Resolution on Code of Conduct for Businesses Operating in South Africa

Adopted at 1994 Midwinter Meeting

Whereas South Africa is moving towards a democratic system and apartheid will officially end with the elections scheduled for April 27, 1994;

And whereas the South African democratic movement has called for the end of economic and other sanctions to promote the quality of life under a majority rule government;

And whereas the South African Council of Churches has developed a 10 point Code of Conduct for domestic and transnational businesses operating in South Africa which addresses equal opportunity, training and education, workers rights, working and living conditions, job creation and security, community relations, consumer protection, environmental protection, empowerment of black businesses, and implementation;

Resolved that the ALA endorse the July 1993 South African Council of Churches Code of Conduct for its future investments in South Africa;

And resolved that the ALA end its policy against investing in corporations doing business in South Africa effective immediately after the results of the South African majority rule elections have been ratified.

SRRT Newsletter Issue 111, p. 3