Letter of Protest

							August 20, 1998

							50 W. 96th Street, #3D
							New York NY  10025

President William J. Clinton
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington DC  20500

An Open Letter to President Clinton,

The undersigned librarians, library workers, information professionals and
library school students deplore the bombing of Afghanistan and Sudan in
retaliation for the terrorist attacks of the American embassies in Kenya
and Tanzania.

While there is no doubt that the perpetrators of the cowardly and deadly
embassy attacks should be apprehended and tried, and their co-conspirators
brought before the international bar of justice, this kind of collective
punishment carried out by US forces at the command of President Clinton
only fuels the flames of hatred which underlie these conflicts. It is also
irresponsible, unethical, a probable violation of international law itself,
and of dubious value in defending the US against terrorism.

We call on the president and Congress to stay the hand of further military
response in the interests of justice, peace, and stability, and urge that
the capture and punishment of those responsible for the American embassy
bombings be conducted according to international law.


Mark Rosenzweig, Hofstra University 


J.C. Anemaet, Oregon State University 
Carol Barta, Barton County Community College 
Sanford Berman, Hennepin County Library 
Kate Bradley, Bellevue Community College
M. Michelle Brown, Alemany High School Library
Antonio Calvo, San Jose State University 
Sherman Clarke, New York University
Diedre Conkling, Lincoln County Library 
Sarah Demb, Peabody Museum,
Harvard University 
Jan DeSirey, Hennepin County Library 
Chris Dodge, Hennepin County Library 
Sharon Downs, Drexel University 
Ian Duckor, New York State Library 
Kim Edson, Hennepin County Library 
Sabah Eltareb, California State Library 
Sean Fitting, University of San Diego 
Jenna Freedman, University of South Florida 
Victoria Geissinger, San Jose State University 
Lisa R. Giron, Indiana 
Peter Graham, Syracuse University 
Mora Gregg, University of Manitoba 
Elaine Harger, W. Haywood Burns School Library 
Valerie Harris, University of Chicago Library 
Allen Hengst, Bethesda Public Library 
Julie Herrada, University of Michigan 
Alison Heyman, San Jose State University 
Noha Ismail, Hennepin County Library
Linda Israelson, San Jose State University 
Ron Jacobs, University of Vermont 
Nick James, University of Leicester UK 
Al Kagan, University of Illinois-Champaign/ Urbana 
Oliver Kay, Washington 
Angelynn King, University of Redlands 
Christina Krupp, University of Vermont 
Kim Leith, Wayne State University 
Rory B. Litwin, San Jose State University 
Kenneth Lyons, San Jose State University 
Peter McDonald, Cornell University
Michael Malinconico, University of Alabama 
Donna Mandel, San Jose State University 
Mike L. Marlin, URS Engineering Library 
Lianda Martin, South African Library, Cape Town 
Chris Mays, San Francisco State University
Brent Miller, California State Library 
Mev Miller, Independent Consultant
Sal Morano, Corona Public Library 
Daphne Muse 
Solveig Nilsen, Hennepin County Library 
Gabriela Nocito, San Jose State University 
Andrew Osmond, University of Wisconsin-Madison 
Linda Lopez Otero, California 
Ralph Papakhian, Indiana University 
Miriam Pickens, Wayne State University
Linda Pierce, Gonzaga University 
Daniella Prag, Stanford University 
Laura Quilter, San Francisco CA 
Carol Reid, New York State Library 
Patricia Rivers, RN, San Jose State University 
Lea Rude, San Jose State University
Richard Sapon-White, Oregon State University 
Mahir Saul, Dept. of Anthropology, University of Illinois 
Mark Scheu 
Penny Scott, University of San Francisco 
Lisa Sloniowski, York University 
Ann Sparanese, Englewood Public Library 
Thomas Stuart, Hyde Park NY 
Geoffrey D. Swindells, University of Missouri-Columbia 
Jennifer L. Till 
Theresa A. Tobin, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
Samuel Trosow, University of California-Berkeley 
Mary Tyler, Southern California Library for Social Science and Research 
S. Viczko, Saskachawan Workers Compensation Board
Jessamyn West 
Celia White, University of Buffalo 
Charles Willett, Crises Press 
Asako Yoshida, University of North Dakota 
Dr. Maurice J. Freedman, Director, Westchester Library System (NY)
Andrea V. Grimes, San Francisco Public Library
Margo Brault, Librarian, Louisiana State University
Catherine M. Bremer, San Francisco Public Library 
Suzanne Tronier Salt Lake County Library System
Mary Engle, University of California
Terry Link, Michigan State University
Cathy Camper, Minneapolis Public Library
Zoia Horn, retired librarian
Jim Dwyer, California State University-Chico
Deborah A. Richards, graduate student at Simmons College
Sarah Springer, MLIS student, University of Pittsburg

Note: Above institutional and/or organizational affiliations provided for
information only.
Opinions expressed in this letter are those of the individual signers, and
not necessarily their institutions.

cc 	Kofi Annan, General-Secretary United Nations
	El-Fatik Mohamed Ahmed Erwa, Representative to United Nations from
Republic of Sudan
	Mahdi Ibrahim Mohamed, Ambassador to United States from Republic of Sudan
Dr. Ravan A.G. Farhadi, Representative to United Nations from Afghanistan
Madeleine Albright, US Secretary of State
William Cohen, US Secretary of Defense
Bill Richardson, Representative to United Nations from United States
	United States Congress

Elaine Harger
49 Osborne Terrace
Newark NJ  07108
973/623-7642 home
212/569-0290 ext. 404 work

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