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William Shakalis wshakalis at gmail.com
Sat Sep 21 10:59:08 EDT 2013

I am a PhD student at the Simmons College, Graduate School of Library and
Information science, Boston.

Currently I am in mid-process of doing course work, and defining possible
areas of research and a dissertation thesis.

I work full-time as a tenure track, faculty-status librarian at Worcester
State University, as a Cataloging Librarian.

 I am interested in philosophy and LIS, and have been focusing in
particular on phenomenology as a research methodology. But I am aiming as a
higher level approach where I hope to outline what a phenomenological
research program for LIS would be, given the lack of understanding most
studnets or researchers have of what phenomenology is all about, and what a
rigorous application of it would intend in a qualitative methodological

Bill Shakalis

*William Shakalis, MSLS*
*PhD candidate, Simmons College,*
*  Graduate School of Library and Information Science*
*wshakalis at gmail.com* <wshakalis at gmail.com>
*cell: 860 208-7273*

*"How many a man has dated a new era in his life from the reading of a
book! The book exists for us, perchance, that will explain our miracles and
reveal new ones. "    Henry David Thoreau, Walden.*
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