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Glen Farrelly glenfarrelly at gmail.com
Thu Oct 10 18:59:41 EDT 2013

Thanks Nicole for posting on this topic as I have been working on my
academic, personal website recently.

For any professional, I think it is important to have a profile website. It
provides a place to refer people and helps with search engine results when
people (potential employers) inevitably Google you.

Some of my colleagues feel that it is important for one to have their
profile on their university's website to be official.  I don't get why this
is necessary. Also the online profile pages my faculty provides are very
limited.  So I only maintain essential info there.

I also use Academia.edu for the sharing and networking amongst my
university peers it enables. I also use LinkedIn as my industry peers are

But I use a WordPress for my full profile website as it is easy to use and
has good, free functionality and customizability, e.g. support for third
party feeds and widgets. But as I'm not an artist, I use their graphics and
they aren't appropriate. So at some point I'll have to pay for a nicer

I'd love to hear of other options though...

Glen Farrelly
PhD candidate
Faculty of Information, University of Toronto

preferably with your name as the URL. I
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