Resolution on the Suppression of the Non-Violent Movement in the People's Republic of China

Adopted at 1989 Annual Conference

WHEREAS, the ALA Policy Manual section 57, part 3, "Abridgement of the rights of freedom of foreign nationals,” brings ALA into conformity with Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations,

AND WHEREAS, according to the same reference, "The Association will address the grievance of foreign nationals where the infringement of their rights of free expression is clearly a matter in which all free people should show concern,"

AND WHEREAS, students and workers in Beijing and China were indeed asking for the right of free expression, among other demands,

AND WHEREAS, beginning in Beijing early in the morning of 3 June 1989, and later in other cities of China, troops of the People's Republic of China obedient to the government attacked the protesters with automatic weapons and armor, causing an estimated 7000 casualties,

AND WHEREAS, several hundreds of dissidents were arrested, and over a score have been executed,

AND WHEREAS, the government of the People's Republic has endeavored to block foreign media coverage of these events, and attempted to promulgate a completely distorted version of them,


  1. ALA SRRT express its solidarity with students and workers in China by expressing its horror and outrage at these massacres and lies;
  2. ALA SRRT express its solidarity with Chinese everywhere by offering its support to Chinese and Chinese-American groups within and without ALA;
  3. ALA SRRT express its abhorrence of the present Chinese government by urging librarians and scholars to not travel to the People's Republic of China until the repressions are lifted and the right of students and workers to free expression is restored and expanded in accordance with their demands;
  4. ALA SRRT, finally, forward this resolution to ALA Council for adoption.

SRRT Newsletter Issue 93, p. 6