Joining SRRT


American Library Association

Visit the ALA Membership Page at

If you are already a member of ALA, you may update your membership to include the Social Responsibilities Round Table at any time by clicking "Renew Your Membership"—even if your membership does not need to be renewed at this time—and logging in to your ALA Account. SRRT dues will be prorated for the remainder of your current membership year.

If you are not already a member of ALA, you may select the "Social Responsibilities Round Table" during your enrollment in ALA.

By Mail:

Download our current brochure which includes a detachable membership form. Mail the form to:

American Library Association
50 East Huron Street
Chicago, IL 60611

Dues (effective September 2011)

  • Institutional Members: $20.00/year
  • Regular (Personal) Members: $15.00/year
  • Retired Members: $5.00/year
  • Students, Non-Salaried: Free!


Membership in the American Library Association is a prerequisite for membership in SRRT. ALA membership benefits include: a personal subscription to American Libraries - 11 issues per year; substantially reduced rates at ALA conferences; discounts on ALA monographs; the opportunity to vote for progressive candidates for ALA Council; and more.

SRRT membership benefits include: the opportunity to participate in discussions about progressive librarianship issues on SRRT listservs; voting at SRRT membership meetings and in online elections; opportunities to read as well as contribute to the online SRRT Newsletter - 4 issues per year; ability to run for SRRT Action Council and other important positions; join SRRT Task Forces; and support the "social conscience of ALA."

Telephone ALA at 800-545-2433 if other membership questions arise.