Letter in Protest of Bombing of Iraq

December 16, 1998

President William J. Clinton
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington DC  20500

Open Letter on the Bombing of Iraq,

The punitive air assault unleashed by the U.S. against the people of Iraq,
December 16, 1998, is an appalling breach of international law, human
rights and the peace of nations.  As a result of years of embargo and
inspection, the Iraqis clearly had no effective offensive capabilities and
were also utterly defenseless.

Democratic and progressive professionals should make it known that this use
of overwhelming destructive force against Iraq, which punishes a nation for
its leaders' crimes, is nothing but military-technological barbarism. 
While it might have temporarily raised the poll ratings of a beleaguered
president awaiting impeachment, it further immiserates the Iraqi people and
degrades American democracy in the eyes of the world.

We progressive librarians, library workers, and library school students
oppose completely the punishment meted out for non-compliance with
Clinton's will. We declare our solidarity with the Iraqi civilians and
civil society which will continue to suffer the consequences of this
cynical exhibition of brute force.

Mark Rosenzweig, Hofstra University, NY

Jos Anemaet, Oregon State University
Bette Anton, University of California-Berkeley
Stephanie Archer, CA
L. Ball, US
Barbera Bass, US

Julie Bauer, graduate student, Catholic University of America, Washington, DC
Sanford Berman, Hennepin County Library, MN
Bryan Beaugez, US
Patricia Bellamy, University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Herb Biblo, Long Island Library Research Council, NY
June Bourgeois, TX
Kate Bradley, Bellevue Community College, WA
Antonio M. Calvo, graduate student, San Jose State University, CA
Aimee J. Camp, Pueblo Library District, CO
Cathy Camper, MN
Tom Childs, Douglas College, British Columbia, Canada
Lisa S. Colvin, graduate student, University of California at Los Angeles
Kathryn Constant, Emporia State Univ. and Portland Community College, OR
Janet Cronbach, graduate student, US
Alison Curtis, Vancouver Public
Library, British Columbia, Canada
Chris Dodge, Hennepin County Library, MN
Jim Dwyer, California State University-Chico
Mary Engle, University of California-Berkeley
Pat Ensor, TX
Sean Fitting, University of San Diego, CA
Maurice J. Freedman, Westchester County Public Library System, NY
Andrea Grimes, San Francisco Public Library, CA
Liz Gruchala-Gilbert, Buffalo NY
Anna Grundy, Leeds University, United Kingdom
Christa Gush, David Gomez & Associates
Debra Gold Hansen, CA
Elaine Harger, W. Haywood Burns School, NY
Allen Hengst, Bethesda Public Library, MD 
Denny Henke, University of Memphis, TN
Jay Hoffman, University of Maine-Augusta
Ron Jacobs, University of Vermont
Nick James, University of Leicester, United Kingdom
Aly Juma, CA
Al Kagan, University of Illinois-Champaign/Urbana
Colette Lebeuf, National Film Board of Canada/Office national de film du Canada
Andrew Lee, New York University
Earl Lee, US
Kim Leith, graduate student, Wayne State University, MI
Rory Litwin, San Jose State University, CA
Linda Lopez Otero, Stanford University, CA
Martyn Lowe, United Kingdom
S. Michael Malinconico, University of Alabama
Donna Mandel, San Jose State University, CA
Chris Mays, San Francisco State University, CA
Jon McConnel, Gates Center for Technology Access, WA
Peter McDonald, Cornell University, NY
Derek Monypeny, Librarian, Oakland CA
Dave Movahhed, US
Chuck Munson, AAAS, Washington DC
Jim Nichols, Indiana University
Solveig Nilsen, MN
Andrew Norton, US
Laura Norvig, graduate student, San Jose State University, CA
A. Ralph Papakhian, Indiana University
Joel J. Rane, Los Angeles Public Library, CA
Carolyn Riddle, graduate student, University of Arizona
Melissa Riley, San Francisco Public Library, CA
Patricia Rivers, RN, San Jose State University, CA
Katia Roberto, University of Illinois
Lea Rude, US
Mark Scheu, US
Stephanie Schmitt, Yale University, CT
Lisa Sloniowski, graduate student,
University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Sarah Springer, graduate student, University of Pittsburgh, PA
Lisa Stage, Hearth Community Library, AZ
Hervor Svenonius, Library in Society, Sweden
Geoff Swindells, University of Missouri-Columbia
Wendy Thomas, Radcliffe College, MA
Theresa Tobin, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Samuel E. Trosow, graduate student, University of California at Los Angeles
Dan Tsang, University of California-Irvine
Karen Venturella, NJ
Jessamyn West, Shoreline Community College, WA
Lennart Wettmark, Library in Society, Sweden
Asako Yoshida, University of North Dakota

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