Also sent in by Mark Rosenzweig ]


Seattle Statement and a New Public Sphere

The "Public Sphere" is a term created by German
philosopher Jürgen Habermas. The "public sphere" is the
sum total of information and communication "spaces" that
people use when they exchange views and formulate
opinions. It is upon and with these "spaces" that a
democratic society is created and maintained. Without a
thriving "public sphere" the people's ability to manage their
affairs equitably and effectively is impossible. Although new
digital networked technologies are only part of this picture,
they obviously represent a major source of opportunities -- as
well as challenges -- for those interested in the public sphere.

[ Thanks Kathleen de la Pena McCook ]


Letter from ALA Washington Office, et al, to the Secretary of
Education regarding the Bush Administration's policy to remove from the
Department of Education website information that "does not reflect the
priorities, philosophies, or goals of the present administration."

[ from Dale Wertz to SRRTAC-L ]


December 2002 International Leads

[ Delin Guerra to ALAWORLD ]


The threat to publicly funded services - libraries and the WTO

[ From Don Wood ]


101 Interview Questions for librarians

[ Nancy Sosna Bohm, in response to a query on NEWLIB-L ]


Public Libraries: A New Forum for Extremists

[ From ]


Library locks itself out of own Web site

[ Don Wood ]





[ LII ]


Saviour of Unesco?
The Art Newspaper, 11/18/2002
Koichiro Matsuura, Director General of Unesco, has managed to totally
restructure the organization in a positive light: this interview gives
insight into his thoughts about Unesco's current position.

[ Center for Arts and Culture Update ]


5. Ankles of Library Girls Seized as They Stack Books

San Francisco Examiner, December 5, 1920, p. 90

Mysterious hands that grab girls' ankles have caused consternation among
some of the feminine attaches of the public library.

Women members of the library staff whose duties call them among the book
stacks have experienced the startling grasp of the hands.

Strange men have been seen disappearing into the corridors simultaneously
with the molestations, which have led John Rea, the librarian, to appeal
for police protection.

complaints have been made of late to Rea from several of the women assistant
librarians that they have been subjected to sudden attacks of that sort.


6. Amusing searches

The following were amusing searches expressions that led searchers from
search engines, mostly google, to pages on

"I do things like get in a taxi and say"
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kellogs Once you pop, you can't stop
"victor victoria" you know, I think the right woman could reform you
if it's upside down and on fire you've gone too fast
how homelessness and poverty are related
rory litwin rocks
relation of water and god
"ms fnd in a lbry"
A picture of the biggest penis in the history of the USA
evidence statistic of loser gambling
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library theme baby shower
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rights and responsibilities of punk rockers
illegalized apple treatment
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When did the Information Age take place?
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Nexis Professional Hair Dryer
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superhero psychotherapy
how to get past that dumb n2h2 bess thing
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Only one thing is impossible for God: To find any sense in any copyright law on the planet.
librarian peccadillo
dog agression supplement
what is an electron microscope and how does it look like! note: this is for a project!!!
dumbest man on earth in minneapolis 1996
how do american alligators get h20
usapatriot act good
subliminal sales messages for sale
Why do we need to be logical
"that clause"
D. Snider Twisted sister
I'm not seeing it, and this includes doing a check on www2 and www3
dictionary for swearing in maori
using juice to clean pennies
google searches are gay
pics of scary people and shit
toysrus theme whistle
authority and power of a dentist in communication skill
the worst interface that you have ever worked with and critique it relative to
penis and the military philosophy
symptoms of a inferority complex
World's Largest Pig Picture Big Bill
"how to make gas"
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time cube is the greatest social and scientific discovery of humanity
"best government" "george lucas"
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millionaires education levels
is cannibalism legal in USA
american library association,christina ricci
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abnormal people pics
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degrees paypal honorary
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pics of naked men with alligators
we appreciate your cooperation on this request
essay on trademarks and copyright, in simple own words
How many books do we have on smoking?


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