Equal Employment Opportunity at the Library of Congress

Adopted at 1971 Annual Conference

WHEREAS, the American Library Association has repeatedly affirmed its belief in the principle of equal employment; and

WHEREAS, the Library of Congress, by virtue of its position as the national library, should be a beacon light in the field of equal employment; and

WHEREAS, the Library of Congress has failed to meet these responsibilities through
(a) its failure to eradicate patterns of favoritism in promotions based solely on racial grounds
(b) its failure to provide an adequate opportunity for training which would allow its black employees to advance
(c) its failure to mount a consistent effort to recruit blacks at all levels


  1. The American Library Association assert that it is expected that all libraries shall engage in a positive policy of action in the field of equal employment opportunity
  2. .
  3. The American Library Association convey its grave concern to the Librarian of Congress and request that the Librarian of Congress take immediate steps to remedy this deplorable situation.
  4. The American Library Association create an ad hoc committee which shall be mandated to monitor and advise the Library of Con¬gress in its enforcement of fair employment practices.
  5. The American Library Association encourage its members to write to its members of congress requesting that the Congress investigate the equal employment practices of the Library of Congress and take such steps as is necessary to see that the fair employment practice laws of this land are enforced in the Library of Congress.

SRRT Newsletter Issue 15, p. 1