[LISdocstudents] Personal research/academic websites?

nicole marie gaston nicolemgaston at gmail.com
Tue Oct 8 20:16:40 EDT 2013

Hello everyone,

I'm just thinking about setting up a website that can hold my CV, a list of
publications, research areas etc.
I realise that most institutions will have a research profile for their
students or academic staff hosted on their site, but when you leave that
organisation, it's gone.

So I'm wondering if
a.) Any of you have personal academic sites?
b.) Do you use sites such as Academia.edu or Mendeley to create a
c.) Can you recommend a platform to use to set up a personal research site?
 (Google sites? Something else?)

What's the overall consensus on personal research/academic websites?  Is it
worthwhile to set one up?

Also, wondering about the use of ePortfolio tools... my University's
careers office has one they are recommending to students.  It seems like a
lot of work to set up and enter all the details... is it worthwhile?

Thanks for your feedback!

School of Information Management
Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
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