Resolution on ALA and Professional Disputes in Libraries Involving the Infringement of Librarians Rights and Responsibilities

Adopted at 1999 Annual Conference

WHEREAS the ALA Policy Manual makes clear that the American Library Association is committed to defense of librarian's rights including, but not confined to intellectual freedom rights; and

WHEREAS a mechanism for dealing with these crucial professional matters no longer exists since the dissolution of SCRIM; therefore be it

RESOLVED that the Social Responsibilities Round Table of the American Library Association calls on ALA to create a standing committee to deal with egregious violations of professional rights and responsibilities of librarians within libraries themselves; and also be it

RESOLVED that such a committee should be empowered to investigate and come to judgment about appropriate instances brought to its attention; and finally be it

RESOLVED that the committee can propose censure, remedies or the mediation of such disputes as involve infringement of librarians' rights as spelled out in our policy manual.

SRRT Newsletter Issue 133, pp. 3-4