Resolution on David Langlois Williams and His Position Within the Social Responsibilities Round Table of ALA

Adopted at 1994 Annual Conference

Whereas the behavior of David L. Williams has shown and continues to show a continual disregard for the spirits and ideals which the Social Responsibilities Round Table hopes to exemplify;

Whereas this behavior has been manifested in both oral presentations at various fora at American Library Association meetings and in written works distributed at and between these sessions;

Therefore Be It Resolved that David L. Williams be:

  1. removed from his appointed position as Coordinator of the Task Force on Israeli Censorship and Palestinian Libraries;
  2. prohibited from assuming the position of At-Large Member of Action Council to which he was elected; and
  3. banned from any elected or appointed office with the Social Responsibilities Round Table or any of its several Task Forces, now existent or which may be created, until the close of the 1997 Annual Conference, scheduled for San Francisco.

SRRT Newsletter Issue 113, p. 4