Resolution on Endorsement of "Bringing America Home Act"

Adopted at 2005 Midwinter Meeting

WHEREAS poverty, and its attendant hunger, homelessness, illness, and despair, affect millions of Americans and

WHEREAS the National Coalition for the Homeless has crafted with members of Congress a comprehensive and feasible plan—the Bringing America Home Act—to significantly alleviate the extent and impact of poverty in America, specifically addressing issues of affordable housing, living wages, health care, emergency and transitional services, education, and civil rights; and

WHEREAS the American Library Association is explicitly committed to promoting “programs likely to reduce, if not eliminate, poverty itself” (Policy 61.1);

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Social Responsibilities Round Table of the American Library Association endorses the Bringing America Home ACT (H.R. 2897) and urges all library boards and state library associations to do likewise; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this endorsement be transmitted to the National Coalition for the Homeless and every member of Congress.

SRRT Newsletter Issue 150/151, p. 22