Resolution on Collection Development and Library Programming in Times of Conflict

Adopted at 2002 Midwinter Meeting

Whereas the policies and implications of the "War on Terrorism" require the broadest range of analysis and debate,

Therefore be it resolved that ALA encourages libraries to engage in expanded collection activity representing the full range of views on the roots of the 9/11/01 terrorist actions, the parties involved, the responses by the US and other governments, and the "War on Terrorism" and its domestic and global implications,

And be it further resolved that "alternative" information resources be collected and actively promoted, with due diligence in assessment of sources but without regard to support or opposition to US Government policy,

And be it resolved that libraries are encouraged to provide expanded programming to foster understanding between all ethnic and religious groups, and to counter current practices of ethnic profiling.

SRRT Newsletter Issue 138, p. 3