Resolution on the Restatement of Certain Ideals of ALA's Social Responsibilities Round Table

Adopted at 1994 Annual Conference

Whereas the Social Responsibilities Round Table has among its basic tenets, the following beliefs

  1. that SRRT is an outlet for the expression of ideas that might otherwise be stifled by the organization of the American Library Association;
  2. that all people deserve fair and equal treatment and respect; and
  3. that coalition-building and collaboration are among the appropriate means to advance the goals of social responsibility within SRRT, our Association, the library profession, and the world at large;

Therefore Be It Resolved that any member of SRRT who:

  1. continually makes inappropriate personal attacks against anyone else inside or outside of the Round Table or the Association or
  2. attempts to undermine the Round Table's efforts at the coalition-building process and thereby derails the Round Table in the pursuit of its goals

may be considered by a two-thirds, roll call vote of Action Council as “out-of-step” with the ideals and goals of the Round Table and will immediately upon such vote forfeit any elected or appointed office within the Round Table or any of its several Task Forces and that a period of three years lapses before such person that or any office within SRRT.

SRRT Newsletter Issue 113, p. 3