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Catherine Foster catherine.foster at strath.ac.uk
Wed Jun 12 06:09:33 EDT 2013

Hi All, 
A bit late replying to this but wanted to answer the recent messages about the PhD cohorts at our departments, post-PhD plans etc.
I'm at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, LIS is within the department of Computing and Information Studies which is a large department, LIS being quite a small part of that. I think there are about 5 or 6 other LIS PhD students at the moment but no one who started at the same exact time as me. I'm at about the halfway point of a 3 year PhD. I don't think it is that common for PhD students here to go on to academic positions. I think going into research assistant type posts is more common and academic positions later. From talking to some American PhD students, the courses we do are quite different, there isn't a heavy emphasis on teaching in mine so I would expect to need more experience before being able to apply for lecturing jobs etc. Theirs seemed a lot more like a sort of junior lecturing job with a bit of time for research. I think that's probably not that precise information! But interesting to read about other people's departments too.
Cathy Foster

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