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Hi Nicole,

I'm entering my second year of the PhD program at the University of
Toronto's Faculty of Information (iSchool), and it may be too early to
wager a guess at what post-doc job prospects will look like. We have nine
full-time doctoral students in my cohort, and one part-time student. There
are about 50 doctoral students in total in our faculty. (Not sure how that
compares with the other six library/information studies schools in Canada.)

Hope that helps. Best of luck with your thesis defense!


*Elysia Guzik*, MISt

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On Sat, May 18, 2013 at 1:03 AM, Nicole Gaston <Nicole.Gaston at vuw.ac.nz>wrote:

>  Hello everybody,
>  I'm Nicole and I'm in the final stages of  PhD in Information Studies at
> Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.
> I plan to submit before the end of July and will hopefully successfully
> defend my thesis before the end of the year.
>  The LIS programme here in NZ is very small - Victoria is the only
> university in the country with a MIS programme and there are only about 8
> or 9 people doing PhDs in information studies/LIS topics at the moment.
>  Most of my cohort are not New Zealanders - and the majority of them have
> arrangements with their home country universities to return to lecturing
> jobs once they have completed their PhDs here.
>  I'm just wondering if any other members of this list can comment on the
> size of their LIS PhD cohort at their universities?
> I'm trying to get an idea of how many people will be applying for upcoming
> lecturing/academic positions within the next year :)
>  My perception (which may be completely wrong) is that within LIS finding
> academic positions may be slightly less difficult than other disciplines.
>  For example, an associate of mine nearing PhD completion in the School of
> Architecture told me he has 15 other colleagues just within his own school
> who will be looking for academic positions in the next year.     At least
> in this part of the world, we don't have that many people doing PhDs in
> LIS.  WIthin my school, I may be the only LIS PhD trying to find an
> entry-level academic posting within the last 2 years and for next 3 years.
>  However, most likely the number of architecture programmes worldwide
> outnumber MLIS/MIS/LIS programmes.
>  What is the situation in the rest of the world?
> What do you plan to do once you finish your PhDs?
>  On a somewhat related topic, this is an interesting article from the
> Economist a few years ago about the state of PhD education and hope of
> employment:
>  http://www.economist.com/node/17723223?fb_ref=activity
> Hopefully this article doesn't put any new-ish students off continuing the
> PhD journey!!
>  Warm regards,
> Nicole
>  Nicole Marie Gaston, MLIS
> nicolemgaston at gmail.com
> nicole.gaston at vuw.ac.nz
>  Doctoral student in Information Studies
> School of Information Management
> 23 Lambton Quay, Rutherford House 506
> Victoria University of Wellington
> New Zealand
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